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I've decided that Murderbot from All Systems Red is my patronus. I'm just a super-cranky robot with a media addiction, people.

Liked by don't have any particular comment on Doctor Who 10x04. I do wonder if Susan is to show up, the "grandfather" thing seems to underline her story. I think I was right about last week's vault guess.

We rewatched Spellbound, which I still love, based almost entirely on aesthetics. I'm convinced that the movie was made because Selznick had the rights to the book, but no one was terribly interested in actually reading the book, and then Selznick wanted to include Freudian analysis, but Hitchcock had zero interest in that, except to say, "Oh, hey, symbolism. Let's hire Dali. He likes symbolism," then made up a bunch of total bullshit based on Selznick rambling on about his therapy sessions. Apparently they had a psychiatry consultant, but I strongly suspect no one listened to her. (I admit that, on a personal level, this gives me a small amount of vindictive glee. I have an inherited dislike of Freudian analysis (my paternal grandfather was in that line of work, and saying that it did that side of the family no good whatsoever would be putting it really fucking mildly), and seeing it cheerfully trampled pleases me.)

But honestly, the main point of this movie, and almost certainly why it was a hit, is because Gregory Peck is in peak Wounded Gazelle mode, and spends most of the movie looking like this:

Saying things like, "I'm not worth loving!" and fainting dramatically.

Meanwhile, Ingrid Bergman takes charge, stalwartly solves all the mysteries while shepherding him around, dodging the police, and looking like this:

Saying things like, "Pull yourself together!" and petting his hair while he's unconscious.

That's all I'm here for, people.

(Meanwhile, Nenya has a rant about rogue queer theory and people being Wrong On the Internet: Constance Peterson Defense Squad)

We also watched Captain Newman, M.D., which more or less has the premise that Gregory Peck from 1963 treats Gregory Peck from 1949, and cracked me up on those grounds. (In 1949, Peck played Frank Savage in Twelve O'Clock High, a bomber group commander who pushed himself and all his men to mental exhaustion and then pushed them all right over the edge. In '63 he played Dr. Joe Newman, a psychiatrist treating Army Air Corpmen, largely from the bomber command, suffering from various psychological ailments.) It was on the whole a rather sweet drama/comedy, which mostly pulled its humour from army shenanigans, and not from making fun of the mentally ill. Reminded me a bit of M*A*S*H the TV series for style of humour.

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In the course of one day I've gone from never having heard of All Systems Red to hearing 2 totally unrelated people speak positively of it. Looks like it's going on the To Be Acquired list and jumping straight to the top.

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I bought it yesterday. I'm about 1/4 of the way in and loving it.

After your comment on the price, I was kind of dreading looking it up. I thought the Kindle version was reasonably priced - in fact, this is about my idea of what a novel should cost and how long a novel should be. The dead tree version, on the other hand? Oh hell no! Not gonna happen. The only way I'd ever even think about paying $13 for a 160-page novella is if it was a signed and numbered edition by one of my favorite authors and it contained a story I couldn't get anywhere else.

ETA: One of my benchmarks for reasonable pricing in e-books is the episodes of Tremontaine, which are (I just checked) $1.99 for 40-50 pages. That's really the high end of what I'm willing to pay - if I stop and do the math, I know I'm ending up paying $26 for about a 1300-page novel, but in this case it's worth it to me. Anything higher than that on a cost per page basis rapidly gets into "do they seriously think I'll pay this?" territory, though.
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We seem to be in a time where the price of books in majorly in flux. Going from one genre to another, sometimes even from one part of a genre to another part of the same genre, and also from one format to another is enough to give you whiplash.

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I liked it a lot too! I also personaly identify with Murderbot, heh.

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I definitely need to read the robot one.

Excellent choice of screenshots btw. 😃

Designing Woman was actually not horrible, more of an odd couple, fish out of water, extended misunderstandings plot, though possibly too much on he embarrassment squick side for you there, idk. (It was OK for me but your sensors may be more finely calibrated.) Ends happily. Also features Peck getting roughed up by organized crime, and his wife's theatre buddy who dances around the room in literally every scene he's in (talk about camp!) saving the day by high-kicking the baddies in the head a whole lot. It's especially glorious because Peck's character was a dick about him not being manly enough earlier. Also lots of makeouts, flimsy nighties on Bacall, and a weird dog. I did buy the romance, which was nice, though keep wanting her ex to have hot clandestine assignations with Peck.


One of us should screenshot Captain Josiah Newman propped up against the bookshelf. 😂

Or make Spellbound icons. Must do homework first!
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also in non-feverish but mediated state read "Designing Women" for "Woman" and was real confused for a sentene and a half there

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I think it's Woman in the singular form (she's a dress designer), but in context of robots does sound an awful lot like a movie where Peck has a futuristic Pygmalion harem situation, doesn't it??
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Lookit him leaning against that shelf! :D I can't imagine that they didn't break into giggles ten times while filming that scene, lol. They're both so charming in that movie in general, along with the hot Jewish orderly. <3

Yeah, the movie would have been much shorter if they'd talked to each other. Though there were some legit reasons why they didn't. Mostly though they were both just too proud, plus there were two dramas happening at once and trying to sort out one of them ran afoul of sorting out the other (in that A was upset about situation X, and so didn't want to listen to B when they wanted to talk about situation Y). I might show you the dancing BFF saving the day, though.

Agh, library books. Yes.

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Spellbound is fantastic. I've watched it a couple of times and I once made it my main topic for a film analysis project, when I was younger. I always had a thing for pretty men ending up in the woobie corner for important plot reasons, but wow, I love this for Bergmann and Constance especially. It still strikes me as exceptionally awesome how she gets to drive the plot and then gets the happy ending with the "love interest" Peck entirely because she did to get to play the active role in this plot. There's just something insanely satisfying about that.

I agree very much about Freud there, by the way. :P Freudian analysis needs to be stomped in the ground, that's the only way I can cope with it.

Haven't yet seen Captain Newman, M.D, but sounds like I should watch it.
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