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[This is copied from the Imzy comm Cherryh Blossoms]

Planned format: I will post every 3-4 chapters, include a little summary of events, and then people can comment as they like. I know a couple other people haven't read it before, so if you're doing a reread please included spoiler warnings for future events from the same series.

I'm also totally flexible, so do let me know if you think something else would work better!

Summary: In the intro, we get a technical document describing the SF side of things (wobbly time/space gates built by asshole ancient race must be shut down in order to prevent universe ending time ripples, team dispatched to deal with it) and some historical documents presenting the Fantasy side (witchblood people showed up and started massive and complicated war, wherein most everyone died, and the woman among them vanished into cursed area).

We then meet Our Hero, Vanye, bastard son of a clan leader, who is promptly exiled for kinslaying, and becomes a sort of ronin. He takes off for the one area not trying to kill him, and accidentally pulls Morgaine out of the time bubble she got stuck in (also causing a delightfully creepy time ripple), they hole up, she swears him to her service and says they have to go destroy the king who holds the time gate tech, and set off. Vanye is promptly poisoned by feral children, and they meet with Mysterious Strangers.
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