Apr. 11th, 2017

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I realised that I forgot to mention that I'd watched Hannah Arendt a week or so back, which was very good. I'm glad that it focused on just a few years (I don't think the flashbacks to college added anything) and told that story closely. The acting was fantastic, and I really liked her friendship with Mary McCarthy. I admit I would have been a little lost on the details if I hadn't recently listened to the In Our Time about her. The movie seems to expect you to already know the story.

I also watched the first disc (four episodes?) of From the Earth to the Moon which went up to Apollo 7's launch, I think. They were fine? I'm not feeling the urge to order the rest from the library.

Nenya and I watched The Great Sinner (sans subtitles), which was melodramatic enough that you didn't really NEED subtitles, plus the old movie diction is easier for her to make out. It was on one hand not very good, especially as an adaptation of The Gambler. (It sort of cludged the book together with Dostoyevsky's actual life and then gave it a happy ending.) However, it had Ava Gardner sporting banter and lowcut gowns, and Peck in increasing levels of dishevelment and distress, so I'm glad I watched it once. I kept pausing it to e-mail screen caps to people.

I watched Gregory Peck's third movie, Valley of Decision (also sans subs), which was a Greer Garson vehicle. I spent most of it shipping Garson with Marsha Hunt. Peck was mostly a love interest, though he made several stirring speeches about local ownership of steel mills, and then had a cute kid. Overall, it was too melodramatic to take seriously and not melodramatic enough to be fun.

Nenya and I watched The World in his Arms, the first thing I'd seen where Peck plays a rogue. He's not bad at it? I could not describe the plot as the movie was 90% dashing about madly, and 10% racism. It's also The One Where Gregory Peck Clubs a Seal. It's Also Also the one where he gets left at the alter, sulks massively, wrestles with Anthony Quinn several times, and is later chained up and whipped. I suspect that historical accuracy need not apply, but the costumes were pretty. [personal profile] sholio, did Sitka ever have a castle?

Here's the annual report of American Library Association, notable for librarians doing cool things, and the annual banned/challenged book list for 2016. Shocking everyone, most of the books had lgbt content!

Here's NASA doing something cool.


Apr. 11th, 2017 05:02 pm
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If you're into Books of the Raksura by Martha Wells (and if you're not, you should be), [community profile] raksura_fans is ramping up for this year's exchange.

There's a ship/character/fandom manifesto comm on DW now: [community profile] fanifesto. Nothing posted there yet, but I'll put my Colleen/Misty thing there once I've converted from markdown to html.

Finally, I have a story in [community profile] starwarsrollingremix, and the collection has been revealed!
Feel free to guess, or not, what mine is.
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