Aug. 7th, 2016

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Title: See Me Stopping Here (a remix from away)
Remixed from: And Miles To Go Before I Sleep by
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Pacific Rim (Tamsin & Stacker, Mako)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,200
Notes: Written for FemmeRemix. Best viewed in browser, for various formatting effects.
Summary: Luna made Tamsin promise to look after her brother. Tamsin doesn't plan to let death stop her from doing just that.

Also I guessed the authors on everything but the LotR one, which is probably because it's always the same three people in Babylon 5 fandom, and that one person always writes my favourite stuff in any fandom.
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So I didn't realise that Wentworth Miller actually WAS gay. I'm not sure if I should double down on my assertion that some of his turn as Leonard Snart was deliberately camp or not. Probably, yes?

There's some great filming pictures of part of the LoT gang doing season two.

I still want all the Sara and Mick and Jax&Martin fic, and not really much in the way of ship stuff for any of them, though I'll read Sara/Lady, and Mick/Whoever. Not super into the Snart pairings, save maybe Mick, and that tends to be really domestic, which isn't really what I'm there for.

We also finished Supergirl. I'm excited that the full cast will be back next year, even if Cat will be reduced a bit with the actor flying in from LA, but yay! More show! I really hope that they don't run the canon love interests through the CW love triangle of horror mill, or do the whole Lois & Clark We Can't Write Couples That Are Together And Must Constantly Generate Cheap Drama route. But mostly I want more canon just as as it was, with feelings and optimism and people working together to get shit done, even though they don't agree, or even like each other.

So I'm REALLY interested in J'onn's backstory from Supergirl. He's basically Moon from the Raksura books, with a lot of failed attempts at assimilation and trying to fit in, follow by being on the run and living in the woods, then finding his True Family (well, sort of, Moon actually eventually does find his family, whereas J'onn will likely be either the last or the nearly last of his people, but set up a found family). One thing I'm curious about is a spoiler for 1x17 )

I took a swing through the J'onn/Alex tag and didn't really find anything that rocked my boat, though there was some okay porn, I guess. There was also more teeth-rooting curtain fic, which isn't what I want from that pairing, even if they've both really, really earned it. Am tempted to write sex pollen.

Using my Maxima icon because I can.
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