Feb. 12th, 2017

muccamukk: Mei-Ling and Duncan sitting by the fire. (HL: Conversation)

Friends! Yay!

[personal profile] kore linked me to this: W.E.B. Du Bois hand drawn infographics of African American life in 1900, which are just gorgeous.

(I was just thinking that some time before Black History Month next year, someone (not me!) should make a list of relevant primary sources available on Project Gutenberg. I know there's hundreds and hundreds of books there, and presumable more on Open Library and Archive.org.)

One Woman's Brilliant Fuck You to Wikipedia Trolls is interesting, but I have a pretty massive problem with all the emphasis being on her dealing with trolling, and not Wikipedia itself having to deal with the fact that a significant portion of its users are willing to send rape threats to twelve year olds. (Content note: contains graphic rape threats.) Like, good for her! Seriously! But holy fuck, man.

From [personal profile] selenak: Against Normalistion: The Lesson of the Munich Post.

Austin City Limits: Leonard Cohen in 1988.
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