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Thursday, 28 June 2018 02:06 pm
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Regarding content notes: I do my best to include content notes in the headers of all of my longer stories, but I may be inconsistent on drabbles. I mention content I feel is likely to upset or squick readers, such as sexual violence or character death. However, if you're concerned about the content of any given fic, please do e-mail or PM me, and I'll fill you in as best I can.

Transformative Works Policy: Anyone who wishes to is welcome to remix, podfic, translate, write meta about, make art for, or write in the same universe/fanon as any of my fanworks. Please link me to the results if you do. Please contact me for permission before you include my work in a 'zine or other printed resource.

Feedback Policy: I love comments so much! I love short comments, long comments, what this fic reminded you of comments, comments that are just a single emoji. I'm happy to have html errors or typos pointed out. Please do! I'm receptive to constructive criticism about plot or characterisation, but if the critical part is longish (say over 200 words), I'd prefer an e-mail or a Dreamwidth PM. I won't make major changes to a posted fic, but if it's a fandom I'm active in, I'll certainly take that kind of feedback onboard. Comments telling me that I or my kinks are gross or shameful will be deleted.

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I mean a book about a feminist utopia.

Back in 2011, I heard part of a reading of a story I assumed was Houston, Houston, Do You Read? by James Tiptree Jr. I just read that, and it definitely wasn't!

However, the set up is very similar!

What I remember is it was from the point of view of a woman who lived on a planet of only women (I think it was future earth, and the men had gotten plagued). She was married to another woman, and they lived in a cabin in the woods together (I remember someone fought a cougar?). There was some kind of call to a community gathering, and they met three male astronauts who had just landed.

It was probably short fiction, though only read in part, and probably older.

That ringing any bells whatsoever? [personal profile] garrideb? You were at that reading. We got in late, and Nisi Shawl read next.
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[community profile] fandom_stocking posted: Muccamukk's Stocking. Which you should check out, because there's some fantastic stuff in there. I got so lucky this year!

I wanted to write more, but ended up doing three Band of Brothers fic:

  • All the World Loves a Clown (Lipton/Luz, teen, 1,900 words)
    Thanksgiving in Mourmelon, George tries to figure out how to get Lip to dance with him.

  • Lost to your Reflection (Nixon/Winters, explicit, 3,000 words)
    It's the first time they've seen each other since the end of the war. Nix wants to go out drinking. Dick wants something else.

  • To Come in from the Rain (Nixon/Winters, teen, 2,300 words)
    Nix's cough has been hanging in for a couple of weeks now.

(Because I saw someone else talking about it, the key to remembering the code for lists is that ul = unordered list (bullet points), ol = ordinal list (numbered items), li = list item. Once I remembered that, doing lists was easy!)

[personal profile] greywash posted: but what does whisperspace mean to YOU?
In other words: I think a lot of what I miss about tag whisperspace was that it was a clear and intuitive way of signalling a break between the part of a social media post that is media and the part of a social media post that is social.
Which finally explained what a lot of people are trying to do with extra spaces on DW these days. Interesting read! Good discussion in comments.

Icon Meme
1. Comment to this entry saying 'Ooo Shiney!' and I will pick 3 of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal (or just reply if you prefer) and talk about the icons I picked!

[personal profile] kjata gave me:

Crowned Crane, national bird of Uganda. I made this when I was heading over to work in Uganda, and have kept it for purposes of talking about Uganda or birds. Plus I like the static effect.

This was from an essay by Peter Nicholls about some WorldCon wank in the '80s, which included wank about what the cover of the pocket programe would be:
Only a few days before the Pocket Programme was due to go to press (the timetable was completely inflexible) the proposed cover picture arrived. By Frank Frazetta, it featured a scantily clad female figure (it may have been naked, I can't remember). In any case, it threw the Committee into a complete turmoil. Several Committee members are active feminists, and most of them are supporters of the feminist movement. They decided that, at no matter what cost to the convention finances, they had to turn the cover picture down, as being offensive to womanhood. (A.J. Budrys told me the picture was meant to have a spiritual meaning; I must say its purely carnal qualities impressed me more than its metaphorical significance.)
For some reason that line cracks me up every time I see it, probably because if you've seen Frazetta's art, it's a massive understatement, and it seemed REALLY fandom, so I made an icon of it. I mostly use it when something involves smut.

Another line that cracks me up every time I see it. It was from some kind of big DC event comic, which I have no idea why I was reading (something related to 52?) Anyway, in a previous arc, Batman I think HAD mindwiped a bunch of people, and there was massive wank about that. Or something. I don't remember. Anyway, this comic the JL is up on the magic moon castle thingy, and something has gone wrong, and Batman seems to feel that leaving everyone mindwiped would have improved the situation somehow. I like the flippancy and grudgy vindication, and tend to use it when I think something is poorly planned or as an "I told you so!" I... have a lot of icons for that.

Small Requests
Request the first: Because of my bandwidth issues, I have images turned off. I click through to individual posts if I want to see them. However, that also means that if your images are links, or have information about what's in the post (example are a header or other information-carrying image), I don't see that. I can't click the link, and the alt text doesn't show up. If possible, could you include some meta information outside the picture? You don't have to say what the picture is, just if it's a link, or something I need to read to understand the post, I'd really, really appreciate it if you could have that separate from the picture. I miss stuff because I scroll by the blank spaces where images would be.

Request the second: I finally got tag filtering working on DW (it's a paid feature that [personal profile] kore explains here). What finally nudged me over into doing this was all the gushing about whatever that Japanese decluttering show is, which frankly just makes me anxious and upset when I see it. I'm happy people seem to be liking it, and it's making their lives better (I AM!). I'd also appreciate it if people could tag "Decluttering" or "[whatever the name of the show is]" so I could filter those posts into oblivion. Conversely: please let me know if I can tag things better for your filtering ease.

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[personal profile] anneapocalypse posted: A Ball of String: dreamwidth, tumblr, twitter, youtube, and a bag of chips.

There has been much chatter over what we should call linking to stuff we think is neat. Some people really want to keep using the term "reblog" on dreamwidth in some capacity and other people think that's very silly and that we already have clearer terms for the concept of linking to stuff. Clearly the appropriate response is to invent an even sillier term out of whole cloth, so today I choose to call this post full of links “a ball of string.”

(I'm totally entertained by this solution).

A couple people have been talking about the Frivolous February/Shitposting thing, notably [profile] ryda_wong here, [personal profile] sara here and [personal profile] melannen here. I'm entertained by the concept. I'm more entertained by how very Dreamwidth the exicution is. I'm... possibly going to sit this one out? It's not that I don't love fun! I'm just not sure it's my style of fun? I expect this is going to be a weird, weird month on my reading page though, and that's probably a good thing.

Hakai Magazine: Thar She Grows: A New Way to Tell a Gray Whale’s Age. Being able to accurately estimate an animal’s age is an important step in understanding the health of a population.

LitHub: Why I Started Publishing an ‘Indigenous Version’ of My Articles. Jenni Monet on Fighting Erasure in Colonized Newsrooms.

Crankiness Below
K. Tempest Bradford: Not Everyone Can Skip That Missing Stair
This is a really good essay, except for the part where the entire thing is: there's a giant huge missing stair out there! But I'm not going to tell you which one it is! Gee. Thanks. That's a great help to the community. And the whisper network sails on.

[community profile] fandom_stocking posted a reminder that they'd updated the needy stocking list (hooray!) and then did a granny guilt pull (boo!):
BUT we can’t move forward with reveals if people are still waiting for gifts. I know this is meant to be a low-pressure exchange, and we have had a few incredibly generous individuals who have gone above and beyond to provide gifts to a very large number of participants (THANK YOU♥), but there is also a large number of people who submitted a stocking and have not posted any gifts to anyone else. I don’t want to have to make that a rule moving forward, so please, if you have not posted any gifts, consider doing something for someone to spread the cheer.
Great job on making a low pressure fest anxiety inducing! I try to give a handful of gifts every year, and usually I do. Sometimes I give lots. Some years I don't. Putting a note up shaming people for... not following a rule that isn't a rule? Not cool. The whole point of the fest is that it's low-pressure, and frankly, if you're going to start enforcing giving gifts:
a) It's not going to solve needy stockings because people will be more likely to leave their mandatory gift in mega fandoms not in whatever rare book fandom is last on the list this year.
b) You're going to run into a concept of what a minimum standard for a gift is, which, have fun modding that.
c) It is going to take the fest from fun to "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Another deadline in December! AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Ficlet Round Up

Thursday, 17 January 2019 10:13 pm
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Did about half of the More Joy Day drabbles and ficlets. Many of them were grim. JOY! (I'm good at joy!) I'll try do the other half on the weekend. I literally used a random number generator to pick the order. Apologies if Ramdomizer.org hates you. Your prompts are not forgotten!

Marvel, Dr. Faiza Hussain, saving a life: Drabble Sequence: Laws of Robots, Laws of Heroes

Star Trek: Beyond, Jaylah, finding her feet after movie events: Drabble: Jaylah's Stars

Babylon 5, Talia Winters, theory vs practice: Paired Drabbles: Freedom's Just Another Word

Doctor Who, Eight and Thirteen meet: Ficlet: New Years All Over Again

Marvel, Steve and Arnie, happy together: Ficlet: The Etiquette of Russes

Hornblower, Mr. Bush, "you shall come to know the ship like the back of your hand, or you shall come to know the back of mine." Dabble Sequence: And the Lash

Reading Wednesday

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 11:56 am
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What I Just Finished Reading
Easy Company Soldier: The Legendary Battles of a Sergeant from World War II's "Band of Brothers" by Don Malarkey and Bob Welch.
So either Malarkey a) is a better writer, b) had a better helper writer, c) actually let his helper writer help, I don't know. Probably some combination of them. In any case, this book was a lot smoother and more readable than Dick Winters' Beyond Band of Brothers. That said, it was also less hilariously cranky, which is a great loss. (Though Malarkey haaaaaaaated Webster and was deeply iffy on Speirs, who seemed to be perpetually telling him to shoot prisoners. You go, Malarkey.)

I've lost all perspective on if this would be fun to read if you haven't been in the tv show fandom . I think you'd get a fair bit of interest out of Malarkey's emotional journey. The actual fighting part is pretty lightly skated over, and somewhat assumes you know the outlines of the story. The core of it is his friendships with the other men, especially Skip Muck, Joe Toye and Buck Compton, and his devastation at the losses incurred at the Battle of the Bulge.

The pre and post wars sections are probably more of interest if you grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I again wish there had been more focus on post-war integration, especially after how open Malarkey was about his own trauma during the war. (There's a section where he's using the GI bill to go to college and is flunking out because he's so traumatised to focus, and the head of his frat notes that some four hundred students most of them vets are in the same boat.)

Fandom tidbits: Joe Toye had an Irish accent and was brutally depressed about his lack of education. Nixon gets mentioned three times, once as "Winters' close pal and resident lush," once approvingly for giving up his pass home at Bastogne, and once as picking a fight with Compton at a reunion. Malarkey doesn't think the 506th interacted with the labour camp at all, but he also wasn't with the company at the time. The thing he seemed most pissed off about the adaptation is that they said the German soldier was from Eugene when he was from Portland (JEEZ!) And Speirs shot different prisoners, not those ones.

Heart of a Lion: A Lone Cat’s Walk Across America by William Stolzenburg, narrated by Mike DelGaudio
Book using the journey of that young male cougar from South Dakota to Connecticut to discuss the evolution, behaviour and cultural history of mountain lions in North America. Like Stolzenbug's previous book, Rat Island, focus on the somewhat wild personalities of people dedicating their lives to animal research animates the book. We get to know a series of wild life biologists, interested amateurs, hunters, conservationists and general crackpots who are all deeply, deeply invested in the Eastern Cougar.

As someone who spends a lot of time telling people they have seen otter tracks when they think they've seen cougar tracks (including when there ARE cougar tracks RIGHT THERE, no they still find otter), and that no that's a mink, not a cougar kitten (going down to the water to have a bath!), I felt a bone-deep sympathy with the professional wildlife people trying to prove that the Eastern Cougar was extinct and people weren't actually seeing them. (It is extinct, and people were seeing everything but cougars.) As with Coyote America, you can feel the author's frustration that research, ecosystem management and basic logic keep getting thrown out the window to excuse hunting predators. Maybe this book will change that, but it doesn't seem likely to hit the target audience.

I was very interested to learn the history of cougar attacks on people. I'd always grown up with an understanding that people were on the menu, and it turns out they are but that's largely specific to the cougars of my region, not continent wide. Guess we got lucky! Though there are still only a couple of attacks a year, as opposed to say dog bites or getting hit by lightening.

Would very much recommend this to anyone with an interest in ecology in North America, or amusing stories about biologists. Many cougars do die in the course of this book, but generally less horrifically than in the coyote one, and no one mentions evolutionary psychology.

What I'm Reading Now
History of Canada's women's shelter movement.

What I'm Reading Next
Not sure. Maybe a romance novel. Might start getting library holds for the Canada Reads longlist, too.
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[personal profile] astolat has made a bookmarklet to do quick formatting for links to other DWs: SignalBoost bookmarklet.
(I would argue that signal boosts are for stuff like political action, and this is still just linking. However, I feel like I'm losing the terminology war. The important thing is to check for locked content! And not repost wholesale.)
ETA: [personal profile] melannen has updated the code so that it automatically warns you if the post is locked!

[personal profile] kore wrote a post about posting on Dreamwidth (we're all just getting really meta lately): What I keep seeing about Tumblr v Dreamwidth, over and over.
To sum up a suggestion from comments: Frivolous February! A month wherein we shitpost quite a lot.

[community profile] snowflake_challenge is hosting a friending meme
(I'm not going to sign up because I'm kind of overwhelmed with people I'm following now, I'm at like LJ ten years ago levels of skip= every day. HI YOU'RE ALL LOVELY! YOU TALK A LOT!)

There's a meme going around for what you were doing ten years ago. In January 2009 I was in the middle of falling in love with Marvel comics fandom and writing Sea Stars. I was going to church a lot but not yet volunteering at the women's transition house. I'd been working at a heavy equipment rental place for about six months and didn't hate it, was dating [profile] artamis_rain (the sweetie), and had... possibly just met Nenya in person for the first time? (Or was that in the summer? Going from online friends to rl friends to dating to not dating to dating gives me a confusing number of important dates to remember.) I was going to San Francisco soon to meet Lin and Estel and was VERY excited. It wasn't a bad time.

ETA: I just realised this icon is perfect for link spam posts.

2018 Book Stats

Tuesday, 15 January 2019 02:52 pm
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Realised that I never did this, since I fell out of using any book blogging sites.

Total books read:
57 Books (32 Audiobooks, 12 e-books, 11 Library paper books, 2 paper books from other sources)

The high word count on my fic round up explains the low word count on my reading list.

34 Fiction (29 by women, 5 by men)
23 Non Fiction (11 by women, 11 by men, 1 by NB authors)

Interesting! I now read almost entirely fiction by women, not out of conscious choice but just the way it falls out, though the five fiction books by men I did read were all sexist on some level, so that could be why. Non fiction despite trying to read more by women still falls out at 50/50.

[personal profile] isis did a break down of protagonists by gender, which I thought was really interesting. I counted romance novels, etc, with changing PoVs as mixed gender groups, but if there was a clear protagonist then I tried to put them in one category or another. Plus Murderbot, who doesn't have a gender, and a few books that were about animals or general political themes.

22 female protagonist (12 fiction, 10 non fiction)
19 male protagonist (10 fiction, 9 non fiction)
4 agender protagonist (all Murderbot, all fiction)
9 mixed gender protagonists (8 fiction, 1 non fiction)
3 general topics (all non fiction)

My reading goals for this year are to read more Canadian topics, and more non-fiction by women.

Quick Links

Tuesday, 15 January 2019 12:12 pm
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Super cute Band of Brothers ficlet:
Knock, Breathe, Shine by [archiveofourown.org profile] trill_gutterbug
619 words, General Audiences, Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters, Fluff, Cuddling & Snuggling
Summary: Lew waited, drifting between sleep and the misery of consciousness, for Dick to jostle or wallop him, maybe tickle his ear. Instead, there was some shuffling and rustling, the covers lifting, and Dick slid in behind him.

LitHub article about Suzette Haden Elgin feminist conlang in Native Tongue. The title is stupid and click baity, so I'm skipping it.

[community profile] fandom_stocking's needy stocking list. I'm trying to do three fic this year, and am at about one and a third.

Bitter Much?

Monday, 14 January 2019 10:01 pm
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It's like they're going out of their way to ruin Star Trek for me. Three shows at the same time! All of them are things I'm either going to hate or already hate.

Yeah, I realise it's not MY show, and other people get to enjoy it too, and other people want different things, but it's just... really discouraging.

More Joy Day!

Monday, 14 January 2019 11:57 am
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(But that's on Thursday, you say!)

More Joy Day IS INDEED on Thursday, 17 January this year. However, in order to actually post stuff on that day,* I'm taking prompts.

Please give me a fandom, a character or pairing, and a very short prompt, and I will attempt to write you a thing. That thing will probably be short.

Fandoms I can write for are:
The A-Team (2010), any movie starring Gregory Peck, Agent Carter, Babylon 5, Band of Brothers, Black Panther (2018), Doctor Who (Eight, Nine, Thirteen, most of the RTD-era companions + Bill and Team!Tardis), Highlander: The Series, Hornblower (TV), Justice League International (anything prior to 2012), The Lord of the Rings, Marvel 616 (mostly '90s and '00s era Cap/IM, Heroes for Hire/Daughters of the Dragon, Captain Britain), Marvel Adventures: Avengers, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Quantum Leap, Sinbad (TV), Star Trek: Beyond, Station Eleven, Wonder Woman (2017).
I may ask for another prompt if I look at something and go, "I can't do that."

* Or there abouts, I'm trying to get stuff done for fandom stocking too, so...

ETA: Eleven is lots! No more prompts for now <3 everyone.
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[personal profile] jouissant wrote me a lovely A.B.O story! Period A.B.O! I'm so happy!
The State That I'm In (5072 words) by jouissant
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Implied Mpreg, First Time, Canon-Typical Violence
Summary: Every night, come hell or high water, Dick Winters got down on his knees and thanked God for three things: his family’s continued good health, his own increasingly miraculous ability to make it through another day, and his stash of heat suppressants.

I wrote two stories:
Title: Last Night in Joigny
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6,800
Notes: Written for [personal profile] jouissant as my main assignment, to the prompt, "Nixon departed Joigny the next week, making me about as lonesome as a lovesick sailor who married a Wave on an eight-hour pass."
Summary: The night before Nix ships back to the US, Dick takes him out for an evening on the town.

Title: A Road Through Midwinter
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3,100
Notes: Written for [personal profile] kore as a pinch hit, to the prompt, "I love Dick Winters the Iron Woobie being forced by circumstances reluctantly to accept comfort/support."
Summary: On the day they leave Haguenau, Dick comes down with a cold.
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Forgiveness: A Gift from My Grandparents by Mark Sakamoto, narrated by Geoff Sugiyama

Hey, I finished reading the Canada Reads book the day the new long list was announced! Now there's an accomplishment.

On the whole, I found this book both interesting and frustrating. The interesting part was the Canadian history element. The frustrating part was that there was more or less no follow through on the title theme.

Here's the structure of the book: The first fifty pages introduce the author's father's mother, a Japanese Canadian growing up in Vancouver, and his mother's father, a white Nova Scotian from a small island community. The next eighty pages deal with their experiences in World War II, receptively: being stripped of her rights and property and sent as essentially slave labour in Alberta, and joining the army then fighting very briefly in the battle of Hong Kong and then spending four years in a variety of Japanese labour camps. The next two pages deal with how the author's grandparents' generation coped in the post-War years. The rest of the book, about sixty pages, deals with the author's parents meeting, the author's childhood, his parent's divorce, his mother's alcoholism, and how that affected his life.

Two pages. In a book about forgiveness, there are two pages about how the traumatised characters learned to deal with what had happened to them, and how to relate to the people that had done it to them. There is next to nothing about what the grandparents thought of each other, other than they got along and approved of their children dating. Basically, the narrative is that they had this harrowing awful time, but they decided to be chill about it, and later the author took this lesson to heart in his relationship with his mother.

That's it. That's the book.

I the first sections very interesting. I never got around to reading Obasan, so I know the outlines but not the details of the federal government's removal of Japanese Canadians from BC, and learned a lot about that here. Likewise my knowledge of the battle for Hong Kong was more or less that it was short, brutal and pretty pointless, and liked reading an eye-witness account (Spoiler: it was short, brutal and pretty pointless). The labour camp stuff was unendingly horrifying, obviously. But if it's meant to be set up for more, for some point about how we survive and advance (as the author states in the two-paragraph bit on what his grandparents thought of each other: Breaking down is the easy part. Anyone, at any time, can break down. The act of coming together again is what makes a hero. Moving on, with an open heart, seems, at times, impossible. But it’s not.) then the book wildly missed the mark.


Friday, 11 January 2019 09:13 am
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I'm still stuck in Tofino, pending jet fuel. Such is my life. Pretty here anyway. Too bad I left my camera in the helicopter.

[personal profile] jenett is hosting a salon on the topic of How do you use your Dreamwidth account? Should be interesting!

I heard back from AO3 about the suggestion to add the Original Works tag to RL posts called "life." No go. I've put their e-mail in with the others to keep it all in one place. "Unfortunately, our policy is to..."

I feel like a public service after everything would be to make a list of site specific slang that could be linked to. Or Habits And Conventions of Fandom on Dreamwidth. Or something. Not that it can't change, but just so that language confusion is less of a thing.

Fan Theory

Thursday, 10 January 2019 04:45 pm
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Well, if by "Fan" you mean "Guy who was there."

Anyway, got stuck in an airport today and read about half of Don Malarkey's book about Easy Company. Really enjoying it so far.

But I post this because he is convinced that Dick Winters incited the NCO mutiny against Sobel. He thinks that Winters saw they were all going to die if they went to Normandy with Sobel, was pissed about getting court martialed, and talked one of the NCOs, probably Lipton, into suggesting the mutiny to Harris and Ranney, who then kicked it off.

I mean we'll never know, but yeah, I can see that.

Reading Wednesday

Thursday, 10 January 2019 07:40 am
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My decision on how to do book reviews was that I would do individual reviews for books I had a lot to say about, and that anything I just had a brief opinion on, I'd include on reading Wednesday. But then there never seemed to be a good time to post the individual reviews, so here we all are.

What I Just Finished Reading

Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach by Kelly Robson
Tor.com novella about post-apoca Calgary and an intrepid team trying to restore the world's river systems. This, of course, involves time travelling to ancient Ur.

The PoV alternates, on different time lines, between the cranky old academic leading the team, and the king of Ur, which was a neat device. I liked that Robson sketched in the worldbuilding to give it a sense of place and where the characters were coming from, but didn't get hung up on a lot of details. It felt like a real world, with real conflicts, including the main generational one between the world's founders and their kids, which reminded me of Dune of all things.

Basically give me a cranky old academic as an MC, and I'm pretty happy, and I felt the other characters and their conflict was natural and I wanted to see where it went. I liked the casual inclusion of an ace woman and a gay man on the team (the author is married to Alyx Dellamonica!). The time travel aspect and yet another layer of different perspectives from the people of Ur was also great. Unfortunately, the length of the story didn't serve it, and the ending was immensely abrupt. Which is something I've been finding with a lot of these Tor.com novellas.

Frank and Al: FDR, Al Smith, and the Unlikely Alliance That Created the Modern Democratic Party by Terry Golway, narrated by Danny Campbell
Pop history mostly about the period in the 1910s and 1920s when Smith and FDR worked together, but covering both of their childhoods and rise to power and sketching out to the end of their lives.

I hadn't realised how much of the modern social safety net had been set up in New York state before it got tried out federally, though now that I think of it, it makes a lot of sense. Francis Perkins is a major part of the narrative, just starting out her own career as well, as is Belle Moskowitz, and of course Eleanor Roosevelt. Women have just gotten the vote part way in, and they're going to bloody use it. Though it's not extensively covered, a lot of the book is about the fall out of absorbing the Progressive party, and how the Democratic party's demographics were in rapid flux.

The author is definitely not trying to be a fair and even. Golway adores Smith and makes no bones about how much of a hypocrite he thinks the established Democratic party was in their view of Tammany Hall (whose failings he cheerfully skates over!), which is pretty refreshing after so many Reformers Resolutely Defeat the Machine narratives out there. He thinks the young FDR was a careerist prig who didn't give a hoot about social reform, or especially his constituents, and only came into his politics well after he'd left New York, and there are lots of jabs about Roosevelt family nepotism. Golway is also never not going to scream about the Dixiecrats and the KKK, which is nice.

However, as the book progresses and Smith's career falters while FDR comes into his own, Golway seems pretty even handed in pointing out that Smith did have flaws, and what they were. I will say there was a little to much inspiration porn with FDR's legs. I would be interested in a more focused look at how his disability changed his outlook, or an evolution of FDR's politics generally. This had way too much to the tune of how amazing it and he was for overcoming all odds and rising to power even though he basically couldn't walk, with lots of superlatives and the implication that it essentially made him a better politician/human being. I don't want to take away from how damn impressive that was, but it was laid on pretty thick.

Highly entertaining read if you're interested in NY or NYC in the 1900-1930s, or 20th-century American politics, and don't mind some overblown prose.

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest, illustrated by Kali Ciesemier
Fluffy middle-grade book about two girls growing up in Seattle. One of the best friends apparently dies, but years later, the avatar they invented together starts showing up in street art and webcomics. The book is told in prose about the surviving girl and comics about the avatar as the girl tries to find her friend and the friend tries to survive.

The format was probably the most interesting thing about the book, which was otherwise a pretty light contemporary adventure story. I didn't hate it, but I found myself skimming the action scenes towards the end.

What I'm Reading Now
Forgiveness: A Gift from My Grandparents by Mark Sakamoto, narrated by Geoff Sugiyama. Mucca reads the Canada Reads book while it's still the same year! Miracle! Wonders! Boy in a bubble! Wait, no. Anyway, I'm trying to read more Canadian history, and this was on sale. I'm about 3/4 done, and have really been enjoying it, though I wish there'd been a lot more about the years immediately after WWII.

What I'm Reading Next
I think I have Don Malarkey's book coming from the library, so probably that.
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Following up on these e-mails (I'm trying to sort out the fandom tag for the Life TV show from 2007. It's not going well.)
Hi Muccamukk,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding in your previous contact with our Support committee. When they informed you that Policy & Abuse was able to remove inappropriate fandom tags from works, what they meant is that we would intervene in situations when the tag was entirely wrong.

That means, that, if this work was tagged with "Life (TV)", we would request that the creator remove the tag. However, in this case, the tag 'life' in itself does apply to the work, and therefore we cannot have it removed.

We understand it is frustrating to browse a fandom tag and see works that are not relevant to that fandom; unfortunately, this kind of situation is outside of the range of situations we're able to help with.

I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help. If you have any questions, please respond directly to this email.

AO3 Policy & Abuse

Fuck. I surrender.
ETA (11 January):
---- On Wed, 9 Jan 2019 19:06:38 Muccamukk wrote ----

Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to add an "Original Works" tag to fic that isn't about the TV show "Life"? Then that could be filtered out.


AO3 Policy & Abuse <ao3-pac@ao3abuse.zohosupport.com>
Fri 11/01/2019, 06:53

Unfortunately, our policy is to simply remove inadequate tags, and never to request the addition of new ones. The only situation in which Policy & Abuse will add a fandom tag to a work is when all creator-supplied fandom tags are incorrect, and we receive no response from them. In that case we'd tag it as 'Undisclosed Fandom' so not to make assumptions about how the creator would like the work to be tagged.

We hope this clarifies our policy.

AO3 Policy & Abuse
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This is making me really anxious, so I'm just going to post all my links here and close the tabs.

The Tyee: Nine Things You Need to Know about the Unist’ot’en Blockade: The RCMP moved Monday to break up a First Nations protest. Here’s how we got to this point.

CBC's indigenous news page for updates (Premiere is supposed to speak soon).

Contact information for my MLA who is also the Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. (Called. Need to e-mail as well.)

Contact information for my MP (Called. Need to e-mail as well.)
My MP's twitter [twitter.com profile] AMacGregor4CML.

Contact information for the federal Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations (Need to e-mail).
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Okay, so after all that, I think we've entirely cleared up the following:
  1. No one is going to be wholesale reposting content from one blog to another without permission, certainly not content that was locked/filtered. Everyone understands that breaking flock is terrible; no one's going to do it.

  2. The bad html that was going around has been corrected. It was just someone playing with code to make things look cool, and didn't mean for it to get spread across half the site. I've used some sketch html over the years. It's not the end of the world. ([personal profile] sylvaine has done HTML Basics for Dreamwidth, if anyone's interested.)

  3. Some people are going to continue to say that they're reblogging content. What they mean by this is that they're sharing a link. If someone says they've reblogged you, it's probably okay, it probably just means they've linked to your post from their journal (I'm going to check this every time, but I'm genuinely not expecting this to mean anyone's reposted my stuff). Do not be alarmed by this, it's just the tumblrites using language they're more comfortable with.

  4. A lot of newer people on the site feel weird about commenting on public posts unless they already know someone. I think it would be helpful if more people had notes in their profiles or stickies on their journals indicating how they feel about comments from people not in their circle (I welcome them, and will always welcome them). This might help break the ice a bit? Maybe?
I'm going to continue to believe that using "reblog" to mean "link" is strange, confusing and leads to people being unnecessarily worried that their words have been reposted without permission, but I am old and cranky, and I think I'm just going to have to live with this shit.

The bottom line is that not everyone's going to use the platform the same way, or use the same terms. I'm happy more people are using the site, and as long as they're not reposting content without permission or breaking flock (which so far as I can tell no one is doing), shine on crazy diamonds.

Sounds like [personal profile] potofsoup has had a rough time with this, and has RL issues, so please give her a break.
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Signal boosting [personal profile] auresse's post: Canada authorizes state sanctioned violence.

Two articles they link:
RCMP set up ‘exclusion zones’ for public and media as raid on B.C. camps start.

Hereditary chiefs in B.C. stand opposed to Coastal GasLink pipeline despite injunction: 'They can go anywhere they want, except for on Wet'suwet'en territory,' chief says at checkpoint gates

I know I'm planning to call my MP in the morning. How about you?

ETA: More info about what to do here if you are able to protest locally. I very much encourage it.
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[community profile] snowflake_challenge Day 8: In your own space, post self-recs for at least three fanworks that you created.

I did this list in 2012 and in 2016, so I'm just going to include stuff I've written since I did the last list!

Marvel Comics, Legends of Tomorrow, Jane Austen/Highlander, Babylon 5, The Silmarillion, Band of Brothers )


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