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I was thinking of taking our two weeks sans our favourite shows (The Musketeers and Agent Carter) to do a Sinbad rewatch, and was wondering if anyone was interested in playing along. If not, I'll probably just plug through on my own and emerge to make various and sundry squee noises.

For those not familiar with Sinbad, it's a 2012 show that ran for a dozen episodes on SkyOne, then was summarily cancelled due to low ratings. This is a tragedy that I mourn to this day, but for the most part all the plot elements were tied off, so one does not have to worry about never knowing what happens.

It bares as much relationship to the Seven Voyages of Sinbad as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys does to Greek Mythology, and Merlin does to Arthurian legend; it also has a similar interest in period accuracy and internal logic and storytelling. I would summarise it as Found Family of Misfits on a Boat in Quasi-9th-Century Quasi-Arabia. The cast is gorgeous and multi-racial, and the show mostly has to do with Strong Feelings About Loyalty, so there's many shipping opportunities, if you're into that kind of thing. I am immensely fond of every single character, and all of the implausible shenanigans to which they get up.

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Are you interested in a Sinbad watch/rewatch?

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4 (80.0%)

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1 (20.0%)

If yes, Muccamukk should...

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Make a post for each episode
1 (20.0%)

Make a post for every two episodes (or some number about which I will tell you in comments)
4 (80.0%)

Do a general post every few days or so to see what people have watched
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12 episodes by the end of the month is too many episodes and it should take longer
3 (60.0%)

We can totally watch 12 episodes in two weeks!
1 (20.0%)

Hell, we could watch 12 episodes in a week!
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Something else, which I will expand in comments.
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ETA: I was planning to do it here on my DW, but it could also occur at [community profile] sinbadthesailor, if that's what people want to do.

ETA 2: The whole series is on youtube here.

Date: 2015-01-18 08:19 pm (UTC)
healingmirth: Chekov from ST:AOS: "Can do that" (can do)
From: [personal profile] healingmirth
I'm totally up for a rewatch, but I will probably dip in and out depending on how well I think I remember/how fond I am of various episodes so I wouldn't recommend adjusting any of the scheduling to my whims.

Date: 2015-01-20 09:41 am (UTC)
amihan: estella daniels as nala in 'sinbad' with her hair in braids and tied in a ponytail ([sinbad] nala (profile))
From: [personal profile] amihan
Yes to Sinbad rewatch. I actually have this show on my iPod, so I think I can watch it wherever and take notes. I chose every two episodes, though I wonder if one episode will be easier to focus on? I guess I am actually undecided about that one >_> As for timing, I picked 12 episodes as too long because I might miss some due to deadlines, although I will adjust or catch-up to whichever option wins. Having it at [community profile] sinbadthesailor would be nice as a sort of comm activity, although since it's your personal one, having it on your journal is good too.

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