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Welcome to our first second third fourth post.

Please comment in this post with reactions, impressions, meta, fic ideas or whatever else you think of. Anon commenting is on if you don't have a DW and don't want to fuss with OpenId. Comment totally anon, or sign with your user name, as you like. Don't worry if you're late watching, join in the comments anyway, whatever time you get to see the episode.

This post is a spoiler zone for the whole Agent Carter series, and the MCU generally. If you want to avoid spoilers, you can comment in this thread.

We're trying out a Squee-Only Thread. If you'd like to focus on squee, and remain untroubled by people not liking your fave, whoever your fave may be, check it out and ignore the rest.

I'm sure everything will be pretty casual, so I'm not going to have rules or anything. Please don't be an asshole to other commenters.

I'm going to start watching around 8pm (PST). If anyone wants to live chat. I have a channel #ssr-rewatch. Kiwi browser client is an easy way to get on. Your log in should look like the one below, except with your username filled in.
Settings to log into irc on kiwi. Channel = #ssr-rewatch server =
(click to embiggen.)

I think that's it. Have fun, everyone!
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