Aug. 29th, 2017

muccamukk: Doc Holliday in a swirl of smoke, coat and drama, face hidden by hat. (WE: Melodrama)
I know I complained about no one posting about WE, then stopped posting about it myself! Be the change fail right there. I've mostly been hanging out on the relevant Discord.

Anyway, the back half of the season! I basically got everything I wanted, with a few exceptions. A list. With spoilers )

Finally got around to listening to Kesha's new album Rainbow, and ended up staying up a bit late so I could run through my favourite songs two or three times each. I'm looping "Woman," "Hymn," Boots" and "Spaceship" right now, but I like most of the songs. I hope someone vids the whole damn album, possibly more than once. There should REALLY be a Guardians of the Galaxy vid to "Boogie Feet." For starters.

(As with most people, I'm appalled by how the court cases came out, but I do like that she seems to have more creative control of her music now, or at least has been allowed such? The album sounds good? Ugh. I'm happy she's getting some of my money, but unhappy that certain other people also are. *sighs*)
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