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Thank you so much for making me a gift! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with these my favourite characters (They can totally all be my favourite at the same time!) So uh, long letter is long, please feel free to mix and match prompts, or pick something off my like list and ignore the rest, or throw it away and go with your own idea for these characters (did I mention they're my favourites?)

General Likes: I love angst and h/c (especially emotional h/c), also relationship and character-focused stories over case fic. Missing scenes are good, and moments of characters connecting and unexpected kindness. I love redemption and found family, and parent-child relationships. If it's a trope (the more melodramatic the better), I probably love it. If it's a historical, turn left, or genre AU, I probably also love it. Documentation/letters/diaries, especially with layers of text. I'm 100% down with gender changing. Moss-covered unicorns (etc) welcome.

Darker themes: Unrequited love, regret, missed chances, depression, social isolation, dubcon, slow trauma recovery, haunting, mirror monsters, being trapped especially in false realities, memory problems, creeping horror, Reek of Wrongness (OMT).

Favourite AUs: 18th-century Coffeehouse, NASA Space Race Era, age of sail, space opera, hard sf, beat poets, Gilded Age NYC (with or without steampunk).

Porn: (Yay! Porn!) I like light D/s, dirty talk, and bondage. Sex pollen, something made them do it, and A.B.O. universes are also excellent things.

Art: I don't have strong preferences with art styles (I'm just so amazed by artists generally!), though I tend like colourful and playful stuff or stylized art over hyper-realistic pictures. I love Art Nouveau and am absurdly fond of chibis. Pictures that look like scenes from story prompts are great. Please no explicit sex in fanart.

DNWs: Character bashing (even characters I don't like), mundane AUs, incest, student/teacher romance, strong realistic sexual violence (dub con okay in cases of sex pollen what have you), graphic torture (aftermath of torture is okay), cheating/infidelity, mutilation, or zombies. For smut: extensive blood play (a little bit is fine), 24/7 D/s or TPE, or scat or golden showers.

The Almighty Johnsons
Wacky New Zealand comedy about the Norse Gods incarnated on Earth, three seasons, pretty fun, on Netflix. For this show, I'm not that fond of Anders or Colin, and would prefer them as a minor characters if in story at all.

Mike Johnson
Favourite Relationships: Mike/Valerie, Mike/Valerie/Rob, Mike/Rob, Mike/Michelle, Mike & Ty & Axl.
Fic Prompts: After the end of the show, Mike reconnects with Val and Rob (working on a house near theirs?) and they work something out. They work something out in season one! Rebuilding at the end of the show. Running into the Māori gods again. Backstory for the left turn in characterisation at the end of season three. Stuck in an AU/memory trap where he thinks all his brothers are dead and it's his fault. He forgets everyone at end of show, but they remember him. Being warped by his powers (pet theory that he didn't use them because they made him more of a dick).
Art Prompts: Happy, hanging out with his family. Facing some kind of Norse monster, especially a water monster. Trapped in a blurry nightmare world. Evil mirror version and regular version. Turning into a tree.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Tropes with Id Sauce: The Series. Two seasons out on DVD, not sure if streaming anywhere. I'm absurdly fond of my ridiculous time travel show and it's ridiculous characters. I will be keeping up with canon as it comes out, but am fine with AUs off the end of last season too. I've seen some of Arrow and The Flash, but probably not enough to catch all references (I don't think I've seen Nyssa other than the time she was in LoT for example).

Jefferson Jackson, Lily Stein, Mick Rory, Sara Lance
Favourite Relationships: Jax & Martin, Jax/Sara, Jax & crew, Jax/Gideon, Jax & Lily, Jax/Rip, Lily & Martin, Lily & Clarissa, Lily/Gideon, Lily & Martin, Lily & Clarissa, Mick/Ray, Mick & Sara, Mick/Sara, Mick/Amaya, Sara/Kendra, Sara/Lindsey, Sara/Anne of Austria, Sara/Guinevere, Sara/Rip, Sara & Crew
Fic Ideas: Jax gets trapped or hurt and Martin has trouble handling it (or the other way around). Jax learning to captain when Sara's not there. Something is wrong in the Firestorm bond (another force in it, one of them is possessed?). Lily finding out about Firestorm. Lily meeting Earth2!Martin. Lily finding reality scars caused by her aberration. Lily's relationship with her mom and how finding out about her origin affects that. Lily and Jax having adventures (maybe Lily has a crush on Jax, who just can't because his bond with Martin). Gideon in someone's dreams (or is it really?). Welcoming Rip home with smut. Adventures in each other's minds. Casual comfort smut between friends (Mick/Sara?). Mick and Ray trapped in time. There IS a Time Master artefact/program messing with Mick's head. Ray "Dies" and haunts Mick, who thinks it's another hallucination, but there's a way to get Ray back. One of Sara's time travel lovers ends up on the ship. Sara running into the same lover out of order (five times she made out with Anne of Austria?). Sara and Kendra finding out that now Savage is dead, Kendra is no longer soulbonded to Carter. The first time involves sex pollen/accidental telepathy/AMTDI/Whatever, and a lot of awkward sulking afterwards. Sara thinks she's back with the League/Doomworld. Sara attempts to nobly sacrifice herself to save the crew, and the crew won't let her. Doomworld selves bleeding through.
Art Ideas: Lily and Firestorm. Desperate last kiss. Evil!Gideon on the ship. Dressed in period costume. Decorating for Halloween (decorations starting to take life?). Sara as Chronos. Mick as the grumpiest merman.

The Guns of Navarone (1961)
WWII adventure movie. I've seen the original movie and read the book, but haven't seen/read any of the sequels and would prefer not to have any material from them included. I very much prefer movie canon for all the characters, but don't mind if you include a few details from the book (I admit a fondness for "My Keith" though it doesn't always jibe with the movie's plot for them).

Andrea Stavros, Keith Mallory, Roy Franklin
Relationships: Roy/Miller, Keith/Andrea, Keith/Miller, Keith & Roy, Andrea/Maria.
Fic Ideas: How Keith and Andrea met. How Roy and Miller met. Working on Crete before film. H/c, wordless smut as emotional h/c. Keith comes back to Navarone after the war. What happened to Roy? Andrea rescues Roy. Frank finds Roy at end of war. Roy and Miller meeting at Simpson's. Andrea's promise to kill Keith and what happens with it. Angry wall sex. One of the characters dies and haunts the other (especially if it's unclear if it's really a ghost or not). Stones/trees that move or are possessed. Greek mythology creeping into reality. Andrea/Maria getting to know each other. Someone is a supernatural creature.
Art Ideas: In the dark, lit by lamplight. Huddling for warmth. A touch in the middle of a busy scene. A goodbye kiss. Dancing with a ghost. A stone monster rising out of a cliff behind someone. Back in England. Creepy fever dream world.

The Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells
New series about an antisocial robot who keeps being called upon to save the day. I prefer "It" pronouns for Murderbot, but am fine with "they" if you're more comfortable with that. I've read all the bits of Artificial Condition that have come out if you want to include stuff from those, but don't mind if you ignore them.

Fic Ideas: I seriously just want ALL the Murderbot. More about its interactions with shows and media and storytelling, maybe it writes in to the showrunners, or writes fic. Maybe someone else reading its story (or a Story of Finn type thing). Crossovers! Murderbot meets someone from another fandom like Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Wars, Jupiter Ascending, Babylon 5 or your choice of space opera/other fandom (not SGA, please). Murderbot has something lurking in its programming trying to control it. Murderbot has to pretend to be controlled. Murderbot meets a ghost personality of someone it killed (human or another secbot).
Art Ideas: Your idea of what Murderbot looks like. Maybe mirrored versions of it. Murderbot. Murderbot meets a crossover character (another sort of robot? BB-8?) Different media versions of Murderbot (like Murderbot: The Movie! Poster, maybe with Murderbot looking at it).

The Reckoning (2003)
Deliciously slashy and frankly quite odd movie set in a travelling theatre company in 1380, and then they solve crime. No. Really.

Favourite Relationships: Martin/Nicholas, Martin & Sarah, Martin & Company.
Fic Ideas: Smut, seriously! Push comes to shove comes to sex. Nicholas survives and goes on to Durham. Do they continue making new plays? Or Martin makes a play in Nicholas' memory. More medieval theatre mechanics. A haunted costume that possess people. Nicholas haunting them by taking part in the plays (from Nicholas' PoV?). Something creeping and following them on the road.
Art Ideas: Eyes in the dark behind them. Some kind of English folktale forest spirit/monster. Nicholas/Martin: Gender play with costumes and make up. A series of masks and monsters, which is real? An illumination in the style of the period.

Sinbad (TV)
Cracky and wonderful one season wonder that ran with silly until it hit surprisingly sincere. I'm still in mourning over its cancellation. I like all the characters, so please don't bash Tiger or Taryn. If you felt the urge to restore Islam to the universe, I'd be down with that.

Cook, Gunnar, Nala, Rina, Sinbad
Favourite Relationships: Cook & Rina, Cook & Sinbad, Gunnar/Sinbad, Gunnar/Nala/Sinbad, Nala/Rina, Sinbad & Safia. Crew generally.
Fic ideas: Cook is actually a dragon (bound to his human shape and the Providence). Cook and Rina cooking together. Gunnar/Sinbad arranged marriage. Smut. Death comes back for Nala. Gunnar's old enemies catch up with him. Taryn's daughter runs amok. Nala and Rina meet as children. Sinbad doesn't get all his memories back after the Siren. Something set in the Sinbad never lived AU (with or without our Sinbad in it). They're kidnapped by Vikings/Valsgard, and Gunnar has to pretend to be in his old life again to get them out. Gunnar and Sinbad have to pretend to be Nala's husbands.
Art ideas: Cook turning into a dragon/jinn/the ship. Hugs! Gunnar working on a carving. The tattoo expanded with Gunnar's backstory transposed over the lines. Nala with wings. Nala and Rina in a space AU. A sea monster reaching for the ship. Rina hiding in/from the shadows. Sinbad trying to charm a monster.

Twelve O'Clock High (1949)
Reasonably serious WWII movie about the mental and emotional strain faced by bomber pilots early in the Americans' involvement in the war. The woman on the DVD cover is a lie.

Frank Savage
Favourite Relationships: Frank/Keith, Frank & Harvey, Frank & Ben, Frank & Group.
Fic Ideas: H/C after the end of the movie (Keith tucking Frank in, extended version?). Frank trying to come to terms with what happened to them. Keith's massive crush on Frank when they were cadets together. Frank's deeply repressed everything. What they do after the war (do Frank and Ben meet again?). Frank and Ben after the Leper Colony crashes and Ben gets new plane. Frank keeps hearing voices of dead pilots on the radio. Frank and Harvey working together to defeat the USAAF with the power of paperwork. Harvey feeling paternal. Frank's softer side showing through.
Art Ideas: Frank being stoic and Keith looking fond. Gremlin on the wing. All the faces of dead pilots in the mirror. AU where they're dragon riders.

Wynonna Earp (TV)
Two seasons of present-day setting feminist Western horror. Yeah I don't know either, but it's great. Cheesy and sincere in a way that '90s SFF was good at, and also filmed and set in Alberta. Season one is on Netflix. (I really like WayHaught, but don't really want more fic about them at this time. They can be in the background no problem though.)

Doc Holliday, Jeremy Chetri, Rosita Bustillos, Wynonna Earp, Xavier Dolls
Favourite Relationships: Doc/Dolls/Wynonna, Doc/Wynonna, Doc/Dolls, Doc/Wyatt, Doc/Jeremy, Jeremy/Dolls, Jeremy & Dolls, Rosita/Doc, Rosita/Waverly, Rosita/Wynonna, Dolls/Wynonna. The whole team interacting.
Fic Ideas: Pregnancy smut. AU where some/all of them raise the baby together. Time travel/communication across time to Wyatt. Wyatt haunting Doc (or is it Wyatt?). Doc v. modern technology. Angry wall sex. Everyone misscommunicating all the time. Doc's casual relationship with Jeremy starts getting more stable, if no more exclusive. Jeremy and Dolls back in the BBD (BBD creepiness noticed or unnoticed). Jeremy has a dream lover, does this end well? Rosita backstory/doing stuff through history/avoiding heirs/going to school/omg I love her so much. Rosita's relationship with other Revenants/being undead herself. AU where Wynonna doesn't come back and Rosita and Waverly hook up and fight monsters. AU where they meet in school. Everyone just slides into sleeping with everyone else and no one really mentions it. Wynonna and Doc writing letters to Alice. Wynonna and Waverly's feelings about the heir and the curse. Wyatt haunts all heirs as part of curse. Wynonna and Rosita work out their issues (via angry sex?). Why is Dolls a dragon? Dolls feels compulsion to hoard/sexpollen/eat everyone. Dolls being raised by BBD.
Art Ideas: Horseback riding. With the baby. Rosita with glowing eyes in period costume. Dolls helps Jeremy with that chin up. Dragons. Small tender moments. Badass fighting scene. In style of period engravings in newspapers/novels.

Whew! You made it to the end! Please remember that these are just suggestions, and what I'm interested in most is what you want to make. Also, there are more prompts for a lot of these characters in my letters tag or over at fandom giftbox.
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