Jan. 18th, 2017

muccamukk: Gunnar pointing and saying, "but life's a bitch, and you're cursed." (Sinbad: Life's a Bitch)
[personal profile] sholio asked: Do you have any character types you tend to like, across different fandoms? Talk about one of them!

I think there are a couple big ones for me.

Women who think they are broken by go on anyway, even though the world will never give them any peace, and they don't think they deserve it, because fuck if the world will beat them, and what's the other choice? Susan Ivanova, Laura Kinney, Rina (Sinbad), Natasha Romanoff, Sara Lance, to some extent Peggy Carter (mostly season one), Kira Nyres, Jessica Jones. It's usually expressed via anger and defence mechanisms that would make Vauban jealous, and I just want them to get hugs.

People with low expectations of themselves who are leaning so hard on their coping mechanisms that they don't see the world of possibilities. People who have tried and failed and have given up on trying to be better, even though they very, very secretly wish it was possible. Gunnar (Sinbad), Mick Rory, Vala Mal Doran, Booster Gold, Milady. Usually expressed by cynicism and violence, and ditto on the hugs.

People who have every reason in the world to be a dick, but are still just really nice and kind to everyone. Kara Danvers, Lacey Thornfield, Jax Jackson, Harry Kim, Geordie LaForge, Dottie Williams, most John Watsons, to some extent Luke Cage and Thor. HUGS! They did a good job and should feel good.

Man who are trapped in their own broken code of ethics while their own toxic masculinity slowly poisons them, and they can't find a way out because changing who they are is too difficult even as they're drowning. Chakotay, Denethor, Jack Thompson, Athos, too some extent Jack Robinson. This is a tricky balance, and I only like it sometimes.

Stoic woobies. J'onn, Nala (Sinbad), Misty Knight, Steve Rogers, Teyla, Teal'c, Porthos (The Musketeers).

Captain Dad. Picard (ish), Pellew, Treville.
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