Jan. 15th, 2017

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My Internet is wobbly right now, and seems to be letting me post, but looking at DW is... intermitant. I hope to comment on all my [community profile] fandom_stocking things soon. Meanwhile:

[personal profile] likeadeuce asked: Fullmetal Alchemist manga. . .anything you have to say about it, really, I know it's been a while <3

I read this piecemeal from the library about four years ago, so it's more a matter of lasting impressions, and sorting lasting impressions out from fic I've read, most of which is by you :D

I was a little surprised at how young the protagonists were. I gather it's aimed sort of middle grade? But some of the art and characterisation around Ed especially felt a bit jarring in relation to the seriousness of the rest of the plot. I think some of that might be general expectations around Manga, and I didn't dislike Ed, but often found for example constant freaking out about called short a bit jarring.

The general humour in the books was usually pretty good though, especially the drier stuff.

I like Roy and Riza, and the whole take down the system from the inside, even at cost of their own lives plot. I'm not sure how much of that is osmosis from you, but the general feeling that their souls had been lost in the war, and that this was payment worked well. I don't especially remember shipping anyone, but did enjoy Roy's little black book.

I found a lot of homunculi stuff a bit tiresome. Some of the more powerful ones were interesting, but the sort of general background ones got too much page time.

I liked the Scar plot, and thought it was well handled, and liked when everyone got wound up and pointed in the same direction.

Pinyana (sp?) was great, and I wished there'd been more of her.

The setting was very interesting, believable steampunk imperium, where the author had thought about empire. I liked the hints at other empires and what was going on with them, and how the cultures interacted with what little we got.

I feel like somewhat haphazardly from the library was not the best way to appreciate the grand climax of the storyline. I remember at the time you saying that a Vol (whatever 23?) had been one of your favourites, and had packed his huge emotional punch, and me feeling that it was good storytelling but not feeling married to it.

That's pretty well all I got. I have a vague intention to reread it at some point, hopefully more coherently.
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My fandom stocking is full of things! You should go look at them all because there is stunning fanart and fabulous fic and icons just for me. I am extremely happy.

I also wrote some things, which I have made with shorter headers, because there ended up being a few. What is it they say on Time Team? If you have seven, you have a hoard?

Accidental Chemisty (stocking link)
Legends of Tomorrow/Historical RPF (Sara Lance/Marie Curie), G, word count 1,100
Maria's tour of America has long since worn thin, but a brief encounter with a dashing young woman may change her perspective.

Hold Me Fast, Hold Me True (stocking link)
Hornblower (TV) (William/Horatio), Mature, word count 1,700
Horatio realises that he wants to try something new; William is appalled and no little intrigued.

Common Sense Advice (stocking link)
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Dot, Mac/Rosie), G, word count 950
With Phryne in Europe, Dot starts writing as Artemis in Women's Choice Magazine. Rosie needs some advice.

On the Beach at Tintagel (stocking link)
Legends of Tomorrow (Jax & Martin), Teen, word count 1,400
A missing scene from the start of season two, after Jax and Martin are scattered, before they end up at Tintagel. Or, Gideon dropped everyone in the worst possible place, didn't she?

Keep Our Demons on the Burner (stocking link)
Legends of Tomorrow (Ray/Mick), Teen, word count 3,900
When Mick starts pushing them all away, Ray wonders if it's something he's done wrong, or if there is a deeper cause. Or, my take on why Mick is seeing Snart.

Two Minutes, Thirty-Seven Seconds (stocking link)
Legends of Tomorrow (Ray/Mick), G, word count 1,400
Ray asks Mick on a date. And then he does it again. And again.

One Night at the Red Planet Hotel (stocking link)
Babylon 5 (Marcus/Stephen), Teen, word count 2,500
Sharing a honeymoon suite is a serious thing, especially one one party has no idea the other is in love.

In Addition to Time (stocking link)
Pacific Rim (Team gen), G, word count 500
At the end of the war, there is a signal.
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