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Dec. 31st, 2013 11:59 pm
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Regarding content notes: I do my best to include content notes in the headers of all of my longer stories, but I may be inconsistent on drabbles. I mention content I feel is likely to upset or squick readers, such as sexual violence or character death. However, if you're concerned about the content of any given fic, please do e-mail or PM me, and I'll fill you in as best I can.

Transformative Works Policy: Anyone who wishes to is welcome to remix, podfic, translate, write meta about, make art for, or write in the same universe/fanon as any of my fanworks. Please link me to the results if you do. Please contact me for permission before you include my work in a 'zine or other printed resource.

A note on organisation: The various "Marvel" categories include comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Netflix, and the X-Men films, all roughly sorted by title and universe. Cap/Iron Man fic is together, regardless of universe.

Crossovers are largely listed twice, once under each relevant fandom.

The A-Team (2010) ) * Babylon 5 ) * Battlestar Galactica (2003) ) * Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) * DC Comics ) * DC's Legends of Tomorrow ) * Doctor Who ) * Firefly (TV) ) * Hawaii Five-0 (2010) ) * Hercules: TLJ ) * Highlander (TV) ) * Horatio Hornblower (TV) ) * Jane Austen (Novels) ) * King Arthur (2004) ) * The Lord of the Rings ) * Marvel: Avengers Comics (616) ) * Marvel: Captain Britain and MI:13 ) * Marvel: Heroes for Hire Comics ) * Marvel: MCU & Netflix ) * Marvel: Steve/Tony ) * Marvel: X-Men (Films) ) * Master and Commander ) * Les Misérables (2012) ) * Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries ) * The Musketeers (2014) ) * Pacific Rim (2013) ) * The Pirates of the Caribbean ) * Psych ) * Quantum Leap ) * Reign of Fire (2002) ) * Rivers of London ) * Sherlock Holmes (Books) ) * Sinbad (2012) ) * Sleepy Hollow (TV) ) * Star Trek ) * Star Wars ) * Stargate (TV) ) * Supernatural ) * Ultraviolet (UK TV) )
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(Are they rounds if it's more or less continuous and unending?)

Anyway, I think this essay by Zen Cho is one of the best things I've read on the topic, and all my circle who are into SFF fandom should read it: Being an itemised list of disagreements.

This post by Rachel Manija Brown is also good, especially as it has a links list of excellent ways to help at the bottom: A more specific grievance.

I also rec their books, though RMB with the caveat that she's a friend of mine (WHO IS GREAT).

On more cheerful topics, I claimed an RBB art over at [livejournal.com profile] cap_ironman, which I know I swore up and down I would not, as it overlaps with [community profile] fandom5k, but there was this really great 17th-century duel pic, and, well. So I'm currently plotting that. Anyone who has fun things you think I should know about the 1620s in England, France or Ireland, feel free to add to the research pile :D (Huguenot Rebellions and other early 30 Years War concerns especially welcome).

Here's a poem: "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" by John Donne (Nenya: "Is this by an F_FA nonnie?")

I found a dead octopus, sent pictures to the Park, and have received cooing comments in return. Only biologists. We might finally get the scaffolding's taken off the tower this week. Huzzah! I keep meaning to do a picture post, but it has not yet occured.
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Title: Once Like You Are Now
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Babylon 5 (Stephen/Marcus, Richard Franklin)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4,500
Notes: Written for [community profile] babylon5_love month.
Summary: As the civil war comes to an end, Richard and Stephen Franklin meet again, and Stephen has a few things to tell his father.
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Thanks for coming on this trek with me. I'm excited we share fandoms and characters. If you don't like any of the below prompts, and have a strong idea for a story that doesn't include my squicks, do feel free to write that. I'm using the genre tags as suggestions/guidelines, so please don't feel bound to include many/any of them. I'm also likely to like similar ideas across various fandoms, if you want to switch it up. I'll make a note if there's a fandom specific thing I really don't want.

General Preferences )

Fandoms: Babylon 5, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Sinbad )
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Looking to making a few changes this year, mostly just minor adjustments, but I thought I'd check in and see what people thought.

1) I'm inherently lazy, and am happy hosting on my DW, but if having an individual comm, not just a tag here, would work better, I can do that.

2) Last year, the canon that could be included consisted of the Avengers, Cap, Iron Man, and Thor movies, but not Ant-Man, Guardings of the Galaxy, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, or the Netflix shows. This year, are people interested in including the other movies at least? (I'm still not inclined to include the TV shows as not as many people have seen them, and it makes the canon unmanageably large.

3) Last year I made a fixed schedule and e-mailed everyone their place on it. Which worked pretty well. I also participated in the Relay Remix over at [livejournal.com profile] cap_ironman, and the way they did it was to e-mail people a code name, and link them to a gdoc that showed how the fest was progressing. (So you're Apple, and you watch where you are in the chain.) I can do that if people would like it.

Poll #17992 MCU Rolling Remix 2017
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 13

Should I make a comm or stay on my journel?

Stay on Mucca's DW.
7 (58.3%)

Mucca makes a comm.
5 (41.7%)

What canon instalments should we include?

Only Avengers, Cap, IM and Thor (like last year)
7 (53.8%)

Also include Ant-Man
6 (46.2%)

Also include Doctor Strange
2 (15.4%)

Also include Guardians of the Galaxy
8 (61.5%)

Scheduling, how does it work?

Mucca e-mails me time frame at start of fest.
8 (72.7%)

Mucca makes gdoc, and e-mails me my code name so I can follow it myself.
3 (27.3%)

Mucca does something else I will explain in comments.
0 (0.0%)

Any other suggestions or alterations anyone thinks are a good idea are up for debate at this time. I'm planning on more or less running the same rules as last year, but I'm happy to discuss changes.


Feb. 14th, 2017 06:49 am
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[Multifandom friendship fest]

Also last day of [community profile] fandom5k nominations.
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Friends! Yay!

[personal profile] kore linked me to this: W.E.B. Du Bois hand drawn infographics of African American life in 1900, which are just gorgeous.

(I was just thinking that some time before Black History Month next year, someone (not me!) should make a list of relevant primary sources available on Project Gutenberg. I know there's hundreds and hundreds of books there, and presumable more on Open Library and Archive.org.)

One Woman's Brilliant Fuck You to Wikipedia Trolls is interesting, but I have a pretty massive problem with all the emphasis being on her dealing with trolling, and not Wikipedia itself having to deal with the fact that a significant portion of its users are willing to send rape threats to twelve year olds. (Content note: contains graphic rape threats.) Like, good for her! Seriously! But holy fuck, man.

From [personal profile] selenak: Against Normalistion: The Lesson of the Munich Post.

Austin City Limits: Leonard Cohen in 1988.
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What I Just Finished Reading
Rising Sun and Tumbling Bear: Russia's War with Japan by Richard M. Connaughton
Aahahaha. I finished it! It took me a month, but I read the whole thing.

The topic was actually quite interesting, but the author was vastly more interested in the minutia of troop movements than I ever will be. (I perked right up for the naval section.) I feel like almost all of the "At 2pm the seventh battalion charged Feature 1701-D and was repulsed by the second battalion" stuff could have been used for more cultural context of biographies of the major players. Prose was often clunky.

Anyway, I learned quite a bit about the war. Also troop movements.

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files #1) by Amie Kaufman (Goodreads Author), Jay Kristoff
Gave up after two hundred pages or so. The plot and characters weren't grabbing me, and while the format was creative, it didn't add to my investment. The incessant low-level slut-shaming irritated me.

Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak, narrated by Michael Crouch
Theoretically I should love queer YA with supernatural elements, but the plot was just so dreary. The majority of the book just plodded in circles, which I guess was thematically appropriate or something, but didn't make for exciting reading. The romance was basically One True Love and once the trope stuff dropped off didn't really add much. The female characters were a couple of antagonistic mothers and... that was it, really. After setting up an interesting magic system, everything was reduced to handwavium, more or less.

Prose was a bit breathless and run on.

What I'm Reading Now
Lost Prophet: The Life and Times of Bayard Rustin by John D'Emilio, in which I'm up to about WWII. Interesting to read the pacifist movement from his perspective, rather than about people like Lindberg.

What I'm Reading Next
I'm still dithering on an audiobook. It'll probably be either Their Eyes Were Watching God of a history of the Black Panther party.


Feb. 7th, 2017 03:57 pm
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For those interested in a multi-fandom fic challenge that has a 5,000-word minimum, [community profile] fandom5k now has open nominations. I'm pretty stoked.

I'm working on fic for [livejournal.com profile] cap_ironman Remix Madness, and for [livejournal.com profile] babylon5_love

Hopefully I will soon get a chance to work on this Steve/Tony bingo card.

 photo Stony Bingo_zpsdiiaavsq.png
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Title: Vid: Brighter Than The Sun
Author: [personal profile] shinyjenni
Music: Colbie Caillat
Fandom: Star Trek (Beyond-focused, but all of it)
Characters: Everyone!
Rating: G, some fast cuts.
Summary: "Lightning strikes the heart", or, me/Star Trek OTP
Notes: It's just so happy! It makes me so happy! Also, I love "This is where it starts" over Uhura->Troi->Janeway.

Title: Savage Lovecast Episode 69: Pounded in the Butt By Savage Lovecast Episode 69 [Transcript]
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Edonohana
Fandom: Savage Love (Podcast) RPF/Chuck Tingle - WORKS
Characters: Dan Savage, Caller
Words: 2,100
Rating: Mature
Summary: Dan Savage: So you’re getting pounded in the butt by your own concept of linear time. Caller: Right. Dan Savage: What is that like? Caller: Well, Dan, it’s kind of confusing. On the one hand, it’s fucking amazing hardcore gay action. On the other hand, last month I was double-teamed by the sociopolitical implications of Putin influencing the American Presidential election in order to install a tiny-handed fascist Cheeto in the White House, and by the historical precedents of Trump’s demagogic takeover of America for the purposes of personal profit and destroying all the best ideals of our nation.
Notes: There's also a podfic.

Title: Welcome Home
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ShibaScarf
Characters: Ted/Booster, Michelle, Rani
Words: 1,700
Rating: Teen
Summary: Ted comes back to life, courtesy of Waverider. Who the hell is Waverider?
Notes: I'm basically happy to read Ted/Booster fixits until I die. This is a great one.

Title: Rivers of Ankh-Morpork
Author: [personal profile] melannen
Fandom: Rivers of London/Discworld
Characters: Peter, Angua, Vimes, Lady Sybil, Nightingale
Words: 6,300
Rating: Teen
Summary: The Faceless Man miscalculates, and Peter Grant falls into a river. ...well, more onto a river, really. He may have bounced.
Notes: Fun crossover with a nice bit of h/c towards the end.
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So that didn't go as I'd hoped. However, I think if we keep at it, we can bring it around.

This thing about torture is also balls. Like, really? How does it help anything?

I kind of think Prince Charming is sucking up to the Orange One extra hard before that meeting, so I plan to go at it again post meeting.

I did get a call back from my MP's office saying that they'd been getting a lot of supportive calls on this topic.

Not really bright side 1: The Tory MP that I was confused about liking confirmed my opinion of her party in the debate by saying that what we really need to do right now is keep so many Mexicans from getting visas. Way to live down to expectation, Tory MP.
Not really bright side 2: I don't need new protest music. I can just recycle all the stuff I already got ten years ago.
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What I Just Finished Reading
Reread a bunch of classic JLI as well as the 2004 run, which is still the same old mix of really funny, really sexist and often oddly touching.

A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin, narrated by Bronson Pinchot
If you want to know about the astronauts of the Apollo Program, this is the best book I've read. It really digs into their lives and what it was like to work in space in that period. The book is funny and interesting, and covers a lot of the technical challenges, the training, and how the crews worked together.

It does not try to cover any other aspect of the Apollo Program. Mission Control is mentioned as a place that exists, but mostly in so far as the astronauts interact with it. An engineering team probably designed the rockets.

I would skip the long rant at the end about how modern NASA sucks, which seems obligatory in every Apollo book.

The narrator was a mixed bag. His dialogue was excellent and he often added a lot of humour, but he also did this breathless "They're going to THE MOON!!!" thing rather more than was needed.

The Burning Page (The Invisible Library #3) by Genevieve Cogman, narrated by Susan Duerden
The usual action packed adventures and daring do, with humorous asides from our heroine who'd frankly rather be reading a book and her winsome young draconic sidekick.

While this book certainly raised the threat level, and travelled to a number of exciting new locations, this one felt a smidge as though it were spinning its wheels. The big bad was ingeniously done, and I liked his evil plan, and the moral quandary it put our heroine in, but the ending felt a little pat. And for the first time in the series, Irene was able to say "because storytelling," which she'd managed to avoid previously. I also felt like Irene's relationships didn't really advance much, we didn't learn a whole lot more about the world building, and the love triangle that's shaping up is making me side eye. More winsome, less possessiveness, sidekick!

I still really enjoyed it, just not as much as the first two.

Apollo, the Race to the Moon by Charles Murray & Catherine Bly Cox
Very well written and enjoyable. Though it doesn't have room to be comprehensive, it gives good coverage to the program design that led up to Apollo with special attention to Mission Control. It's full of interesting and often funny stories, and weaves the technical challenges in very well. Doesn't cover the later missions basically at all. It also doesn't cover the astronauts, so pairs well with Man on the Moon.

Would read again.

Interesting with the two Apollo books, especially the Murray-Bly Cox one, I can see where the women from Hidden Figures fit in, but they really just aren't mentioned more than once in passing.

What I'm Reading Now
Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak on audio, which is wonderfully ficcy and angsty (he forgot his boyfriend! He has magic powers?), which I'm reading as a break from Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius by Marc Seifer which is really dry, though is narrated by Simon Preable, which is always nice. Some day I will finish reading Rising Sun and Tumbling Bear: Russia's War with Japan by Richard M. Connaughton, though today is not looking good for that.

What I'm Reading Next
I'm going to try read one book a week for Black History month. I have a bunch on Audible, and more on the shelf.
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Something is (I think) updating and eating all my bandwidth. I've turned off updates on the windows system, Firefox, my virus checker, and a couple of other things. Any ideas for what is sucking data?
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I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but current events have finally given me a kick in the pants. Here are a few simple steps to making your opinions known to your MP. I'll do it with a current example in italics.

  1. Check in with the news. Find something that you have strong feelings about, and think the government can address.
    MP Jenny Kwan was on the CBC talking about Canadian response to the refugee crisis in the US (I had a very odd moment of agreeing with the Tory speaker more than the Liberal one.)

  2. Do a bit of research. Usually you can find the name of someone who has an opinion on this topic and will have laid the issue out.
    Ms. Kwan mentioned Amnesty International, so I checked out their page. They sure do have an opinion. In short, we should not call the US a "Safe third country" for refugees because hahahahahahahaha.

  3. Find out who your MP is using this handy feature on the parliamentary site.
    I can't actually do that, as my postal code is not where I live, but I found a riding map, and my MP is Alistair-MacGregor (NDP).

  4. Find out what your MP's position on the issue is. It's usually on their website, which will be linked from the parliament page. Failing them having a position, check out their party platform (also linked from their website).
    Mr. MacGregor's opinion is quite negative in regards to the refugee ban.

  5. Call your MP's local office (the number and hours will be on their website) and tell them that you live in their riding, that you're concerned about issue X, and would like them to speak out about doing Y. Ask them to call you back if you have to leave a message. Keep it short and to the point. It may help to write it out before hand.
    I said: Hi, my name is [RL name]. I live in your riding. I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. MacGregor for doing such a great job supporting refugees in Canada. I was hoping that you would also support revoking the US's safe third country status, because I think it endangers vulnerable refugees that we could be helping. My number is [#], please get back to me.

  6. You can also write an e-mail to your MP, but I've heard phone calls to the local office are better. The mailing and e-mail address will be on their webpage. E-mails are just as good as letters, and get there faster.

  7. You can also write an e-mail to the minister in charge of these shenanigans. Here's a list of ministers of things (ETA: which includes the critics of those ministries in other parties, who you can also write). Here are some tips about what to put in a letter.

This is a bit quick and dirty because they're debating this thing tonight, and I wanted to get it out there. Call your MP today!
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Title: Stuck on the Flip-Side With You
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: DC Comics (Justice League International) (Ted/Booster)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4,500
Notes: written as a pinch hit for [archiveofourown.org profile] HSavinien for [tumblr.com profile] boostle-giftathon. Thank you to Kore for beta reading.
Summary: Bad enough that Ted's Hooray-I'm-Not-Brainwashed trip to Paris lands them both in Antarctica, but why does Booster have to be sulking?

The other four pics and stories are super cute as well. You all should check out the collection.


Jan. 28th, 2017 05:54 pm
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I really need an icon that says "YES HOMO" in block text, possibly on a rainbow background. I'm not sure if it should have an exclamation point or not.

Meanwhile, these Star Trek ones are really cute. They're mostly from Beyond, but there are other movies/series in there too. (There are also Sherlock series four spoilers in the same post.)

I don't know if I mentioned, but my old laptop more or less packed it in over Christmas, so Nenya sorted through boxing day sales and I got a new one. I've named it Sara. I've pretty well got it set up the way I want it, though Windows 10 REALLY wants to update all the time, even if you go through the 23-step process needed to tell it you're on limited bandwidth, and please stop. So that's been a pain. Otherwise, I like it a lot better than Windows 8. I did have to delete the native games, because I inmediately got completely addicted to them. Computer games and me are a really bad combination.
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing this again this year. The timing will be similar, with sign ups in March and writing April through July (ish). I'll do a poll soon regarding some potential rule changes.

Meanwhile, there's [community profile] starwarsrollingremix, which is doing sign ups through 11 February, if you want to get your remix on a little early. (I know I signed up!)


Jan. 22nd, 2017 08:40 am
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Does anyone have a digital copy of JLA Annual #4, otherwise known as Justice League Antarctica? For some reason, it's not collected with the JLI trades.
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[personal profile] sholio asked: Do you have any character types you tend to like, across different fandoms? Talk about one of them!

I think there are a couple big ones for me.

Women who think they are broken by go on anyway, even though the world will never give them any peace, and they don't think they deserve it, because fuck if the world will beat them, and what's the other choice? Susan Ivanova, Laura Kinney, Rina (Sinbad), Natasha Romanoff, Sara Lance, to some extent Peggy Carter (mostly season one), Kira Nyres, Jessica Jones. It's usually expressed via anger and defence mechanisms that would make Vauban jealous, and I just want them to get hugs.

People with low expectations of themselves who are leaning so hard on their coping mechanisms that they don't see the world of possibilities. People who have tried and failed and have given up on trying to be better, even though they very, very secretly wish it was possible. Gunnar (Sinbad), Mick Rory, Vala Mal Doran, Booster Gold, Milady. Usually expressed by cynicism and violence, and ditto on the hugs.

People who have every reason in the world to be a dick, but are still just really nice and kind to everyone. Kara Danvers, Lacey Thornfield, Jax Jackson, Harry Kim, Geordie LaForge, Dottie Williams, most John Watsons, to some extent Luke Cage and Thor. HUGS! They did a good job and should feel good.

Man who are trapped in their own broken code of ethics while their own toxic masculinity slowly poisons them, and they can't find a way out because changing who they are is too difficult even as they're drowning. Chakotay, Denethor, Jack Thompson, Athos, too some extent Jack Robinson. This is a tricky balance, and I only like it sometimes.

Stoic woobies. J'onn, Nala (Sinbad), Misty Knight, Steve Rogers, Teyla, Teal'c, Porthos (The Musketeers).

Captain Dad. Picard (ish), Pellew, Treville.
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[tumblr.com profile] boostle-giftathon: due 27 January
[livejournal.com profile] babylon5_love: due 17 February

[community profile] fandom5k: sign ups February, due April
[community profile] ssrconfidential: sign ups March, due June (ish)
[community profile] remix_me: sign ups June, due August (if it runs again)
[livejournal.com profile] cap_ironman TRB: July-August (ish)
[community profile] fandom_stocking: December
Holiday exchange, tbd

MCU Rolling Remix: sign ups March, reveals July (ish)
[community profile] femslashex: sign ups August, due October
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[personal profile] tielan asked: The one story of your heart that you would desperately like to read before you die. Fanfic, profic, real-life story...whatever.

I think it's easy to imagine the real life story I want to read this week, so I'll set that aside.

This is a difficult question for me though, as I tend to run into this kind of story after the fact more in the awesome story I didn't know I wanted but here it is line, than thinking I want something and not being able to find it.

I think, hypothetically, it would be something that has the emotional impact of The Lord of the Rings or Babylon 5, like a sprawling, unapologeticly epic fantasy/space opera, but with more democracy, and the main characters are mostly gay. Bi default, poly is very common, with no tragic gays, except the kind that come from being involved in a space opera. Some of the antagonists are clear, and some of them are differing opinions, and are less clear.

Lots of side characters with their own stories, and the PoV character isn't a military person, but may have been in the past, and is Very Sad, but not because of a dead wife. They have to reconcile depression, inherent violence, and come into their power. They get married early in the plot possibly to more than one person, and the relationship stays together until the end.

There's science and people are excited about it. There is religion and it is not set in opposition to science.

The non-human cultures are valuable, varied internally and interesting. They interact with each other, and not just the humans. The humans special power is not "heart." No one is told they should be more human. There are NO artificial life forms that just want to be human. Sad robots are right out. The heroes don't torture anyone. Ever.

I'd like it to be on TV or a movie series, and to have a really great sound track.


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