Jul. 5th, 2017

muccamukk: Joe raising a glass and looking sardonic.Text: Sure, pal. Whatever you say. (HL: Whatever You Say)
So a couple years ago I did a post called Meme: Ten Fic That Stayed With You, in which I reviewed ten stories that had been influential on how I interacted with fandom and my own fic writing. Seven of the reviews were positive, two were negative, and one was mixed.

Later I noticed that a bunch of the reviews from that had been crossposted to Fanlore, even to the point that the only thing in the article was a link to the fic an my review. Witness: The World at Large. My mostly negative review of Written by the Victors made it over, even though my mixed-but-positive review of Monsters did not (?). I'm not sure what all this adds to fandom history, but a couple of the ones with lots of discussion are interesting reads I guess.

The one that maybe makes me side eye a bit is that no one crossposted my extremely negative review of a fic by Astolat. Like, golly gosh, I wonder why that might be.
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