Feb. 14th, 2017


Feb. 14th, 2017 06:49 am
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[Multifandom friendship fest]

Also last day of [community profile] fandom5k nominations.
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Looking to making a few changes this year, mostly just minor adjustments, but I thought I'd check in and see what people thought.

1) I'm inherently lazy, and am happy hosting on my DW, but if having an individual comm, not just a tag here, would work better, I can do that.

2) Last year, the canon that could be included consisted of the Avengers, Cap, Iron Man, and Thor movies, but not Ant-Man, Guardings of the Galaxy, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, or the Netflix shows. This year, are people interested in including the other movies at least? (I'm still not inclined to include the TV shows as not as many people have seen them, and it makes the canon unmanageably large.

3) Last year I made a fixed schedule and e-mailed everyone their place on it. Which worked pretty well. I also participated in the Relay Remix over at [livejournal.com profile] cap_ironman, and the way they did it was to e-mail people a code name, and link them to a gdoc that showed how the fest was progressing. (So you're Apple, and you watch where you are in the chain.) I can do that if people would like it.

Poll #17992 MCU Rolling Remix 2017
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Should I make a comm or stay on my journel?

Stay on Mucca's DW.
7 (58.3%)

Mucca makes a comm.
5 (41.7%)

What canon instalments should we include?

Only Avengers, Cap, IM and Thor (like last year)
7 (53.8%)

Also include Ant-Man
6 (46.2%)

Also include Doctor Strange
2 (15.4%)

Also include Guardians of the Galaxy
8 (61.5%)

Scheduling, how does it work?

Mucca e-mails me time frame at start of fest.
8 (72.7%)

Mucca makes gdoc, and e-mails me my code name so I can follow it myself.
3 (27.3%)

Mucca does something else I will explain in comments.
0 (0.0%)

Any other suggestions or alterations anyone thinks are a good idea are up for debate at this time. I'm planning on more or less running the same rules as last year, but I'm happy to discuss changes.
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