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Happy Thanksgiving to US folks. Hang in there, eh?

Watched Spotlight by myself, and thought it was very good, well written and acted, and let the story speak rather than over dramatising everything. It was already very dramatic! It was about a story I remember hearing about, but didn't remember the details of, so educational as well. Nice to see McAdams in a serious role.

Watched the first Blade movie with Nenya, which I don't actually think I'd seen all of before. Hey, remember when Marvel movies starred black actors and were violently anti-authoritarian? (I'm actually mildly shocked at how anti-police stuff could be in the '90s). Enjoyable, but bloody. Will probably check out the sequels at some point. I remember Trinity having a fandom.

Rewatched Star Wars: TFA with Nenya, which is still like Basket of Kittens: The Movie.

Still loving Class, still don't have much to say about it, though I'm sad there's only two more episodes. I hope it gets another series. It's the first time in a while I've really loved a Doctor Who property.

Finding both by DC shows a bit frustrating. I liked the '80s episode of LoT, especially the subplot with Todd which fleshed Amaya out a bit, but I'm seriously allergic to Westerns, and wanted to set that episode on fire, except maybe the Captain Sara stuff. It was really out of continuity for Mick, and just... Westerns. Ugh. *wanders off muttering about genocide*

Over on Supergirl, I'm loving the Alex plot, liking the J'onn plot, but feeling irritated with most everything else. They're being so reactive about the Cadmus thing. The entire DEO only seems to care about it when they're being attacked, they're always on their backfoot, and Alex only mentions her dad when he actually shows up. We never see them trying to find Cadmus, or find her dad. It's making the threat level seem low, because none of the heroes seem to take it at all seriously. Nice to see Dean Cain though, and the Cyborg-Superman nod to the comics Hank amused me.

Mostly though, I really miss CatCo. Remember when the show was overtly feminist and about Kara finding herself and actually having a career? We had this whole thing about how she wanted to be a reporter, and then she hasn't done that in four episodes. James has lost his fucking mind and decided that he can only make a difference by physically hitting petty criminals (while they're still trying to paint the police force in National City as ethical and competent). Apparently running a media empire has no impact on anything ever (this was not a good week to watch Spotlight). Despite Winn paying lipservice to other possible roles, they're not doing anything with CatCo AT ALL, other than Snapper (rightly) calling James an idiot.

I'd be pretty happy to dump the whole Mon-El plot and have things actually occur at CatCo again. I'm annoyed that Kara/Mon-El seems to be go now. I don't dislike Mon-El, but mostly find him pretty pointless, canon soul bonding or not.

Date: 2016-11-25 02:56 am (UTC)
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I randomly tuned into an episode of Class, spent a long time wondering who an actor was because his voice was so familiar but his face wasn't, iand it was Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. It looks like a great show - I really want to catch up on it.

Date: 2016-11-25 05:14 am (UTC)
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Yeah, I'm here for the Alex (/Maggie) plot and J'onn's angst. I mean, they haven't fucked it up as much as I might have worried, and they're doing GREAT on the Alex front, Why, CW, why. The plots are relatively lackluster by comparison to last season, really. James needs to realize he's acting from his superhero issues rather than his brain, and Kara needs to realize that he's way hotter than dude from her home star system (though she can still go get drunk with Mon-El, and I do like the underground alien bar a lot). It's just generally more hit or miss this time around.

Looking forward to the crossover eps more than I thought I would, though, even if they're ridiculous.
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