Mar. 12th, 2017

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Various poking around for 17th century English court/piracy things has led me to the letters of the Tuscan Resident in London, which includes such things as:
"The Duke of Buckingham shows so much earnestness in forwarding this expedition, and in making arrangements for his personal requirements, that people now begin to believe that he really means what he says and that he will command in person. He appears confidently to believe that by undertaking this voyage he will make so favourable an impression on the people that he will regain their confidence. More faith than usual is now placed in his statements, and his serious intention is also shown by the military costume which he wears, with an immense collar and a magnificent plume of feathers in his hat. "
"The Duke of Buckingham invited their Majesties to a very beautiful fete given at his residence. A bullet was performed, with various interludes, representing the naval armament and its departure from this island. The Duke appears to have thought that the real fleet would be ready to sail sooner than is generally believed. "

(I maintain that the fashion off between Orlando Bloom as Buckingham and Louis XIII in the 2011 The Three Musketeers had more historical veracity than anything to ever happen in another Musketeers adaptation.)

Meanwhile, I have ALSO found ex-pirate Henry Manwaring's The Seaman's Dictionary: Or, An Exposition And Demonstration Of All The Parts And Things Belonging To A Ship Together With An Explanation Of All The Terms And Phrases Used In The Practique Of Navigation.
Which includes such fascinating historical tidbits as:
A Bitter-end is that end of the cable which is used to be within board, still at the bitts, when the ship rides at an anchor; so that upon occasion when they would have that end bent to the anchor, they say bend-to the bitter-end, which we use when we find that the other end which was bent to the anchor, is worn, fretted or galled.

Three random music/art things I have recently liked.
Gerald Finley - "Batter My Heart"

Amelia Curran - "The Mistress"

Marianela Nuñez and Carlos Acosta - Don Quixote - Act I finale
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