Apr. 17th, 2017

Local Eats

Apr. 17th, 2017 02:40 pm
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In reply to my comment about beachcombing a couple posts back, [personal profile] spiralsheep reminded me that gooseneck barnacles are super trendy eats right now, which also reminded me that I'd vaguely been meaning to try them. They grow abundantly all over the lower intertidal zone. Though they're a different species here than in Spain, they look pretty well the same.

(Click to enlarge, this picture taken on a different, rather nicer day. They're the white ones growing in the middle of the blue mussels.)

Then [personal profile] spiralsheep posted this: I'm now wondering whether the following description of how to eat a foodie must-try Spanish delicacy would put other people off as much as it does me? Or am I merely a finicky eater? Hold it by the foot at one end, peel back the scaly skin and pull out the rubbery inner tube, then remove the single claw before swallowing the tube.

Which admittedly does sound like something form Welcome to Night Vale.

But that's also the sort of thing that makes me go, "Hold my flower! Imma try this!"

So since we were going on a walk anyway, I picked a few on the way back. They were way easier to harvest than I would have thought. The scaly skin of the foot cut easily with a sharp pocket knife. I only got three in case I didn't like them. I doused my kerchief in a tidepool and wrapped them in it to keep them fresh.

I then boiled them for three minutes in brine with a bay leaf, a slice of onion and a slice of lemon, and then chilled them on ice.

Eating them was a bit trickier than described, as the scaly skin doesn't really peel back? But rather has to be picked off, but the "claw" pulled off very easily, leaving about two cm of muscle which is the eats bit. It was slightly chewy, but not at all gloopy like a raw oyster. The flavour was fresh, slightly salty and savoury, and similar to clam broth. Went well with lemon, but I think aioli would overwhelm it.
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