muccamukk: Uhura sitting at her station, her self in colour, everthing else in grayscale. (ST: Uhura)
I made eight episodes of Luke Cage before I got too busy to focus and set it aside for later. As of that far in, I was very much enjoying it. I wasn't as utterly sucked in as I was with Jessica Jones, as LC seems to be a bit more of a standard superhero story, though I am enjoying the Harlem setting, and of course Luke. Luke it totally the ultimate woobie. Endless terrible things happen to him, and he angsts beautifully. I'm a little disappointed that it's not more punch in the face political like JJ was, but on the other hand having a show that is majority PoC cast is in and of itself political, so there is that (it was just billed as sort of being about current race relations in the US, and from my admittedly limited perspective, it's not deeply engaging there). ANYWAY! Beautiful angsty Luke! And a really great cast and a really great sound track. I'm very well content on those counts.

Watched the first and last episode of Prison Break for Mick/Snart context. I enjoyed the brothers and Strong Feelings About Loyalty, but wasn't that invested in the arc or things set in prisons.

Watched the first three (I think) episodes of Grace and Frankie, which was cute, had a great cast, and my teen crush on Sam Waterston was not invalidated, but which was a bit too embarrassment squicky for me to invest in.

Oddly, the first two episodes of Don't Trust the B— in Apartment 23 didn't ping me the same way. I'd happily watch those terrible people forever!

Found ALL of Star Trek, and randomly watched "Dagger of the Mind" and "Devil in the Dark" which were both pretty great. I'm all for Kirk h/c and Spock running around yelling, "Jim!" while quietly panicking. I also really like the sort of mode of the setting. I always forget how polite Kirk is, or if not polite than perhaps formal. I kind of like a future where everyone is called, "Sir" or "Mr. Surname." And there are massive amounts of h/c and strong feelings about loyalty. And, for that matter, Kirk pointedly not sleeping with junior officers of his own crew. I just really like original Star Trek. Also watched the Spock/Bones bits of "Bread and Circuses," which was a BS episode, but had lovely moments.

Watched Zootopia, which I hadn't seen, and which we both enjoyed quite a bit. Also Men in Black 3, which I hadn't seen, and Nenya had. I have questions about the time travel mechanism, but otherwise liked it quite a lot. Could have used more Emma Thompson, which is so often the case.

Randomly watched the really angsty bits of The Incredibles, which underlined how much I disliked the character design and gender politics, but how much I liked the angsty bits.

Ditched Nenya and went to a subtitle-less version of Star Trek Beyond, which I want to watch again! I want it now! Tyranny of DVD releases! Anyway, yes, good. First thing that's felt like Star Trek in a while. I loved making Sulu gay (FINALLY!). I loved all the friendship and family and being about what Starfleet means. I loved Jaylah, and her interactions with Scotty, and how you could see her watching the bridge crew like Jean Valjean staring at that loaf of bread. Needed more Idris Elba. Great Uhura and Sulu solving mysteries. Great Spock/McCoy h/c. Great Anti-Militarisation of space spiel. Yorktown was GORGEOUS. Too much of it was shot in the dark, so in 3D I was left a bit lost. Just loyalty and family and exploring space, and I'm very happy. More like this please.
muccamukk: Porthos laughing victoriously. (Musketeers: I Win!)
Title: Whiskey Cupcakes and Flustered Heroes
Author: Anon
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Characters: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory
Words: 3,800
Rating: Teen
Summary: Making the kid blush has become one of his favorite pastimes, right after burning stuff and stealing things.
Notes: Sweet series two speculation (including some SDCC spoilers), with growing intimacy and poor communication skills. Basically everything I want from these two. Also! Someone made art for them.

Title: The Difficult Path
Author: Anon
Fandom: Agent Carter
Characters: Jack/OMC, Peggy
Words: 4,200
Rating: Teen
Summary: Jack tried to pretend that this was something close friends did.
Notes: Let's add gay and in denial to poor end of season one Jack. It's probably a little softer take on the character, but really hits all the notes and has some great Peggy scenes.

Title: The Feeling of Freedom
Author: Anon
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters: T'Challa/Thor
Words: 1,100
Rating: G
Summary: “I am still not quite sure how to treat you,” Thor confesses the night of the day of the marriage, leaning heavily on an outside balcony wall almost as if he’s drunk.
Notes: Lovely vivid snapshot of an arranged marriage AU. I really like Thor's characterisation here.

Title: Degrees Celsius
Author: [ profile] Veldeia
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters: Steve/Tony, OC
Words: 300
Rating: G
Summary: A tale of Steve's captivity in the cold, the difficult life of an evil scientist, and the eventual wrench thrown into their plans by Tony.
Notes: My favourite fill for last week's trb prompt (the gorgeous one with frozen captive Steve and rescuer Tony).

Title: Having a Ball
Author: [ profile] Navaan
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Characters: Mick, Sara
Words: 1,100
Rating: Teen
Summary: Stuck at a ball in 18th century France there is nothing to do for the moment than drink alone.
Notes: I'm pretty happy to read all the fic about Mick and/or Sara picking themselves up from the ruins of season one, and more than one of them doing so is doubly fab. Really nice characterisation here, and a bit of costume porn.
muccamukk: Supergirl determinedly flying forward. Text: "Here we go again!" (DC: Here We Go Again)
(Haha, this is the DC channel again. Enjoy!)

So, someone must have written the AU where Kara didn't get knocked off course got to Earth at the same time as Clark, and is this dorky pre-teen possibly being raised by the Kents, trying to fit in, but also trying to be strong and protect her bb cousin and teach him all about their lost planet.

The downside to this would obviously be that she got to Earth like twenty years earlier, so that there would be no adorable Supergirl team. ALTHOUGH I suppose Clark could have also been pulled off course and, and Kara could have somehow landed at the Danvers with a baby in tow and... the entire history of the Earth would have changed. Hnmm...

Anyway, someone's written that, right?
muccamukk: Maxima looks on in horror as Jayna gleefully builds a tower of random food. (DC: Food!)
So I didn't realise that Wentworth Miller actually WAS gay. I'm not sure if I should double down on my assertion that some of his turn as Leonard Snart was deliberately camp or not. Probably, yes?

There's some great filming pictures of part of the LoT gang doing season two.

I still want all the Sara and Mick and Jax&Martin fic, and not really much in the way of ship stuff for any of them, though I'll read Sara/Lady, and Mick/Whoever. Not super into the Snart pairings, save maybe Mick, and that tends to be really domestic, which isn't really what I'm there for.

We also finished Supergirl. I'm excited that the full cast will be back next year, even if Cat will be reduced a bit with the actor flying in from LA, but yay! More show! I really hope that they don't run the canon love interests through the CW love triangle of horror mill, or do the whole Lois & Clark We Can't Write Couples That Are Together And Must Constantly Generate Cheap Drama route. But mostly I want more canon just as as it was, with feelings and optimism and people working together to get shit done, even though they don't agree, or even like each other.

So I'm REALLY interested in J'onn's backstory from Supergirl. He's basically Moon from the Raksura books, with a lot of failed attempts at assimilation and trying to fit in, follow by being on the run and living in the woods, then finding his True Family (well, sort of, Moon actually eventually does find his family, whereas J'onn will likely be either the last or the nearly last of his people, but set up a found family). One thing I'm curious about is a spoiler for 1x17 )

I took a swing through the J'onn/Alex tag and didn't really find anything that rocked my boat, though there was some okay porn, I guess. There was also more teeth-rooting curtain fic, which isn't what I want from that pairing, even if they've both really, really earned it. Am tempted to write sex pollen.

Using my Maxima icon because I can.
muccamukk: Rebecca and Amanda hugging and laughing (HL: Fun Femslash)
Title: Left Turn at Harmony Falls
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Lindsay Carlisle/Sara Lance)
Rating: Teen (some homophobia, some mental health issues)
Word Count: 10,000
Notes: Written for margottenenbaum's Wish Fulfilment Ficathon, for the prompt: Sara Lance/any female character, Sara re-discovers closeness and trust and learns she's not a monster.
Summary: Instead of rejoining the League of Assassins in "Left Behind," Sara hooks up with Lindsay again, but even falling in love for the first time this life doesn't solve Sara's emotional problems, and the 1950s still suck.


Jul. 27th, 2016 09:43 am
muccamukk: Joe raising a glass and looking sardonic.Text: Sure, pal. Whatever you say. (HL: Whatever You Say)
I like that in two shows I've watched recently, the by now expected use of torture by the heroes or their allies against the villains didn't go as planned.

In Legends of Tomorrow, it's set up that a main character of ambiguous morality needs to get information from a villain the team has captured, but he ends up going and talking the other character around to their side by showing them his perspective.

In Supergirl, team hero's asshole ally tortures a captured villain for information, uses the info he gets and leads everyone straight into a trap that gets almost everyone killed.

Of course over in the fucking Flash, the hero from another show tortures an extremely minor bad guy for information, which turns out to be accurate, the heroes use it, and everyone who has a stated quibble about that is Wrong because hero from other show is a stand up guy.

Though also on LoT we had:
White guy: The 1950s were awesome.
Black guy and Bisexual woman: NOT FOR US, THEY WEREN'T!
White guy: Okay, good point.

Two episodes later:
Other white guy: Oh, hey the wild west! Go 1870s!
Yet another white guy: Yes this period was the most awesome!
Everyone else: *either agrees or says nothing*
Me: *muttering* genocide, genocide, genocide
muccamukk: Supergirl determinedly flying forward. Text: "Here we go again!" (DC: Here We Go Again)
and I would like to post this without comment:

muccamukk: Close up Apollo and the Midnighter leaning in to touch foreheads. They look sad. (DC: Forehead hugs)
So there's this scene in the original Ellis run of The Authority where Apollo is going off on this totally suicidal mission to save the day (and this from a team that wasn't hyper-invested in the saving of days), and the Midnighter (who has certainly been close to him, but it's not made clear in what way) tries to talk him out of it:

Which is about when a lot of people figured out what that relationship was, exactly. But I was thinking of it today in context of how massive the Captain Canary ship is in Legends of Tomorrow fandom, and what a great moment they got towards the end there, with a kiss like that (if on the mouth, which is honestly how I always remember the Apollo/Midnighter scene anyway), and how I would have DIED if that kiss had been between two men or two women. Like, can you IMAGINE if it had been Coldwave or AtomicHeat? Christ. Why can't I have nice things?

Speaking of AtomicHeat, I'm quite surprised that it's not a bigger pairing. There's only a handful of fic, on what is pretty solid canon ground for a ship. They are one of the major relationship threads in the series, and the (platonic) couple that ends up together at the end.

However, in that it's a pairing that does not involve Leonard Snart, pickings are thin, and the only fic I've liked so far has been this one (there's another long fic, but it's contaminated by un-tagged Rip Hate, which is a thing in this fandom):

Title: Madmen Who Remember, Madmen Who Forget
Author: [ profile] NewEyes
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow (& Arrow)
Characters: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory
Words: 3,300
Rating: Not Rated (deals with mental illness and injury)
Summary: Ray uses the holo room to recreate memories of his time with Anna. Mick just uses it to burn stuff.
Notes: A definite uncompromising look at both of them that I like because it's compassionate without being woobie, and lets them be flawed while still loving them. Interestingly written before the big Mick arc.
muccamukk: The silhouette of Sam as the Falcon cutting across other pictures of Sam. (Cap: Falcon)
What I Just Finished Reading
Captain America and the Falcon: Nomad by Steve Englehart and a variety of artists.
I think this is the second time I've read this, and it mostly underscored my abiding dislike of Englehart's Steve. There is some unintentional hilarity to be derived by Steve's gay porn pirate costume, but for the most part Steve is whiny and self-involved, and basically throws a tantrum every time something doesn't go his way, all the black characters are racist caricatures, especially given the art, and most of the women are mocked. The Peggy Carter plotline is especially appalling. I will admit to enjoying the Namor cameo.

Superior Iron Man by Tom Taylor and a variety of artists.
Well, the art was lovely. I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would, though I can see how if it were the ONLY Iron Man story out there, I'd be pretty put off.

As it was, I rather enjoyed the adventures of Mildly Evil Tony, and the various efforts of the rest of the characters to foil him. I'd have liked to see more of Jen, but the Pepper and Matt bits were well done (with a lovely Matt/Foggy moment). The story highlighted everything Tony regularly isn't, and shouldn't be, and the sure pettiness was pretty funny at times. However, then it got stepped on by an event and retconned into oblivion, which didn't really make for a very satisfying ending.

Farthing (Small Change, #1) by Jo Walton, narrated by John Keating and Bianca Amato
Very effectively written alternate history that was serious without being ham handed. I liked both main characters, and how their aims didn't always meet but how their stories fit together. I'd probably be more interested in a book about her than him, but I guess that's not what the rest of the series does. Most of the minor characters were also well-drawn and interesting.

The mystery part was pretty obvious from the start, though the details not as much, but it was more a structure for the commentary on fascism within British society which really didn't pull any punches, and the bucolic country estate setting worked well to set up the contrast for the Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men bit.

I've been warned off the sequels, so may let the series lie here. Would like to try other Walton though.

What I'm Reading Now
Working on Gay Revolution as an audiobook, which is interesting, but a pretty sweeping overview given how much space it's trying to cover. I've heard that it leaves rather a lot out.

Still reading Ghostly.

What I'm Reading Next
Def Voices from Chernobyl and maybe Lisey's Story.

Meanwhile, almost done watching all the Captain Cold and Firestorm episodes of The Flash, which has been good for those characters, but I kind of want to set most of the arc plots on fire. Also going slightly deaf from Nenya screaming about the science. Next up, Supergirl.
muccamukk: Jeff and Delenn sitting quietly together, background of starcharts. (B5: Constellations)
Title: Boys Town
Author: [ profile] sholio
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Characters: Young Mick Rory, Young Sara Lance, team
Words: 3,100
Rating: G
Summary: Missing scene for 1x12, because leaving a baby with a couple of juvenile delinquents is a great idea.
Notes: Having read pretty well all the missing scene fic for this episode, I must conclude that this is my favourite. It has great bb!Mick PoV, and digs its nails into the inherent crackiness of the show. Plus it's really funny.

Title: All Worn Down That Lonely Road
Author: [ profile] RedHead & [ profile] tempest_sonata
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Characters: Mick Rory & Leonard Snart
Words: 6,600
Rating: Teen
Summary: An episode coda for Legends of Tomorrow 1x10 “Progeny”. Mick takes exception to Len’s stubborn refusal to deal with his injuries properly, and they both find themselves unsure how to deal with the fact that they actually care about one another.
Notes: Having ALSO read all of the coda to this episode, this is my favourite. It hits a perfect balance of stoic ass holes, emotional insecurity and fatigue. Lovely h/c for the boys. No Rip hate.

Title: Ghosts of Tomorrow
Author: [ profile] DarkestSight
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow (& The Flash & Arrow)
Characters: Mick Rory & Rip Hunter, Sara Lance
Words: 2,500
Rating: Teen
Summary: Mick confronts Rip about why he won't save Sara's sister and learns some things he didn't expect.
Notes: A really nice follow up to 1x16 that doesn't make Rip the bad guy, makes sense, and isn't just "We don't want to retcon a whole season of Arrow, just because its sister show has time travel and is willing to wield it. (Even if Arrow had it coming.)"

Apparently the theme of the day is missing scenes from Mick's PoV.

I'm also starting to watch the Captain Cold and Firestorm episodes of The Flash. So far it's fun, but the love story is THE WORST! OMG!

4 Recs

Jul. 16th, 2016 06:02 pm
muccamukk: Natasha lowering her sunglasses to see over the top. She looks alarmed. (Marvel: Shades)
Title: Inconveniences Rightly Considered
Author: [ profile] susanowa
Fandom: Marvel Adventures: Avengers
Characters: Team, Steve/Tony
Words: 5,100 (so far)
Rating: Various
Summary: A series of adventures, inconveniences and embarrassments in the lives of the Avengers, with a particular focus on Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.
Notes: Starts with Avengers watching a porn parody of themselves, ends with Tony's birthday, is generally super cute and in character for all, and absolutely makes me laugh.

Title: Tentacular Spectacular
Author: [ profile] Sineala
Fandom: Marvel Adventures: Avengers
Characters: Steve/Tony, Jan, Ororo
Words: 9,100
Rating: Explicit
Summary: When Amora the Enchantress lays a peculiar curse on Tony, its effects are not at all obvious... until Tony gets home and sees what's happened to Steve. And as for breaking the curse -- well, that happens to be Tony's number one fantasy. (Or: Tony never turns down a good tentacle. Or several.)
Notes: Really, really cute tentacle sex, which I had the pleasure of beta reading. Also this makes me feel better about writing MA:A kink fic the other day.

Title: Fragments
Author: [ profile] katydid3145
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow (& The Flash & Supergirl)
Characters: Mick Rory, everyone else.
Words: 18,900
Rating: Not rated (but teen)
Summary: Mick always figured the universe didn't really like him all that much. More likely, it just didn't care about what happened to him. He was just a speck of dust, not something to ever really think about. Not something that anyone would ever care about.
Notes: So I read through basically the whole LoT section of the archive, and then circled back and found my favourite fic on the first page. Basically it's the 19k angst wallow I always wanted, with Mick learning how to fit in with a team of superheroes and trying really, really hard not to care, and assuming that no one loves him. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Oh, and no Rip hate, which is a bloody rarity in this fandom. (The author kind of sucks at tagging, which is too bad as everyone should read this fic.)

Title: Various
Author: [ profile] icarus_chained
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Characters: Jefferson Jackson & Martin Stein, crew
Words: Many
Rating: Teen - Mature
Summary: Various
Notes: So the other thing I found archive diving was an author largely devoted to Jefferson&Martin smarm, where Martin is usually the physically hurt one, and it's pretty awesome, and very sweet.
muccamukk: Maria looks extremely unsatisfied with this turn of events. (Avengers: Disgruntled)
We finished last night, and are planning to rewatch bits, for sure. If you want a good feel for the show, [personal profile] such_heights did a recruiter vid: For Your Entertainment, which doesn't have serious spoilers, but does give you a solid feel for it cracktastic excellence.

Unfortunately, I'm on a bit of a post-binge low right now, almost entirely because I looked up to see if there would be more, and the wiki section on season two was all the producers talking about how it was going to be more serious and a lot more closely tied in with Arrow and The Flash, which is the opposite of everything that I want. So now I'm feeling like I did after The Musketeers series two, before this has even aired!

And partly some of the ending was kinda a downer. Spoilers, some negative )

Which is a bunch of whining, really, as I generally loved the show, but somehow I'm not feeling as bouncy about it as I was before I finished.
muccamukk: Jack and Phryne sitting at a piano, leaning close and singing together. (MFMM: Duet)
Can't get Pokemon Go in Canada, and if we could, probably not out here. However, I am collecting injured hikers today. So far I have three, but suspect I will have to give them away soon.

[ profile] rhodeyfest is running this week, which I found out about like really recently, but I want to do at least one fic for it. So I tried to work out Rhodey's time line in relation to Tony's and quickly determined that a) Rhodey is older than he looks OR b) Rhodey's school rings are lies OR c) they didn't go to college together as fanon would have it. Because it just flat out doesn't work for Tony to have graduated at 17, while Rhodey (two years older) went to the Air Force Academy for his BSc, and then did additional education at MIT while Tony was still there, and if he did do his BSc at MIT, he would have been ROTC not Academy. Argh! Considering hand waving the Academy thing, and just having him get his masters at AFIT. I just want to fill the stupid space bingo square.

Still enjoying the HELL out of LoT. I was thinking it reminded me of Mutant X, but actually it has more of a seaQuest DSV vibe, very '90s TV anyway, save with an arc plot. Let's All Learn About the True Meaning of Friendship. YES INDEED. So far my faves are Sara and Mick, but I really like everyone except Carter and Savage, who are boring. Three episodes to go.
muccamukk: Cap pulling Iron Man to his feet. Text: "Help you stand." (Marvel: Help You Stand)
Just reread New Avengers vol 1 up to Civil War, and wow I had remembered that as being better than it was. Granted, that was probably as a halcyon era when the teem was together and everyone was happy, and wherein a lot of fic took place, including the fic that got me into Cap/Iron Man (thank you [personal profile] marinarusalka), and it is a good team line up, at least so far as it contains Steve/Tony/Luke/Jessica Drew/Occasionally Carol, but the plots are mostly pretty meh, and if I never see another fucking ninja again in western media... (though hey, Echo! Hey!) There are lots of nice character moments, like Steve giving Carol lots of hugs, and Luke integrating into the team, and the general Steve and Tony as totally married vibe, but mostly... lots of skimming, I don't care about Bob, and you can't make me.

In happier news, Nenya and I are watching Legends of Tomorrow and, as of three episodes, it's basically the rare show that fills the good-hearted, cracky Mutant X niche in my heart. Is it well written? Not really, no. Does it give a shit? Boy Howdy, it does not. It has never met a trope that it doesn't want to beat the audience over the head with in a completely unironic manner, and I'm 100% delighted with it. It actually reminds me a lot of classic JLI (at least in its lack of fucks given), though sadly no Boostle in sight.

Still enjoying all the Steve/Tony feels, clearly. Wheeeeee. Fandom is fun!
muccamukk: Jack and Phryne sitting at a piano, leaning close and singing together. (MFMM: Duet)
So there needs to be a fic wherein:

  • Phryne needs to get rid of Jack Because Reasons, and therefore tells him she loves only him to get him in bed and then brushes him off the next morning. He leaves to nurse his broken heart, and only later realises she's... done something horribly dangerous and probably rushes in to find she's mostly rescued herself, as usual.

  • Also where Jack follows Phryne to England, but is shipwrecked by himself on a small island, and she thinks that he just didn't show and fucks off to Paris to sleep and drink away her woes, until she hears he was on the ship that wrecked and flies to rescue him in her aeroplane. Jack then swears never to leave Australia again.

  • Also where Jack dies (or something) and ends up haunting his younger self in order to change history and save himself/Phryne/the world (sort of like that Voyager episode where Chakotay ends up in all the fractured timelines, and has to convince Janeway).

  • Also where Dr. Mac and Rose Robinson get married.

  • Also, where Phryne ends up involved in my favourite tango scene from one of my favourite movies.

muccamukk: Éowyn smiling faintly, srrounded by yellow and pink light. (LotR: Éowyn in Gold)
Hakai Magazine: Even Turtles Need Me Time

This blog is now the all turtle all the time channel.

I've also been spending enough time in Star Wars: TFA fandom that I'm now habitually typing Ray as Rey. Which would be an interesting new entry in the Ray Wars of due South fame. How would Constable Benton Fraser and Rey of Jakku get along? It feels like they'd have a lot in common. Too much, maybe?

Oh, does anyone remember a story where Fraser left with Victoria, totally screwing Ray over, and then Ray met him later but Fraser's actually a ghost? I'm sure I read that, but I don't think it's on AO3, and buggered if I can find it.
ETA: This fic here is good.

Another new The Lord of the Rings icon. I feel like my icon section is currently mostly Ghosts of Fandoms Past. Except for the Hawaii 5-0 ones, as I wasn't ever really in that fandom, but Grace Park and DDK are just too pretty to take down.
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Day 13

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Some icons, two fic and two pictures )


Nov. 29th, 2015 10:50 pm
muccamukk: A soft-focus close up of Peggy, who is wearing bright red lipstick. (AC: Lips)
Saw Suffragette a bit ago and it was... fine. I liked the acting a lot, and I liked that it was about working-class women and why the vote mattered to them. It was generally well done all around, but I expect movies about suffrage to give me A LOT of feelings. I cry watching the Lady Gaga suffrage mash up. This one didn't really have any moments where I was really emotionally engaged. Probably worth a watch if you're either interested in the history, or don't know anything about the history, but eh.

Just got back from Mockingjay: Part II, which I also liked fine, and also didn't blow me away. Lawrence was amazing expected, and I really like the relationships and the music and screening, but meh, again. Didn't blow me away, and I generally like this series. I enjoyed it more than I did the book, in any case.

I've fallen instead into Netflix and am about a series and a half into The Almighty Johnsons which I should have way more problems with than I actually do on grounds of misogyny, and everyone being kind of horrible people, but it's got the girl for Whale Rider and brothers and feelings, and I'm pretty well addicted. Unfortunately for the fandom, the most jerkish brother is played by one of the cute dwarves from The Hobbit so that means almost all the fic is about him being a poor woobie, and the oldest brother is much more my flavour of manpain. Oh well.

The Captive Temple (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice #7) by Jude Watson
So did anyone care about the Mystery Plot, cause I sure did not. Mostly I was just invested in Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan working things out while they were both being giant dorks. Points to both for a small amount of self-actualization. No points for a total failure at implementation. At least they are trying? They have both agreed that they should not listen to Yoda, anyway.

The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson
I liked a lot about this story, not the least the amalgamated SF-F setting and world building, which was really fantastically put together. The voices of the characters were well done, and the writing itself was gorgeous.

I am, however, 100% over tragic gays, especially when they have tragic rapey backstories, so there is that. Also, too many entrails.

Persians by Aeschylus, translated by C. John Herington and Janet Lembke
I think people are terrified of letting this play just stand on its own, and have consequently introduced and end-noted the poor thing half to death, which is interesting for extra context, but it really does stand very well on its own. This is a very fine translation, and really gets across the drama and pathos of the story, and is powerfully told, though of course it's not a light touch with the moral of the story. I'll have to read this again without checking out footnotes and such.

The Day of Reckoning (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice #8) by Jude Watson
I liked this one! Qui-Gon got his act together and apologised for being a dick over the last three books! They worked as a team with Obi-Wan snarking all the way! Evil mining companies were distroying the environment, and had to be stopped! More like this would be great.

Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson by Lyndsay Faye, narrated by Simon Vance
I swore I'd never read another Ripper book, but everyone told me this one was great, and I'm a sucker for Sherlock Holmes pastiche, so gave it a go. Mostly it had everything I want from Holmes story, with lots of h/c moments, good deducting, a strong feel of London, and some great OCs. I was well please.

Until the ending. I was perfectly happy with the solution to the mystery. And the action climax as great, and I liked all the character beats, but... Faye did that thing again.

She has this habit of addressing issues by including characters to express the points of view that the main characters leave out, and giving them lots to do, and then totally undercutting them for drama! Or in this case, for no decipherable reason. Which made me annoyed enough to like this book a lot less than I otherwise would.

Spoiler )

The Fight for Truth (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice #9) by Jude Watson
Obi-Wan is made to go to school, and Qui-Gon has a temper tantrum and overthrows the government. It's pretty great. Though the tone was brought down by the reminder that all of these characters will soon be miserable and/or die. The Empire sucks.

Fic Rec

Aug. 31st, 2015 06:49 am
muccamukk: Porthos looking down and smiling bashfully. (Musketeers: Bashful)
I haven't had time to read any of the rarepair exchange fic this year, but here's one from my flist.

Title: Tell Me About This Lightning
Author: [ profile] Azar
Fandom: due South
Characters: Ray/Ray/Fraser, Ray/Fraser, Ray/Fraser, Ray/Ray, Frannie, Welsh, Dief.
Words: 12,100
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Ray never wanted a soulmate. The universe might have other ideas, but then he's never particularly trusted the universe's judgment on the matter.
Notes: Great take on soulbonding fic, which manages to go with both fate nudges people together, AND FU fate! So much pining, so much banter. A most for those who ship both Rays.


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