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Sign ups are now closed!

Sign ups open until 10 March 2016, 5pm (PDT).
Schedules will be e-mailed to individual users after close of sign ups.
Fest will run until July/August, probably, depending on numbers.

I'm not advertising this on calendar or anywhere, but feel free to link it around.

Please read the rules before signing up. (If you read them before, check again, as they've been updated.)

Remember that you'll need to write a polished, 1k remix in 14 days, and should feel comfortable working with most MCU characters from the IM, Cap, Thor and Avengers films.

Comments will be screened. Please post questions and comments to the rules post.

Please track this tag for updates.

ETA: AO3 Comm is here.

Sign ups are now closed! Total number of sign ups: 23
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