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So for those who haven't read much Wildstorm, Apollo and the Midnighter are basically Superman (super strength, heat vision, flying, absorbs energy from the Sun) and Batman (highly trained martial artist with a chess computer for a brain) respectively, only they're gay married and have a kid. (And they both kill people, and they were created as weapons, and don't have any memories of being normal people. It's not a perfect analogy). In any case, this makes me immensely happy because for the most part they just go around doing normal hero stuff (well, incredibly violent and bloody hero stuff), then go home to each other and make out, lounge on top of each other, and worry about raising the kid right. They also heroically sacrifice themselves for each other and/or the kid, fret and provide hugs. It's actually one of the more stable relationships in comics (or was until retconned back to the start), which also makes me happy, as I love stable/existing relationships.

This is from the 2008 run of The Authority by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, which took place on a scorched and poisoned Earth. The carrier they usually live in has crashed in the middle of London, Jack and Angie have lost their powers, a layer of toxic smog has blocked out the sun, and Our Heroes are trying to help organise and protect bands of survivors.

The Midnighter is trying to escort a group of survivors to safety, but has been attacked by plague monsters. He sends Swift to find Apollo (Swift is narrating here), but she's having trouble finding him, and things are Not Looking Good.


Soul mates, forever separated. The bird that loved the fish. The plot of the movie Ladyhawk. Man, I love this trope so hard. And from Apollo's PoV a few issues later:

-heart breaks into a thousand tiny pieces-

But wait, it gets worse! Apollo comes down to pitch in at least one more time, but then he kind of vanishes. From the plot at least, but not from the Midnighter's thoughts.

A bunch more stuff happens. They rebuild quite a bit, work on fixing the atmosphere, start getting their powers back, but still no Apollo. Midnighter starts to panic.

Which is a problem with Angie, but we soon find out that Apollo has been infected by... monsters living in the Sun? Anyway, he goes crazy, and tries to infect everyone else. The only way to get rid of the mind-control plague thing is to burn it out.

Jack says he has a "cunning plan" to fix this, or at least to keep Apollo from killing them all. They lure Apollo, then toss him through a door to another dimension. When they pull him back...

They have no idea what to actually do with him, but the very next issue...

The Midnighter ends up in Scotland, where he has to fight a Dragon

and ends up finding what's supposed to be a Magical Island of Healing inhabited by the Green Knight. Of course, being the Midnighter, that doesn't go too well.

The Green Knight feels that most of the Earth's problems will be solved by a massive blood sacrifice, preferably all of humanity but he's willing to start with just the Midnighter. Fortunately the Midnighter is saved by the spirit of Gaia, a nine-year-old girl with pretty nifty magic powers, who explains:

The Midnighter and the team (who have showed up to rescue him) kill the Green Knight, which frees Gaia, who turns out to be the whole Island they're standing on. Jack is confused.

Thus, back at the base:

Basically, man goes on mythic quest to save his husband from an evil spell, rescues a goddess, who grants him a wish, and love triumphs over all. Good guys win. Bad guys lose. The end.

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awww! that is adorable. i kind of lost interest in this series after jenny sparks wasn't in it, but i'll always have a soft spot for the midnighter and apollo.

Date: 2012-03-07 07:37 am (UTC)
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This is about five times more awesome than I imagined.

I'm still kind of gobsmacked at how matter-of-factly gay it is, too. Huh. Kind of like reading a really good female warrior or leader: my brain's just not trained to think that way, and it should be.

That last panel! ♥

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Oh, I love them. I've barely read any of their canon, but so much love. *_______*

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I see I was in error to stop reading the Authority when we got that long run of sucky canon a few years ago.

OMG, the balloons. The balloons killed me.

Date: 2012-03-08 04:36 am (UTC)
elspethdixon: (AdventuresHankJan)
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And by "a few years," I mean way more than few years at this point, since it was before 2008.

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From: [personal profile] kore

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From: [personal profile] kore
Also wow, that art is gorgeous.
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