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When the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser dropped, I watched it three times and then woke Nenya up and made her watch it. Nenya: That... doesn't really show anything new. Me: *wanders around cheerfully humming Binary Sunset theme for next two days.* Apparently I'm easy.

"Carrie Fisher Was a Script Doctor For Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Rey's Theme - Violin vs. Machine cover.

Most of you know now I have a mixed relationship with Moffat's run, which has followed my mixed relationship with RTD's run. I watched the last two Christmas specials, liked the River one, was kinda meh on the super hero one, hadn't watched the last series with Clara because the previous series with Clara pissed me off so badly. I love Capaldi generally, but found that Twelve wasn't really my Doctor (though he was more my Doctor than Matt Smith, admittedly). I liked Clara, but her plots often made me want to set my hair on fire, so I bailed for a bit.

Doctor Who 10x01: "The Pilot." OMG! I LOVED THIS EPISODE! I love Bill. I love her relationship with what seems to be a kinder, lighter Twelve. I like Nardol and how he seems to be the one proping up the Doctor, rather than the companion doing all the emotional h/c stuff. I loved the references to River and Susan (HI! SUSAN! HI!) Bill reminded me so much of Rose, though a more confident version. Like that she got to be so openly queer and it wasn't even commented on, and the story with Heather was wonderful Doctor Who creepy. Does anyone else think that Susan will be in this series? I liked that the arc mystery was What's In the Vault, not What's Up With the Companion. I loved the humour, and the compassion, and the adventure. If the rest of the series is like this, I will be a very happy panda.

Apparently Kris Marshall is the odds on favourite for the new Doctor. Please no.

I watched Cape Fear, or rather I watched the bits of Cape Fear that weren't showing women being terrorised. It was a short movie.

Nenya and I watched The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, which we both really liked. There have been a million movies about white suburban malaise in the 1950s, and I guess this was one of the first. I really did like the focus on mental health, struggling to set boundries, and how much each little individual choice made up your character. It felt like it was about real people, not the pop version of what the '50s were like. I'm surprised they got all the gory and unglamorous depictions of WWII past the censors.

Nenya and I watched The Purple Plain, which was enjoyable on another level. It's a British WWII movie about a Canadian Mosquito pilot in Burma who is Sad Because of His Dead Wife, and Learns To Love Again. The plot was not all that, but it was reasonable in its depiction of the Burmese, and featured perspiration soaked and increasingly grubby Gregory Peck the Canadian, so I was well pleased. I was charmed that they'd obviously decided to hire him, knew he couldn't do a British accent, and therefore literally labeled him "CANADA" and called it done. (I have a weakness for RCAF Mosquito pilots as that's how my maternal grandfather spent the war, though not in Burma.)

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I watched the last two Christmas specials, liked the River one, was kinda meh on the super hero one, hadn't watched the last series with Clara because the previous series with Clara pissed me off so badly. I love Capaldi generally, but found that Twelve wasn't really my Doctor

Yup, yup, yup....hmmm, maybe I'll get T to at least try the pilot with me. We both bounced so hard off Capaldi it wasn't even funny, and it was dismaying since I like him in other things. Bill sounds really interesting.

Man in the Gray Flannel Suit is a pretty good book too! Purple Plain also sounds neat.

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Sequel? WTF

oh man, that sounds irredeemably awful. Yuck.

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Yeah I can mostly deal with the ADD INCREASINGLY EPIC SHIT!! stuff, but when the interactions between people become ones that don't feel real to me, I bail.

Apparently there's a MitGFS book sequel where Tommy cheats on Betsy with a younger woman is generally fucks up his life.


The thing I liked about that movie was that it wasn't the cliched cis het guy midlife crisis!

Also that he and Betsy really genuinely loved each other, even though their experiences of, eg, the war, were so different. TOM WOULD NEVER

and if he did I would slap him

and not in a sexy way, I am happy to slap G. Peck in a sexy day any day of the week, but that would not be this

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Yeah, same, like...he is a pretty pretty boy in most of the early ones and I would like to Do Things To Him, or failing that have Bad Men Do, but I can't seem to get it to gel in my head. (Why I need PMG to do some time travel, tbh.) It might help if I were more willing to debauch Catholic priests when they are as adorable and genuine as Peck's are.

S&M a bit more than D/s but still.


Oh, well.

(NEEDS MORE FIC of some kind dammit)

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Yes! He just needs hugs! But for several of them (*hem* Francie Chisholm *ahem*) if I were going in for smut, I think he would very much enjoy the sort of praise kink where he was told what to do and then praised extravagantly for doing it right. That could work really well with the sweet sort of non-sadomasochistic D/s. That one would be M/m for sure. Might have to be an AU?

With Spellbound, I think he just needs a whole lot of petting. I mean you could probably go in for some kind of "do what you're told/do this kink scene as a way of derailing the spinning guilty thoughts about the murder you totally did not commit, dammit, John, stop blaming yourself," but I'm not sure. Hmm.

I'm not against femdom here. Mike and Stretch was the one I was thinking of with that though, yeah. I think I could very much be into something where after the end of the movie she ties him up and has a thoroughly satisfying ol' time making very sure he understands who's the boss in this relationship. (Like I said before, if he weren't doing the whole 'I could rape you here jsyk' I would have liked the rolling around on the ground tussling scene, even.) Lots of physicality on her part, with some slapping or hair-pulling or making him do what she wants. Could be hot.

Oh, there's also Pauline seducing Fedya to the dark side with toppy sex in more of a femme fatale sort of way. Less physical, more "If you want to have sex with me you'll do what I say" and lots of soulful looks and possessive removal of his swanky suits or something. IDK.

He's just too good at wounded gazelle, though, most of the time! And then the loss of the pillow lips is a tragedy, I agree. :(

Jonathan Clarke probably got up to a heck of a lot offscreen. Where is the fandom?
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