Mar. 2nd, 2017

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Sign ups are open.

But not here!

Check out [community profile] mcurollingremix for updates.
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So obviously I'm a fan of DW's image hosting. It saves so much time.

I'm behind on absolutely every one of my shows, which is bad as I need to do an Agent Carter rewatch before I write for [community profile] ssrconfidential.

Have solid ideas and starts of stories for Cap/IM RBB and [community profile] fandom5k, but need to dig in more. Will probably do RBB first.

I was seriously looking at doing that sibling relationship exchange, but then saw who the mods were, so haha, no. Good not to sign up for more things at this point anyway.

The Bible site managed not to e-mail me my Lent reading today, so I'm going to look one up in a liturgy book, but they're all on the top shelf, and I'd have to move a chair. [Whining about how Lent should be easy goes here, lol.]

All in all rainy spring days here. I'm hoping to get a bit more of a garden going. I just grew four or five things and barely put flowers in last year, but the other keeper wants to share time this year, so that'll help. I'm going to try growing fennel. Me v. germinating lavender continues. Take three, see how it goes. I should just buy wee plants, but they're difficult to get out here.

I really liked this (image heavy!) post about Steve Rogers over on tumblr: Captain America 76th Anniversary Celebration Post. Thanks to [ profile] jayleeg for putting it together.
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So a bunch of people who've signed up for [community profile] ssrconfidential wanted to do a canon refresher, and I agreed to host it. Since we're trying to get eighteen episodes watched before the main writing period really gets going, it's going to be pretty fast (think of it like those dance marathons from the 1930s). However, don't worry if this schedule doesn't fit your schedule. I'm just going to put the posts up on the below days; if you want to watch them then, yay, if you want to watch six on Saturdays and none during the week, also yay, just comment as something familiar passes you by. Don't worry about adding me, just track the Fest: Agent Carter Rewatch tag for e-mail alerts. I have anon posting turned on for those without DWs.

I'll be putting up the posts a little before 8pm (initially PST, then PDT after time change) on the following dates. I'm not sure if anyone is interest in irc chats to go with, but I can set up a channel if anyone is. Other suggestions welcome, in this regard. Commenting on the posts seems easiest to me as then no one has to be too worried about time zones. You can live blog reactions by replying to yourself in a chain, etc.

I am counting the main comment section as a SPOILER ZONE for the whole series and the MCU generally. However, I will make the first thread on each post spoiler free, and link to it from the main post for spoiler adverse first-time watchers. That thread will only have spoilers for that episode and the ones proceeding it, not for the rest of the series.

I'm not really going to have any rules, other than to please remember that thine favourite is not always mine favourite and the other way around. Expressing dislike of a character/plot/hat is fine, but don't be a dick about it.

3 March: 1x1 - "Now is Not the End"
5 March: 1x2 - "Bridge and Tunnel"
7 March: 1x3 - "Time and Tide"
9 March: 1x4 - "The Blitzkrieg Button"
11 March: 1x5 - "The Iron Ceiling"
13 March: 1x6 - "A Sin to Err"
15 March: 1x7 - "Snafu"
17 March: 1x8 - "Valediction"
19 March: 2x1 - "The Lady in the Lake"
21 March: 2x2 - "A View in the Dark"
23 March: 2x3 - "Better Angels"
25 March: 2x4 - "Smoke & Mirrors"
27 March: 2x5 - "The Atomic Job"
29 March: 2x6 - "Life of the Party"
31 March: 2x7 - "Monsters"
2 April: 2x8 - "The Edge of Mystery"
4 April: 2x9 - "A Little Song and Dance"
6 April: 2x10 - "Hollywood Ending"

I'm open for discussion on rewatching various other things Peggy appears in, such as Cap movies, Ant-Man and the mini movie thingy, presumably after the main rewatch. Comments? Questions? Opinions? Discuss them here.
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