Dec. 17th, 2008

Vid Recs

Dec. 17th, 2008 08:10 pm
muccamukk: Spiral staircase decending multiple levels inside a tower.. (Sharp: Hell Yeah)
Starsky and Hutch

If I Had a Million Dollars
Vidder: Moon
Song: The Bare Naked Ladies - "If I Had a Million Dollars"
Clips from: All four seasons.
Notes: Bouncy, slash, sappy fun in silly outfits. I love this show so very dearly and this is why.

Doctor Who

Vidders: Seah and Margie
Song: Flobots - "Handlebars"
Clips from: Series Two through Four
Notes: This vid is astonishing. I know the file's kind of huge, but go watch it immediately. It starts out like the show does, mostly fun, but then starts showing the places Ten has gone. Then it gets scary. I adore every little clip of it. Quite possibly the best Doctor Who vid I've ever seen.

Shut Up and Drive
Vidder: [ profile] laurashapiro
Song: Rhianna - "Shut Up and Drive"
Clips from: Everything Martha Jones has been in?
Notes: Martha > You. This is a woman who didn't initially get treated that well by the writers, and yet she still managed to be made of awesome. This vid puts that front in centre. Martha rules the world, and everyone else loves her for it. The way it should be.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Five on the Dime
Vidder: [ profile] shati
Song: Noe Venable - "Five on the Dime"
Clips from: Seasons 1-6
Notes: Aside from being a really neat song, I really like what this vid says about the choices Buffy, and a few others, have made over the run. These aren't even my life for the world type things, though some times they are; they're my life or hers, or her life or his. It hurts, a lot.
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