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Thank you making me a thing! I love presents, and putting work into something for me makes me very happy. I'm pleased that we have fandoms in common, mystery author, and I look forward to seeing what you end up doing.

Below are general likes and squicks, followed by chatter about fandoms. Obviously, I'm not expecting all, or even any, of the following, but if you're looking for ideas I hope it will help. Since you clearly have excellent taste in characters, I trust to your judgement.

Fic Likes:
  • For genres: I love angst and h/c (especially emotional h/c), I also love action/adventure and humour. Gen, poly, femslash and het are all excellent things.

  • Tone: I'm pretty happy to be on the all angst all the time channel or the fluffy mcflufferson channel or anything in between, and do prefer tone to range from happy through optimistic to bittersweet. If you want to go with bittersweet, I do enjoy stories that deal with unrequited love, regret, missed chances, depression and social isolation, and people figuring out how to cope with them.

  • I like people being good at their jobs and competence porn, but I prefer relationship and character-focused stories, or at least a lot of emotional-engagement when it comes to case fic. People interacting and connecting makes me happy, especially when the odd are against it working, but it does anyway.

  • Tropes of which I am fond (an non-exhaustive list, but you'll get the idea): time travel, amnesia, mind control, AUs (both where they're all a.b.o. or pirates or in space, or where someone turned left when in canon they turned right), I really love historical AUs, wrongly accused of crimes, thinking someone is dead, friends-to-lovers, arranged marriages/marriages of convenience, handcuffed together (literally or metaphorically), abandonment issues, apocafic, loyalty in the face of all odds.

  • If you have genderqueer/trans headcanons about any of my requested character, I'm happy to read about them.

  • I enjoy porn, including light D/s, dirty talk, and bondage.

Fic Dislikes:
  • I'd prefer no incest, student/teacher-mentor-parent figure romance (even one-sided), sad/tragic endings, suicide, strong realistic sexual violence (dub con okay in cases of sex pollen what have you), graphic torture (aftermath of torture is okay), cheating or infidelity, character death (unless the character dies in canon), mutilation, zombies, or mundane AUs.

  • Porn squicks: I don't really like extensive blood play or pain play (a little bit is fine), 24/7 D/s, or scat or golden showers.

If you're looking to switch offers, a couple of these are super easy to get into. I also love crossovers and fusions, if that's what you want to do.

Babylon 5
Five seasons of largely excellent '90s SF. You should totally watch it, but it's not a gimme fandom, really. I count To Dream in the City of Sorrows as canon (but also don't mind if you ignore it), but haven't read any of the other tie in material. I have seen all the subsequent tv and movies.

Pairings: Tessa/Stephen, Tessa/Talia, Tessa/Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Zoe, Elizabeth/Matthew, Catherine/Susan, Catherine/Jeff, Catherine/Delenn, Talia/Susan, Talia/Lyta, Any/OFC.

  • Tessa Holloran | Number One
    I'd love to see more of her side during and following the war with Earth, inner workings of the Mars underground, spy shenanigans and so on. I'd also enjoy her straight forward approach combined with space adventures and wackiness. Maybe she gets into trouble when visiting B5, or something set during Crusade exploring that universe and the sudden centrality of Mars when there is no access to Earth.

  • Elizabeth Lochley
    Lochley's the best, seriously. I'm not as interested in her misspent youth (unless there's time travel, or Zoe comes back somehow), but would love to see something about what she did during the Shadow War and the war with Earth. Post-show stuff is also great, with Lochley v. the daily headaches of running Babylon 5 and accidentally having adventures, and dealing with her slightly scruffy boyfriend.

  • Catherine Sakai
    I'm a sucker for fic where she goes back and gets together with Jeff, and possibly has a threeway with is Minbari wife. We never see her having to adjust to Minbari culture after having been at war with them, so fic about that would be great. If you want to go AU where Jeff stayed, or she didn't go back but gets involved in the Shadow War, or stays with the Rangers through the events of the show, that's also cool.

  • Talia Winters
    I would love fic exploring her life without Susan. Maybe another queer relationship before Susan? I'd love to see more on her feelings about how she grew away from the Corps, and what that did to her identity. I love AUs where either Divided Loyalties didn't happen, or she's saved afterwards (Talia, Lyta and Reincarnated Valen go on a road trip!) Or hell, tropey romance fic with Susan would be fantastic :D It's not like I can ever get ENOUGH of that pairing.

Marvel 616
Misty and Colleen are in scattered comics across the ages so are a bit tricky to catch up with, but Helen's story is all contained in Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on Captain Marvel, and may be easily picked up.

Pairings: Helen/Natasha, Helen/Peggy Carter, Misty/Colleen, Misty/Danny, Misty/Danny/Colleen, Misty/Danny/Colleen/Luke/Jessica Jones/Carol Danvers/Etc.

  • Helen Cobb
    I love Helen's grit and determination, and I've love to read about the Adventures she had over the years. Maybe she could do spy stuff with either Natasha or Peggy (comics or show version, though I ignore the coma issue in the comics), and have sex and adventures. Maybe there's an AU where she joins SHIELD and does end up going to space. I'd prefer if she wasn't too closely based on Jerri Cobb.

  • Misty Knight & Colleen Wing.
    I haven't read anything since the end of Fearless Defenders, and didn't read Villains for Hire. I hate that canon broke Misty/Colleen and Misty/ Danny up, so if they could get back together, or if you ignore that, aces! I'd love h/c adventures from the early canon. Expand on how they met, or Misty got her arm, or they set up (K)Nightwing Investigations, early cases when they're getting to know each other. Colleen must have been doing pretty major culture shock, which would be interesting to expand on. In terms of current drama, maybe Colleen could need Misty's help and come back, or Misty could track down Colleen where ever she is now. Or fic about Colleen running her team.

The Musketeers (2014)
A season and a half of action adventure show that's pretty easy to catch up with. I've read the books and am familiar with 17th-century French history, so feel free to include elements from either, though totally ignoring both is okay too.

Pairings: Emilie/Flea, Emilie/Constance, Emilie/Anne of Austria, Milady/Athos, Milady/Constance, Milady/Ninon, Milady/Anne of Austria, Samara/Porthos, Samara/Flea. Any/OFC (or another character I haven't mentioned, I'm seriously up for pairings with anyone who aren't Rochefort or Aramis. Throneroom orgy, anyone?).

  • Emilie of Duras
    I loved Emilie and really want to see what happens to her next. Does she just go back home after raising an army and almost marching on Spain? How does she reconcile her relationship with God? I love the idea that she ends up crossdressing and joining the Musketeers, or maybe she becomes a nun and ends up serving under Mother Superior from "Knight Takes Queen."

  • Milady de Winter
    I love all of her hard edges and amorality, so please don't soften her too much. I know show's revealing her backstory this season, but if you don't mind maybe getting Jossed, dive in! I'd love to see how she met Athos, or what she did after she left la Fere. Maybe write and AU where she wormed into serving Anne instead of Richelieu, or she goes to England. No book fate for her please!

  • Mother Superior
    I always got the impression that "Kight Takes Queen" didn't even make her Top Ten Shenanigans While Running an Abbey list. Let's see some other things that happened there, or have her go into Paris for some reason and connect with Anne or the Musketeers. If you want to write something quieter, maybe some scenes with her counselling Anne, or her reflections on faith and violence and hierarchy.

  • Samara
    I thought how her dad died (and the rest of the episode) was pretty silly, and wouldn't mind retconning that. Either way, how did she get to N. Africa and what happened then? Or maybe she could stay in Paris and romance Porthos? I loved how they just couldn't see each other's PoVs on race. Or! Steampunk adventures. Her dad could have invented an Air Ship that she helps run :D

Quantum Leap
Five seasons of '80s time travel shenanigans, so probably not as easy to catch up with, but super fun! I wrote the [ profile] crack_van fandom overview if you're interested in looking into it.

Pairings: Verbena/Donna, Verbena/Beth, Beth/Donna, Beth/Al, Beth/Al/Sam, Donna/Sam, Donna/Al, Donna/Al/Sam. Any/OFC.

  • Verbena Beeks
    Behind the scenes at the Project fic is the kind of fic I love. I'm so interested in her relationship with Al, and what all the time travel stuff looks like from her end. How does she deal with time changing and Beth/Donna/Sammy Jo popping up? Or you could make her take a turn as an observer, either with Sam or with Donna or Al. If you write ship fic, please don't have her sleeping with her patients (they can be someone else's patients or something).

  • Beth Calavicci
    I love fic that fits her into the Project, given the retcon from "Mirror Image." Is she on the actual Project? Does she tell Al about Sam's interference? How does all that work anyway? Or maybe a fic where she runs into Al and the Project later in life, having left Al as per original canon, perhaps as a medical professional. Or Sam and Al leap in or around her again, and how she deals. I want her perspective.

  • Donna Elesee
    Similar to Beth, I'd love Donna's perspective on everything. Let her do science! Let her hang out with Al and try to fix Sam's leaps. Or! Maybe she can swap places with Sam, or she leaped in the first place instead of Sam, and have her having time travel adventures, either Al or Verbena can be her observer. Or how she deals with Sam getting home or not getting home. She's just so interesting!

Sinbad (TV)
Gimmie fandom: 12 episode tv series, available on DVD. Very, very silly, but a lot of fun, and has a gorgeous cast (if you're into that kind of thing). If you want to drop the nominated characters and write about any of the guest stars (Razia, the Professor, Lara, etc) go for it!

Pairings: Nala/Rina, Nala/Tiger, Nala/Sinbad, Nala/Gunnar, Nala/Sinbad/Gunnar, Rina/Tiger, Rina/Sinbad, Rina/Anwar, Rina/Gunnar, Rina/Cook, Safia/Taryn, Taryn/Akbari, Taryn/Tiger. Any/OFC. Or seriously any ship ever.

  • Nala
    I love her pride and how self contained she is. Anything exploring her backstory and her flight would be great. Or maybe something where she meets with other family members or people from her city after the curse is lifted. Maybe write about what happens to her in Basra, or have her join up with the crew again later, or hires them to do something. Or an AU where she doesn't leave the ship. Or spaceship AUs :D

  • Rina
    She's such an acerbic little troll, and I love her. I want all the fic where she slowly grows to trust people but retains her cynical, stabbing nature. Also, where was she in the No!Sinbad AU from "Land of the Dead"? I like her relationship with Cook, and how they're sort of silently close to each other, and her growing friendship with Anwar. If you're doing her backstory, please either don't include or don't focus on sexual violence.

  • Safia
    I will admit a MASSIVE crush on Janet Suzman, and I'm so sad they killed her off in the show. Yay if you fix that. I'd love to see a story where she's a grumpy old mage fixing shit because clearly no one else will. Or was she involved in bringing Sinbad and his mom back, or just generally her doing magic. Maybe a story about how she feels about "Science" (or Islam) pushing out her faith tradition, or the changes in Basra over the years.

  • Taryn
    I don't usually go for villains, but I love Taryn to bits. She hit's the balance between sympathetic, and still really really terrible, and her magic is so physical. I'd love fic where she learns magic, or about how she hooked Akbari in the first place, or pretending to be a nun in Malta. There also needs to be a story about what happened after the show, and the choices she made there. Please don't kill her off though!

  • Tiger
    So if you wanted to do a crossover with Jupiter Ascending... LOL. I'd love fic where Tiger figures out where she fits with an already tight crew, and sort of gets pulled in despite being a loner. Or was she really raised by tigers? Could we go meet the tigers please? How did she become a bounty hunter? Or an AU where Nala hires her as a bodyguard, and then they have amazing sexual tension. Or, seriously, spaceship AU!

Again, thank you for writing me a story, and I hope this post gives you ideas, but if you want to go in a totally different direction, do that! I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you want to write about these characters.

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From: [personal profile] kore
(BABYLON 5. I loved Tessa, so much! I really wanted more of her.)

Date: 2015-02-18 03:52 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kore
YES. And not have Ivanova stuck behind a desk. :-/

(ICON LOVE. "Be somewhere else"!)

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From: [personal profile] kore

(omg I was just about to ask you if there WAS fic for those AUs....also I need an Ivanova icon! I had about three on LJ)

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From: [personal profile] cadenzamuse
Where is this fest?

I made a reckless pledge to try to write more small fandoms this year, and I think this might help.
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