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I needed some floral perfumes for spring/early summer, since my core set is all amber and leather based. Fortunately, someone in my circle also runs Lilac & Moss, and Lilac & Moss has less appaling flatrate shipping to Canada than BPAL, so that worked out. I bought two bottles, and got a sample as well.

(Can I just say that I'm a big fan of roller-top bottles?)

Smooth earl grey and tonka bean mingle with fragrant roses, but smoke and a dash of pepper lie underneath to remind you of Aphrodite’s potential for wrath.
I'm not sure what a tonka bean is, but I suspect it's the majority of the wet scent here, with a little bit of something else sweet. Then it dries even sweeter, and I started thinking, I put way too much of this on!, but dry the rose comes out and it settles into a smokey earl grey background with rose in front. It's kind of a warm, mature floral. Found it wears off a little fast. Characters: Eight (Doctor Who), Maz (SW: TFA), Ana (Agent Carter).

Fresh lilac and rose lay on top of moss and dirt. Floral but earthy, reminiscent of true lilac bushes in full bloom during a visit to Cape Cod.
Wet it's pretty much damp greenhouse, which is nice, but sort of greenhousey. As it dries, more and more lilac comes out, until dry it's almost entirely lilac with a titch of rose, and a nice underlay of dirt to hold it down. It doesn't actually smell like dirt! The dirt just keeps it from getting that sort of tacky over-sweetness a lot of lilac stuff has. I've been looking for a solid straight lilac for a while now, and I think I've found it. It's sweet and floral, but isn't frilly. It also lasts for ages. Characters: Dot (Miss Fisher), Samwise (LotR), Kaylee (Firefly).

Sample: Sappho
Starts off strongly violet, but after a few moments, rose, lily, peony, and crisp air blossom through.
Nope. It's lovely and green wet, and then I put it on and it goes straight to rose soap. It's a nice rose soap, if a little heavy on the lye, but it's rose soap nonetheless. I thought maybe it was my skin, so I put some on Nenya, and periodically smelled her neck (which was very nice), and rose soap there too. Ah well.
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