Apr. 10th, 2017

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I know it's an oldie, but this v. grumpy review of Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss totally cracked me up (warning for winterfox in the comments). Ever have one of those books that is constantly recced to you by men and never ever at all by women? *points at series*

In news not quite as old, I'm very pleased with this year's Hugo Award nominations. The odd thing Nenya and I nominated even made it (Monstress and Obelisk Gate, I think?), but it's almost entirely a great list with all kinds of varied and cool things on it (a few slate nominations still, but the rule changes seem to have discouraged them). Nenya, are we voting this year?

Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone's Hugo reaction post is wonderful. I liked the short story El-Mohtar is up for, but my very favourite of hers forever is actually "A Hollow Play" (and as a podcast). I haven't read Gladstone, but I think Nenya enjoyed The Craft Sequence? Best series is going to be a tough call generally.

Stolen from 770 (where I was trawling for Hugo wank, but it's pretty quiet so far this year): NASA to crash Cassini probe into Saturn to avoid risk to watery moon.
Trust NASA to always be doing something cool.

(In case you're wondering why I'm blaming NASA for the Gregory Peck movie binge, the logic goes: One of my favourite historical NASA people is Gene Kranz. Gene Kranz was nicknamed "General Savage" after the main character in 12 O'Clock High, a WWII TV show airing at the time. 12 O'Clock High was based on Twelve O'Clock High, a WWII movie staring Gregory Peck as General Savage. Which I got from the library on a whim, watched and went: PRETTY! I WANT ONE! And here we all are.)

[community profile] 2017revival has a list of username changes, and non changes, of people moving from LJ to DW. Find it here.

[staff profile] denise just posted an update on the status of imports from LJ (Short version: The queue is long; please be patient.)

ETA: Thor 3 trailer! I had not previously been excited, but now am!
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