Jan. 14th, 2017

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[personal profile] resonant asked: What do you remember about the first comic you ever read?

The first serialised comics were probably in the papers, and we only got the papers our groceries were wraped in, and we only get groceries once a month, so following say Prince Valiant was definitely a lost cause.

At some point my brother got a subscription to Nintendo Magazine, which had a monthly instalment of what I can only imagine was a deeply middling comic about either Starfox or Super Mario Brothers, depending on the month. I remember reading these out loud to my mother, who displayed an unusual amount of patience with this project, probably because I wasn't reading much yet, so she was happy with whatever I chose. The actual content... they rescued Princess Peach? Yoshi only said "Yoshi" and was my favourite. The Starfox one had a scene where Falco had to knock out Starfox to keep him from going on a mission (or the other way around?) that appealed to my burgeoning h/c fascination. Otherwise, I got nothing.

The first superhero comic I read was an Essential X-Men I got from the library after seeing the first X-Man movie and falling madly in love with Rogue. It was probably one of the '70s Claremont runs, and I remember mostly being confused by all the characters, but liking the team dynamic. There was an issue where Kurt went to hell, which was suitably angsty, and made me happy to see him in X2. There was also the famous scene where Magneto is about to kill... everyone? Something, but he sees that he's injured Kitty Pride and repents. I liked the art, which being Essential was all black and white and clean bronze-age lines. Storm and Professor X looked enough like their movie versions to satisfy me. The second or third fic I wrote was a Rogue&Wolverine h/c tag to X2, but I was a still movies only fan.

I didn't go back to comics until someone lent me the collected Frank Miller Batman books in about 2005. I dipped my toe into that fandom, then backed slowly away. (I think War Games was the event that summer, and I was impressed by the feminist rage surrounding it, but nothing made me want to get into comics.) Marvel eventually sucked me in for good with Captain Britain and MI:13.
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