Date: 2017-04-19 05:41 am (UTC)
nenya_kanadka: Wonder Woman poster (kneeling with sword) (Default)
Yeah I can mostly deal with the ADD INCREASINGLY EPIC SHIT!! stuff, but when the interactions between people become ones that don't feel real to me, I bail.

Apparently there's a MitGFS book sequel where Tommy cheats on Betsy with a younger woman is generally fucks up his life.


The thing I liked about that movie was that it wasn't the cliched cis het guy midlife crisis!

Also that he and Betsy really genuinely loved each other, even though their experiences of, eg, the war, were so different. TOM WOULD NEVER

and if he did I would slap him

and not in a sexy way, I am happy to slap G. Peck in a sexy day any day of the week, but that would not be this
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