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Loved this one too.

I change my theory. Missy is in the vault. Still think Susan's wrapped up in this somehow.

I liked how they made an episode about slavery, and didn't make it because the companion was black (looking at you LoT), but still acknowledged that the companion being black would affect her feelings. We get a line about it still being slavery times at the start, and then an entire plot about enslaving something for the advancement of empire, but the two are not explicitly connected, which is a lot more respect for the viewer than often seen. Though we didn't need the flashback to remember the hat, thanks.

I love the period costumes, especially Bill's headband thing. It looks so much like her natural style, just more period. Hurrah for sensible shoes!

I'm really interested in how explicitly Twelve is teaching Bill to Time Lord. He did the "I am the servant of the human race, you lot have to decide thing," with Clara (most irritatingly in the moon egg episode), but this is a lot more teaching Bill the moral consequences and choices, and it makes me wonder what he's doing, what the end game is.

Out there theory: Bill will be the next Doctor. (The last time we saw the Doctor this outright teaching a companion was Seven with Ace, and her plot was supposed to be that she ended up a Time Lord (ish), but then the series was canceled. I think?)

You KNOW that the moment the Doctor starts patronisings Bill about her emotions that he's going to end up screaming at someone in the next thirty seconds. I loved that the episode put him as teacher, then kept poking fun at his pompousness. It reminds me of the better Six plots on Big Finish.

I have questions about how Tiny got under the bridge without smashing it, but oh well.

Mostly these two continue so silly and charming and adorable that I just want to hug them.
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