Mar. 8th, 2016

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I didn't do anything that was on my list yesterday afternoon, well, save look over the union stuff, but did have a nice nap.

We finished off season one of Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries a couple days ago, which remained delightful throughout, though I could have lived without the creepy guy in the last three episodes.

Last night we watched Snowpiercer, which was pretty entertaining in that it was Cap, the War Doctor and d'Artagnan v. the White Queen and Flight, on a train, with an axe. It was also pretty entertaining because Nenya was leaning against my shoulder chanting "What. The. Fuck?" for pretty much the whole movie. Other comments: "I really want a plot about how a reluctant leader is destined for greatness that isn't about a white guy," "Decorate Your Traincar Game: The Movie," and "I don't like it when bad things happen to hands!" (Me: "I wanted to watch the folk music movie, but here we are!") Someone said it was a movie they would have liked a lot when they were 14, which is more or less where I'm at with it, though it might have been too violent for 14!Me.

Meanwhile, another romance novel pallet cleanser that I didn't actually like:

What a Lady Craves (The Eton Boys Trilogy #1) by Ashlyn Macnamara
Well that was stupid.

I liked the heroine, and most of the secondary characters, but the hero had basically no redeeming qualities past those on the cover. I was actively rooting for them NOT to get together by about half way through, and by the end I was thinking, "Take the money and run, sweetheart. You can do better."

He was really, really dumb, and a terrible father, and kept insisting that he was acting because of honour, while everyone else kept, rightly, insisting that he was an idiot. He didn't listen, probably because he was too busy patronising the heroine.

Plus there some really uncomfortable Orientalist elements, and all the Asian characters were either subservient or barbaric. I was planning to give this two stars because at least the porn was decent, but then we hit the action climax with those ruthless Indians, and I sort of gave up on the book as a whole.

I mildly want to know if one character will get a love story, but he doesn't seem to be in any of the later books in the series, so I'll probably not bother.

The Book of Phoenix by Nnedi Okorafor, narrated by Robin Miles
So what do you really think of the military-industrial complex and corporate culture in America, Ms Okorafor?

I enjoyed this a lot more than the companion book in the series, though that was perhaps better written, on the whole (this one seemed to have a lot of small editing glitches). It's one of the few books I've read that ends with the world ending (we know this from the start), and I appreciated that, and enjoyed it.

I think one of my favourite aspects was the unreliable narrator, who is expressing a valid point of view, but who becomes increasingly unsympathetic, even as she is surely not wrong. I spent the book simultaneously rooting for her and going, oh dear, this won't end well.

Both women leading the books in this series are goddess who change the world, but I like that Okoafor also lets them be flawed, and in this case make one hell of a mistake.

(Incidentally, this was philosophically pretty similar to Showpiercer.)
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