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Regarding content notes: I do my best to include content notes in the headers of all of my longer stories, but I may be inconsistent on drabbles. I mention content I feel is likely to upset or squick readers, such as sexual violence or character death. However, if you're concerned about the content of any given fic, please do e-mail or PM me, and I'll fill you in as best I can.

Transformative Works Policy: Anyone who wishes to is welcome to remix, podfic, translate, write meta about, make art for, or write in the same universe/fanon as any of my fanworks. Please link me to the results if you do. Please contact me for permission before you include my work in a 'zine or other printed resource.

A note on organisation: The various "Marvel" categories include comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Netflix, and the X-Men films, all roughly sorted by title and universe. Cap/Iron Man fic is together, regardless of universe.

Crossovers are largely listed twice, once under each relevant fandom.

The A-Team (2010)

Out of Bounds (AO3)
Post-film, (B.A., Team), PG, 3,000 words, posted 12-9-10.
"Old habits may die hard, but they still gotta die." Now that they're out of the Army, B.A. tries to figure out what time is the right one to break a silence he's kept his whole life.

Moments Best Remembered (AO3)
Army Years, (B.A./Murdock), Explicit, 1,600 words, posted 19-9-10.
Prompt: Murdock, scars you can't see.

Same Old New Game (AO3)
Post film, fusion with Highlander, (B.A., Hannibal), Mature (violence), 750 words, posted 29-9-10.
Prompt: B.A., Old soldiers never die.

Street Corner Memories (AO3)
Post film, (Hannibal Smith), PG, 1000 words, posted 21-6-11.
Prompt: They've travelled all over the world, but walking down the street here makes him feel like an outsider

Five Times Charissa Sosa Realised She Was Dating the Whole Damn A-Team
Pre film, (Face/Sosa, Team), NC-17, 4,700 words, posted 07-1-13.
"You heard I was a player, you wanted to play, then I got serious and you freaked!" "Oh, I freaked? I did not freak!"


Babylon 5

A Stolen Kiss (AO3)
Season four, (Marcus/Stephen), G, 260 words, posted 19-9-12
Missing scene on Mars, set during when the boys were pretending to be married.

Another Time, I Would Have Cried
Future AU(ish), (Susan/Talia), PG-13, 1,200 words, posted 07-1-13
Injured and unsure of her memory, Susan searches for something to hold onto.

dans le meilleur des mondes
Pre-canon AU, (Susan/Delenn), PG-13, 7,600 words, posted 18-8-13
Susan Ivanova long ago learned that she couldn't have everything she wanted. That's why she is a project manager, not a Starfury pilot, and that's definitely why she can't seem to get away from the last Minbari she ever wanted to see again.

never inconvenienced by the sun
Pre-canon AU, (Susan/Delenn), NC-17, 2,700 words, posted 17-2-16
Something goes disastrously wrong with the heating in Delenn's quarters; she goes to Susan for help. Sequel to "dans le meilleur des mondes."

First Memories
Future AU, (Susan/Talia), PG-13, 400 words, posted 09-1-14
Susan has paperwork; Talia wants to reminisce.

Ghosts of Earth
(Jeff, Catherine), Teen, 200 words, posted 21-1-15
Prompt: Babylon 5, Jeffrey Sinclair, home.

Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance
(Susan, Delenn), G, 275 words, posted 8-1-16
Missing Scene from 2x07 "Soul Mates."

Jeff Sinclair in the 24½th Century (The Five Faces of Valen Remix)
Crusade Era, (Jeff Sinclair), G, 1000 words, posted 17-1-16
Jeffrey Sinclair finds his way in a future that's not as familiar as it should be, but full of old friends just the same.

One Night at the Red Planet Hotel
Season four, (Marcus/Stephen), Teen, 2,500 word, posted 13-1-17
Sharing a honeymoon suite is a serious thing, especially one one party has no idea the other is in love.

Once Like You Are Now
Season four, (Marcus/Stephen, Richard Franklin), Teen, 2,500 word, posted 17-2-17
As the civil war comes to an end, Richard and Stephen Franklin meet again, and Stephen has a few things to tell his father.


Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Five Things Laura Roslin Regrets (AO3)
Pre-series through 211, (Laura/Bill), PG, 600 words, Posted 22-4-07.
Five decisions that, had she known what she later knew, Laura would have made differently.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

What You Think It Means (AO3)
Post series, AU, (Buffy, Angel), PG, 1,300 words, Posted 15-10-08.
Ten years after Sunnydale, a happily-married Buffy can't quite understand why Angel has shown up on her doorstep. Then she gets even more confused.


DC Comics

Trapped on the Merry-go-round
Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four (AO3)
Justice League International (2011) AU, (Ted/Booster), NC-17, 36,000 words, posted 19-12-11.
Ted planned to give his life to save the Earth. Booster planned make his reputation by running a professional team of superheroes. Rip planned to fix time where it had once gone wrong. The universe had other plans.

Anywhen But Here (AO3)
Set between O.M.A.C Project and Infinite Crisis, (Booster and Rip), PG, 500 words, posted 28-12-11.
Prompt: Booster Gold, Alone

'Til Witnessed Here in Time and Blood (AO3)
Justice League International/Justice League 3000, (Tora/Beatriz), Teen, 444 words, posted 24-5-15.
What's a thousand years between friends?

Stuck on the Flip-Side With You
Classic JLI, (Ted/Booster), Teen, 4,500 words, posted 30-1-17.
Bad enough that Ted's Hooray-I'm-Not-Brainwashed trip to Paris lands them both in Antarctica, but why does Booster have to be sulking?


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Left Turn at Harmony Falls
Season One AU, (Sara/Lindsay), Teen, 10,000 words, posted 04-8-16.
Instead of rejoining the League of Assassins in "Left Behind," Sara hooks up with Lindsay again, but even falling in love for the first time this life doesn't solve Sara's emotional problems, and the 1950s still suck.

What I Wouldn't Do For You, Baby
Post Season One, (Ray/Mick), M, 5,000 words, posted 28-8-16.
Mick's undercover, and Ray's trying to be helpful, but neither of them is sure how that led to pretending to be a couple.

drabble: On Contemplating the Figure of a Wounded Partner
(Martin & Jax), Teen, Posted 11-9-16.
Prompt: Firestorm h/c (someone gets kidnapped/hurt again?)

And All Through the Dungeon...
Post Season One, (Ray/Mick), Teen, 1,700 words, posted 22-9-16.
"Just because you're here with me," Mick growled, "doesn't mean we're together. Got it?" "Sure, Mick," Ray said, the same as he'd said when Mick had told him, "This doesn't mean I care," after walking two days through a sand storm to save Ray from pirates.

Accidental Chemisty
Historical RPF, (Sara Lance/Marie Curie), G, 1,100 words, posted 13-1-17
Maria's tour of America has long since worn thin, but a brief encounter with a dashing young woman may change her perspective.

On the Beach at Tintagel
Season two, (Jax & Martin), Teen, 1,400 words, posted 13-1-17
A missing scene from the start of season two, after Jax and Martin are scattered, before they end up at Tintagel. Or, Gideon dropped everyone in the worst possible place, didn't she?

Keep Our Demons on the Burner
Season two AU, (Ray/Mick), Teen, 3,900 words, posted 13-1-17
When Mick starts pushing them all away, Ray wonders if it's something he's done wrong, or if there is a deeper cause. Or, my take on why Mick is seeing Snart.

Two Minutes, Thirty-Seven Seconds
Season two, (Ray/Mick), G, 1,400 words, posted 13-1-17
Ray asks Mick on a date. And then he does it again. And again.


Doctor Who

Awake and Dreaming (AO3)
New Who, post "The Parting of the Ways" AU, (Jack Harkness), PG-13, 430 words, Posted 1-7-05
The months following Platform 5 haven't been kind to Jack.

Decided Between Them
New Who series One, (Jack/Nine/Rose), Explicit, 4,500 words, Posted 9-1-14
Rose has had a long day, Jack and the Doctor try to cheer her up.

In Sea-Drowned Cloak
New Who series One/The Two Towers film, (Rose, Nine, Boromir), G, 1,600 words, Posted 9-1-14
Rose and Nine visit the island of Tolfalas, near Gondor, where they find a mysterious grey boat and its passenger.

Shattered Into Ash
New Who series Four/"The Day of the Doctor," (Nine/Rose), PG-13, 1,200 words, Posted 9-1-14
An interlude in Rose's search for the Doctor and Donna. Following a fractured timeline, she finds a different Doctor then the one for which she was looking.

But Only His Hearts Obeyed
New Who series One, (Jack/Nine/Rose), Explicit, 1,600 words, Posted 15-2-14
Jack holds the Doctor's hands while Rose has her way with him.

A Marshy Problem
Big Finish, (Charley, Eight), G, 200 words, Posted 25-1-15
Prompt: Doctor Who, Eighth Doctor, stilts

Passing Fancies
New Who/Big Finish, (River Song/Eighth Doctor), G, 300 words, posted 8-1-16.
Snippet of River and Eight crossing timelines.


Firefly (TV)

Zoe's Run (AO3)
(Mal, Zoe), PG-13, 300 words, Posted 26-1-08.
There's blood on the sand, and Mal's time is running out.

Only Held by Gravity (The Chronal Navigation Remix)
Crossover with The Lord of the Rings, (Boromir/River), Teen, 2,700 words, Posted 6-8-15.
Time is definitely a problem. Not that River's lost in time, she knows what to do about that by now, but that she can never tell one jump to another when she is.


Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

Fear of Falling (AO3)
Future fic, (Kono), PG, 350 words, Posted 20-6-11.
Prompt: Kono, her life feels out of control.


Hercules: TLJ

Down Hill (AO3)
(Iolaus, Hercules), PG, 1,100 Words, Posted 7-10-08.
It wasn't every day that Iolaus had to fight off vicious attack boulders. He had not, for example, had to fight them off yesterday, nor the day before.


Highlander (TV)

Tipping Point (AO3)
Pre-series, (Joe, James), PG, 650 Words, Posted 1-5-11.
Prompt: Joe Dawson, not so much a slippery slope as a water slide.

The Winter Soldier, in the Kitchen, with the Cybernetic Arm
Crossover with Marvel Cinematic Universe, (Duncan, Bucky), Teen, 795 words, posted 8-1-16.
Or, Five Times the Winter Soldier Killed Duncan MacLeod, and One Time Duncan Almost Killed him Back.

An' to the Greenwood She Is Gane
Crossover with Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, (Catherine, Rebecca, Amanda et al), Teen, 7,000 words, posted 23-12-16.
I assure you that my forthcoming (and longer) letter will be completely factual on every point, devoid of speculation, and possessing only the barest descriptions and no poetry of any kind. Yours,—Catherine Tilney


Horatio Hornblower (TV)

drabble: Sounds (AO3)
(Archie), PG, Posted 12-5-04.
He stood on the quarterdeck and let himself fall back into the rhythm of the ship.

drabble: Fever? (AO3)
(Horatio, Archie), PG, Posted 17-5-04.
“I am going mad,” he said aloud.

drabble: On the Wings of a Storm (AO3)
(Sir Edward)), PG, Posted 5-26-04.
This was neither Africa nor any place he could conceive of.

drabble: Burning Up (AO3)
(Sir Edward), PG, Posted 10-6-04.
Even in just a nightshirt, with the great windows open to the cold Atlantic night, he could not bear the heat.

drabble: Freedom (AO3)
(Archie, Horatio), PG, Posted 23-6-04.
Archie floated lazily on his back, water lapping gently against his skin.

drabble: Waiting (AO3)
(Sir Edward, Horatio), PG, Posted 28-6-04
Midshipman Hornblower had missed his rendezvous by over a day.

murmured tales of iron wars
Post series, (Edrington), Teen, 200 words, Posted 21-1-15.
Prompt: Hornblower, Edrington, Peacetime.

Hold Me Fast, Hold Me True
Series three, (William/Horatio), Mature, 1,700 words, Posted 13-1-17.
Horatio realises that he wants to try something new; William is appalled and no little intrigued.


Jane Austen (Novels)

An' to the Greenwood She Is Gane
NA crossover with Highlander, (Catherine, Rebecca, Amanda et al), Teen, 7,000 words, posted 23-12-16.
I assure you that my forthcoming (and longer) letter will be completely factual on every point, devoid of speculation, and possessing only the barest descriptions and no poetry of any kind. Yours,—Catherine Tilney


The Lord of the Rings

To Walk in Dark Places
Books: Forty years prior to the forming of the Fellowship, (Aragorn, Denethor), PG-13, 22,400 words, Posted between 5-6-02 and 18-8-04.
When the forces of the Dark Lord capture Denethor, Aragorn must journey into the Land of Mordor to rescue him. My first fic.

In Sea-Drowned Cloak
Series One of Doctor Who/The Two Towers film, (Rose, Nine, Boromir), G, 1,600 words, Posted 9-1-14
Rose and Nine visit the island of Tolfalas, near Gondor, where they find a mysterious grey boat and its passenger.

As Though at Sea (AO3)
Books: Fourth Age, (Éowyn/Lothíriel), G, 444 words, Posted 3-4-15
Lothíriel finds many things in Rohan unsettling, but none so much as her future sister in law

Only Held by Gravity (The Chronal Navigation Remix)
Crossover with Firefly, (Boromir/River), Teen, 2,700 words, Posted 6-8-15.
Time is definitely a problem. Not that River's lost in time, she knows what to do about that by now, but that she can never tell one jump to another when she is.

Forty Leagues and Two
Books: War of the Ring, (Aragorn), Teen, 330 words, Posted 31-10-15.
Between Pelargir and Minas Tirith, Aragorn waits.

Courting Gifts
Books: Fourth Age, (Arwen/Éowyn, Arwen/Aragorn), G, 1000 words, posted 8-1-16.
Historically, the path to true love between Human and Elf never did run smooth.

Caught by the Light
Books: War of the Ring AU, (Gimli/Legolas), G, 5,600 words, posted 8-1-16 to 16-6-16.
A lot of unexpected things happened at the Council of Elrond, but not even the Wise could have predicted this. Indeed, it takes Gimli the entire journey to Lothlórien to truly understand its meaning.

drabble: Far Seers
Books: Pre-LotR, (Denethor/Finduilas), Teen, Posted 11-9-16.
Prompt: fighting the long defeat.

drabble: The Stargazers
Books: Silmarillion, (Tar-Míriel/OFC), Teen, Posted 16-7-17.
Prompt: faithful, devotion, to the very end, escape.


Marvel: Avengers Comics (616)

Five Times Kate Bishop Doesn't Date Bucky Barnes (AO3)
Young Avengers/Captain America, (Kate, Bucky/Natalia), PG-13, 5,000 words, Posted 15-10-09.
In a world turned upside down, and Kate makes connections where she can, but things never quite go like she thinks they will.

Unstinting (AO3)
Captain America & the Falcon, (Sam Wilson, Figaro), G, 300 words, Posted 8-9-10.
Prompt: Sam Wilson, downtime

All That's Left to Give (AO3)
Captain America & the Falcon, (Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson), G, 750 words, Posted 10-9-10.
Prompt: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson - Steve becoming Nomad for the first time.

On the Slopes of Mount Wundagore
Avengers/Captain Marvel, (Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff), PG-13, 1,900, Posted 07-1-13.
Or, Five Times Carol Searched for Wanda (And One Time She Found Her).

Hey, Señorita (AO3)
Agent Carter/Captain Marvel, (Peggy Carter/Helen Cobb), G, 200, Posted 24-4-15.
1963, somewhere in Colombia.

The Heavens' Embroidered Cloths (AO3)
Avengers Vol 1, (Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff), G, 550, Posted 11-6-16.
Wanda fell toward the Earth, and Carol chased her.

Inquiries into Orbital Dynamics (The Mission Controllers' Remix)
Avengers Vol 1, (OCs, Rhodey, background Steve/Tony), Teen, 5,600, Posted 24-2-17.
When a mysterious object appears in orbit around the Moon, NASA teams up with the Avengers to investigate it. This is NASA's story.


Marvel: Captain Britain and MI:13

Five Times Faiza Hussain Meets a Superhero (AO3)
(Faiza, Betsy, TJ, Pete, Brian), PG-13, 3,600 words, Posted 25-12-08.
Featuring characters from Captain Britain, New Excalibur, Wisdom, and Captain Britain and MI:13.

Right Ascension (AO3)
Captain Britain and MI:13, (Faiza Hussain), G, 650 words, Posted 30-4-11.
Prompt: Excalibur (Comic): Faiza Hussain, away from home.


Marvel: Heroes for Hire Comics

Stone by Stone (AO3)
Alias/New Avengers, (Jess/Luke, Dani, New Avengers), PG-13, 1,200 words, posted 7-11-09.
For a music meme: Ten ficlets about Jessica Jones.

Three Nights in Manhattan (AO3)
Alias/Cage/Heroes for Hire, (Danny/Luke, Jessica/Luke, Danny/Misty), PG-13, 4,200 words, posted 2-1-10.
With a baby on the way and his relationship with Jessica still uncertain, Luke Cage's life is already more complicated than it's ever been. Then Danny Rand blows through town.

Only Smoke and Ashes (AO3)
Daughters of the Dragon/Heroes for Hire, (Colleen Wing & Misty Knight), PG-13, 540 words, posted 20-9-12.
The world has ended. Colleen makes tea.

Twice Their Hearts Set Ablaze
Daughters of the Dragon/Heroes for Hire, (Colleen Wing/Misty Knight), NC-17, 16,600 words, posted 13-11-13.
In the middle of a shootout on the West Side, Colleen Wing fell into Misty Knight's arms, and Misty found herself falling in love. Eighteen years later in the wake of Shadowland, danger from Colleen's past stalks the same streets. The former partners must try to mend their broken relationship and find their hunter before it finds them.


Marvel: MCU & Netflix

New Leaves in Autumn
MCU AU, (Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanoff), NC-17, 8,100 words, Posted 19-12-12.
It's the fall of 1868, and Pepper Stark just wants a break between crises. However, with a ball to organise, Tony away, and one Mr. Nathaniel Rushman left to look after Stark Industrial Enterprises, rest turns out to be the last thing on her mind, and more than one scandal is brewing.

Hey, Señorita (AO3)
Agent Carter/Captain Marvel, (Peggy Carter/Helen Cobb), G, 200, Posted 24-4-15.
1963, somewhere in Colombia.

Lies and Loaded Dice (The That's How It Goes Remix)
Daredevil (TV), (Karen Page/Claire Temple), Mature, 1,600, Posted 6-8-15.
It's funny, Karen thinks, the situations I get into by trying not to back myself into a corner.

The Winter Soldier, in the Kitchen, with the Cybernetic Arm
MCU crossover with Highlander, (Duncan, Bucky), Teen, 795 words, posted 8-1-16.
Or, Five Times the Winter Soldier Killed Duncan MacLeod, and One Time Duncan Almost Killed him Back.

Eight Notes from the End Times
Jessica Jones (TV), (Jessica/Trish, Jessica/Luke, Malcolm), Teen, 880 words, posted 8-1-16.
Jessica never expected to hear from Luke again, so it pretty well figured that this was what it took.

Bones Too Make a History (AO3)
Post AoU, (Maria Hill, Wanda Maximoff), G, 510 words, posted 17-5-16.
In the wake their battles with Ultron, Maria and Wanda rebuild.

In the Dead Lava Streets
Agent Carter, per-series, (Joseph Manfredi/Howard Stark), explicit, 2,700 words, posted 9-6-16.
New York is a devil's dream, the most urbanized city in the world. It is all geometry angles and stone. It is mythical, a city buried by a volcano. — Five times Howard Stark met Joseph Manfredi, and one time he did not.

To Lift Again the Banner
Captain America: TFA AU, (Peggy/Gabe/Steve UST), teen, 3,500 words, posted 9-6-16.
The worst part is this: If they'd asked Gabe to participate in Project: Rebirth, he would probably have said yes. However, they didn't give Gabe a choice, and now he's on the run with only a lady spy and a scrawny kid from Brooklyn to help him.

A Voice for America
Agent Carter, Pre-series AU, (Peggy/Angie), G, 1,400 words, posted 9-6-16.
When Angie takes a job as a voice actor on US Army propaganda films, she has no idea who she'll end up working with. Or, the troubling problem of Captain America's English accent.

Of Death Close-Walking Beside
Agent Carter, post season two, (Peggy & Jack), Teen, 1,700 words, posted 17-9-16.
They made Jack quit looking for Peggy four months ago, but that doesn't mean he's stopped seeing her everywhere.

No Thought for the Morrow
Avengers/Captain America, (Maria/Natasha), Teen, 2,700 words, posted 29-10-16.
Five times Natasha and Maria slept together, in any sense of the term.


Marvel: Steve/Tony

Marvel 616
Flying (AO3)
New Avengers, (Steve/Tony), PG, 400 words, Posted 1-3-09.
Tony wouldn't qualify flying as entirely better than sex.

Love in the Third Person (AO3)
Avengers Vol 1, (Steve/Tony), PG, 1,000, words, Posted 7-3-09.
Iron Man wants to talk to Steve about Tony. Steve is confused.

Desktop (AO3)
Avengers Vol 1, (Steve/Tony), NC-17, 1,000 words, Posted 2-4-09.
Written for [ profile] iron_kink prompt Tony/anyone, trying to have sex without his partner noticing the chestplate.

That One Man, Scorned and Covered with Scars (AO3)
Iron Man Vol 1-4, (Steve/Tony), NC-17, 3,900 words, Posted 7-4-09.
Five times Steve saw Tony's scars and had sex with him anyway.

Memories of Love's Refrain (AO3)
Iron Man Vol 1, (Steve/Tony), PG, 900 words, Posted 9-5-09.
Prompt: Steve/Tony after Steve finds out Tony made him forget he was Iron Man again.

Sea Stars
Part One, Part Two (AO3)
New Avengers AU, (Steve/Tony), PG-13, 47,000 words, Posted 15-7-09.
Steve comes back to life somewhere entirely unexpected; Tony doesn't remember being a hero; something is rotten in the province of British Columbia, and the 2010 Olympics are doomed.

Fragments of a Different War (AO3)
New Avengers, (Steve/Tony), NC-17, 3,700 words, posted 28-12-09.
Death, love and the Superhero Registration Act, as they might have happened.

The Art of Diplomacy (AO3)
Avengers Vol 4, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), PG-13, 2,800 words, Posted 31-12-10.
In the wake of an alien treaty mission, Steve tries to find balance in his new life. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where all this puts his relationship with Tony.

Iron Man: The Watchers of the Moon
Avengers Vol 1, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), PG-13, 1,300 words, Posted 9-1-12.
Excerpt of a comic by Steve Rogers.

Rollin' and Tumblin'
Avengers Vol 1, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), NC-17, 9,600 words, Posted 26-08-12.
The giant squid spewing sex pollen wasn't the strangest part of anyone's week. Captain America's behaviour after the fact, however, was making Tony wonder how deeply they were all affected, and what exactly was going on.

Nothing Else but Miracles (An Ancient Secrets and New-born Dreams Remix)
Captain America Vol 1, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), NC-17, 8,000 words, Posted 14-02-16.
In the rough and tumble of the Lower East Side, the only constants in Steve's life are the solid black letters of the name on his wrist. Because even with the law and society against them, his world falling apart piece by piece, and his search for his soulmate taking him to stranger and wilder places, Steve has faith that finding Tony Stark is only a matter of time.

Kidnapped! (again)
Iron Man Vol 3, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Teen, 1,600 words, Posted 30-6-16.
These are the worst kidnappers Tony has ever had.

A New Dream Every Morning
Iron Man Vol 3, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Mature, 3,400 words, Posted 2-7-16.
Every day Tony woke up in his little cell, and every day Steve came to visit. Tony was never prepared for what happened next.

A Promise Made, A Debt Unpaid
Captain America Vol 1-3, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Teen, 3,500 words, Posted 7-7-16.
When Steve finds out that he has only hours left to live, he tries to say his farewells where he can. When he finds himself alive again, he has to work out what the consequences of those goodbyes might be.

New World Intervals
Post-Avengers Vol 3, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Teen, 4,900 words, Posted 29-12-16.
In the wake of Disassembled, a science experiment gone wrong casts our heroes across space-time, where Tony discovers that Steve is both the first and the last person he wants to be stuck on an alien planet with.

Nightmare Fuel
Avengers Vol 1, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Teen, 2,200 words, Posted 16-2-17.
The mission may not have been exactly routine; Steve did get turned into a evil snake, and may have almost killed Iron Man, but he's usually better at shaking off this kind of thing. Now, the memories linger.

Inquiries into Orbital Dynamics (The Mission Controllers' Remix)
Avengers Vol 1, (OCs, Rhodey, background Steve/Tony), Teen, 5,600 words, Posted 24-2-17.
When a mysterious object appears in orbit around the Moon, NASA teams up with the Avengers to investigate it. This is NASA's story.

An Interlude in the City of Angels
Avengers Vol 1, (Steve/Tony), Teen, 1,200 words, Posted 15-3-17.
Steve is having one of the worst weeks of his life, and going to visit Tony is the only thing he can think of that might make it better.

Only Works Backwards (The Poor Sort of Memory Remix)
Avengers Vol 1, (Steve/Tony), Teen, 1,200 words, Posted 31-1-17.
By entering Steve's mind, Tony may be able to save his life, but it will also mean confronting his greatest demon.

Captain Rogers and the Iron Man of La Rochelle
Pirate AU, (Steve/Tony), Teen, 15,600 words, Posted 13-6-17.
Privateer Captain Steve Rogers' suspicions are raised when the notorious Iron Man hires his ship for a desperate mission to the besieged city of La Rochelle, and that's before he begins to make the connection to a French spy, and the extremely irritating Anthony Stark, Earl of Richford.

Shining in His Eyes
Avengers Vol 1, (Steve/Tony), Teen, 400 words, Posted 11-7-17.
What Steve and Tony see when they look in a mirror, or at each other.

Marvel 3490
Revise, Rebuild, Repeat
Earth 3490, (Natasha Stark/Steve Rogers), PG-13, 6,800 words, Posted 1-11-10.
In the wake of the Sentient Armour's attack, Natasha Stark reassesses her priorities and begins to put her life back together. Meanwhile, Steve tries to be Helpful.

Marvel Adventures
Tomorrow It's Ransom... or Torture!
MA:A, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Explicit, 3,200 words, Posted 10-7-16.
Tony's thinking dirty thoughts, unfortunately they're not quite dirty enough for Steve. Or, the time Steve talked Tony into playing Rudolph Valentino to his Vilma Bánky and getting a little afternoon ravishing in.

Just Dreaming of You
MA:A, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Teen, 1,800 words, Posted 31-8-16.
Figured that Steve showing up in Tony's lab just in time to help with minor-explosion clean up and possibly make out was far too good to be true.

Marvel Fairy Tales
Shellhead and the Captain
Marvel Fairy Tales pre-canon, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Teen, 1,100 words, Posted 10-9-16.
As Stevie watched the sea turn purple and pink and orange as the sun rose and the morning came, he noticed a boy flying beside him. Or, how the Captain met his first Lost Boy.

Marvel 57289
One Last Second Chance
Marvel 57289, (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), Teen, 6,400 words, Posted 4-1-17.
Tony Stark, second newest engineer at Rhodes Labs International, is just trying to rebuild from the ruins of his failed company, vanished fortune, and struggles with alcoholism. His goals include keeping his head down, avoiding stress and convincing Dr. Rhodes to let him build a really cool robot, so why does the universe keep throwing Avengers in his path?

Marvel 616/MCU AU
Constructs in Progress (AO3)
(Natalia/Steve, Steve/Tony, Natalia/Steve/Tony), M, 30,000 words, Posted 20-5-10.
In the seven territories built out of the ruins of New York City, no one has managed to match Tony Stark as either a technologist or a unicorn rider. But when Tony's secrets come back to haunt him, even Captain Rogers and his mysterious lover might not be able to save him, or the city.

Problems in Relativity (AO3)
(Tony Stark/Steve Rogers), NC-17, 7,700 words, Posted 31-12-11.
Steve Rogers, captain of the spacecraft America, resents playing Director Fury's errand boy, and that's before the mission to collect a mysterious package leads to more trouble than he ever wanted.


Marvel: X-Men (Films)

Never Again (AO3)
Post X2, (Marie, Logan), PG, 2,000 words, Posted 15-7-03.
Months after Alkali Lake, Marie searches for comfort, and Logan still can't sleep.

Landscaped (AO3)
Missing scene X-Men: First Class, (Charles and Raven), PG, 405 words, Posted 21-6-11.
Prompt: Mowing the lawn.


Master and Commander

Various Master & Commander Drabbles
Posted Feb to Aug 2004.

After the Storm (AO3)
Set during Master and Commander, (Stephen/Jack), PG-13, 600 words, Posted 10-12-06.
A quiet interlude between high seas and plague ships.

Interludes in the Dark
Set during Far Side of the World (ish), (Jack, Stephen), Teen, 700 words, Posted 01-2-14.
Jack didn't remember falling.


Les Misérables (2012)

Stitches in Red Thread and in Black
Post-film AU, (Cosette/Éponine), Teen, 700 words, Posted 20-10-14.
Glimpses of a life Éponine and Cosette might have shared.


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Common Sense Advice
Post-series, (Dot, Mac/Rosie), G, 950 words, posted 13-1-17
With Phryne in Europe, Dot starts writing as Artemis in Women's Choice Magazine. Rosie needs some advice.


The Musketeers (2014)

Thy Part in Some Disguise
(Athos/Porthos), Teen, 1,900 words, Posted 19-10-14.
Porthos propositions a stranger at a masque; Athos realises that he's in real trouble.

Towards a Cloak of Blue
Pre-series, (Porthos), Teen, 200 words, Posted 21-1-15.
Prompt: Musketeers, Porthos, fashion.

Tin, Brass, Steel
Pre-series, (Porthos), Teen, 200 words, Posted 27-1-15.
Prompt: Musketeers, Porthos, steel.


Pacific Rim (2013)

Grey Sky at Morning
Pre-film crossover with Quantum Leap, (Donna and Stacker), Teen, 1,200 words, Posted 09-11-14.
In the dying days of the war with the Kaiju, a man comes looking for a miracle.

Hunger in Waiting
Werewolf AU, (Sasha/Mako), Explicit, 6,500 words, Posted 10-2-15.
Wolves weren't meant to live alone, especially not after they'd avenged their packs, yet here Mako is. Sasha never meant to outlive her husband, and doesn't know what good it is to be a Ranger with no drift partner, no Jeager, and no Kaiju. When everything else has fallen away, connections made out of convenience can become the only ties to life.

See Me Stopping Here (a remix from away)
(Tamsin & Stacker, Mako), Teen, 1,200 words, Posted 31-7-16.
Luna made Tamsin promise to look after her brother. Tamsin doesn't plan to let death stop her from doing just that.

In Addition to Time
(Team gen), G, 500 words, posted 13-1-17
At the end of the war, there is a signal.


The Pirates of the Caribbean

One Last Time (AO3)
Post Curse of the Black Pearl, slightly AU, (James, Weatherby, Elizabeth), PG, 1,100 words, Posted 14-4-04.
Norrington pays one last visit to Governor Swann's house, and to Elizabeth.



The Psychic Detective Decision
Part One, Part Two (AO3)
Future fic, Crossover with The Middleman, (Shawn, Gus, Wendy Watson), PG, 2,500 words, Posted 7-11-08 and 29-11-08.
After it all falls apart, Shawn Spencer receives an interesting job offer, one he may not be able to refuse.

What Dreams May Come To (AO3)
(Shawn/Carlton), PG, 2,000 words, Posted 13-11-08.
In which Shawn concludes that oddly-symbolic dreams may not be the best source of relationship advise, and Lassiter agrees.


Quantum Leap

The Memory Book
Season One, (Al, Sam, Donna), G, 1,500 words, Posted 07-1-13.
Sam keeps forgetting, but Al is making long-term plans.

Grey Sky at Morning
Post series crossover with Pacific Rim, (Donna and Stacker), Teen, 1,200 words, Posted 09-11-14.
In the dying days of the war with the Kaiju, a man comes looking for a miracle.


Reign of Fire (2002)

From the Ashes
Post film, AU, (Quinn/Denton, Alex/Denton), NC-17, 4,500 words, Posted 25-12-08.
In the end, Quinn still had to deal with a ruined castle, a shattered family, and several very irritating Americans.


Rivers of London

Names of Their Fathers
Pre-series, (Dr. Walid), G, 200 words, Posted 21-1-15.
Prompt: Rivers of London, Dr Walid, kilts.


Sherlock Holmes (Books)

Following "The Empty House," (Holmes, Watson), PG, 900 words, Posted 22-5-04.
Watson is in a bad mood and Holmes makes certain deductions.

Awakenings (AO3)
(Holmes/Watson), PG, 1,100 words, Posted 29-9-04.
Holmes wakes up to a surprise, and for the first time in his life he has no idea what to do next.

The Adventure of the Thorn-less Rose (AO3)
(Holmes/Watson), PG, 300 words, Posted 22-05-08.
Prompt: Holmes, Watson, rose petals.

The Adventure of the Missing Inspector
Post Return, (Holmes/Watson), PG-13, 5,400 words, Posted 15-10-08.
While investigating the disappearance of Inspector Lestrade, Holmes and Watson find more than they were looking for.

Terai Tea (AO3)
During the great hiatus, (Victor Trevor, Holmes), PG, 900 words, Posted 21-10-08.
June 1893: A brief interlude in the Indian Colonies with Victor Trevor and Sherlock Holmes.


Sinbad (2012)

That Night on Deck
(Gunnar/Sinbad), PG-13, 1,400 words, Posted 07-1-13.
Following "Eye of the Tiger," Sinbad wants to know why Gunnar keeps watching him.

At Their Lady's Command
(Gunnar/Nala/Sinbad), NC-17, 3,800 words, Posted 23-1-13.
Nala's a pretty, pretty princess; Gunnar's her loyal slave, and Sinbad's just happy to be there, even if he's not too sure about the harem pants.

By Her Very Nature
(Rina/Sinbad, Rina/Tiger, various), NC-17, 6,600 words, Posted 09-5-13.
Or, five times Rina slept with a member of the crew of the Providence, for varying definitions of "slept with." Or, Feelings! What are they?

By Light of Lamp and Moon
Post series, (Rina/Nala), Mature, 1,300 words, Posted 22-9-13.
When The Providence returns to Basrah, Rina looks for Nala and the answer to a question she doesn't quite know how to ask.

The Butterfly Girl
Pre-series AU, (Rina/Nala), Teen, 6,400 words, Posted 06-11-15.
At fourteen, Rina thought that finally escaping her master would mean the start of easy days – or at least less horrifying days, Rina's standards were pretty low – but then chance threw her together with a cursed princess, and Rina realised that her trouble had only started.

Target Practice. Or, Missing the Mark
Fusion with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, (Finn/Sinbad, Poe), G, 1000 words, posted 6-5-16.
Finn needs to work on his undercover skills.


Sleepy Hollow (TV)

A Touch of Warmth
Pre-series, (Katrina Crane/Jenny Mills), Explicit, 3,700 words, Posted 9-10-14.
Or, five times Katrina helped Jenny out, even when she didn't have a clue what the hell was going on.


Star Trek

New Yesterdays, New Tomorrows
TNG Season Three AU, (Tasha Yar, Deanna Troi), PG, 3,300 words, Posted 4-5-13.
Tasha escapes the destruction of the Enterprise C, but what does it mean to be back on her own ship when the war she remembers never happened at all?

Another Life (AO3)
AOS, Post 2009 film, (Spock/Uhura), G, 300 words, Posted 6-8-10.
Prompt: you turn around one day and see through time.


Star Wars

Not Knowing Where to Look (AO3)
Pre-A New Hope through Post-Return of the Jedi, (Han/Leia, Chewie, Luke), PG-13, 2,200 words, Posted 1-11-08.
Five times Han Solo hid from something, and one time he didn't.

Old Stars, Burning Bright
Pre-The Force Awakens, (Original Character, Leia, Poe), G, 810 words, posted 8-1-16.
The Resistance's newest pilot meets an old hand.

Target Practice. Or, Missing the Mark
Fusion with Sinbad, post-The Force Awakens, (Finn/Sinbad, Poe), G, 1000 words, posted 6-5-16.
Finn needs to work on his undercover skills.

Undiminished (The Planets and Islands Remix)
ESB through TFA, (Leia), Teen, 2,100 words, posted 19-4-17.
Five times Leia Organa left home, and built a new one.


Stargate (TV)

Too Many Cooks
SGA Season two, (John, Rodney), PG, 600 words, Posted 5-1-06.
alienz make Rodney and JHon telepathic and give htem lotz of other souperpowerz. MPREG. PLZ REVEIW!!!

drabble: Wives and Sweethearts (AO3)
SG-1 Season one, (Teal'c), PG, Posted 8-1-07.
He realised that they did not have wives or children at all.

drabble: Little Teyla (AO3)
SGA Pre-series, (Teyla), PG, Posted 7-5-08.
Blindfolded, barefoot, with a banto stick in each hand, she dances.

Long Way Home (AO3)
SGA, Between 202 and 203, (Teyla, John), PG-13, 4,200 words, Posted 28-6-08.
Teyla is trying to figure out exactly where she fits in, and John is there to help her, after a fashion.



Lost and Found (AO3)
Future fic, AU, (Sam, Dean, OC), PG-13, 1,700 words, Posted 18-4-06.
Ten years down the road, Dean's not the only one who's having trouble letting go.

Absolute Zero (AO3)
Pre-series, AU, (Mary, Dean, Sam), PG, 250 words, Posted 31-1-07.
Somehow Mary had figured that the words "He's dead" would have gotten easier to say by now. No such luck.

Breakfast (AO3)
Pre-series, AU, (Mary, Dean, Sam), PG, 300 words, Posted 9-2-07.
Dean sat in a corner, instructing his little brother in the art of matchbox cars.


Wynonna Earp (TV)

Would Teach My Feet to Fly
Post 2x02, (Wynonna & Doc), Teen, 1,000 words, Posted 20-6-17.
Wynonna had used to say, "Make your peace." She'd even said that was going to be "her thing."

Nobody's Dream Girl
Post 2x02, (Dolls/Wynonna/Doc ish), Mature, 1,600 words, Posted 30-6-17.
It's the morning after the night before, but Wynonna has her boys and can't bring herself to care. Or that's what she keeps telling herself.

Rainy Day Moments
Future Fic AU, (Dolls/Wynonna/Doc), Teen, 1,700 words, Posted 6-7-17.
Doc wants to go riding; Wynonna wants to spare a horse, and Dolls is surprised by all of this.

Drabble: Last Rites Deferred
(Dolls/Wynonna/Doc), Mature, Posted 16-7-17.
Prompt: hurt/comfort, sacrifices, imprisonment, injuries.


Wonder Woman (2017)

Drabble: Paris at Peace
Post movie, (Diana & Etta Candy), Teen, Posted 16-7-17.
Prompt: Diana exploring new parts of the world.

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