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I like [community profile] ladybusiness, I really do. They link to great content, host guest posts from cool people, and write insightful reviews. They're usually feminist, queer-friendly and pretty fun.

(Occasionally, they'll post something about how queer subtext is revolutionary, even when actual in-universe queer character count = 0, and boy have I been doing this since the '90s, and it's not teribibly revolutionary for me these days.)

But just a word of warning: they do erase comments that disagree with them, even when someone does so politely and adheres to their comment policy. They also redact content in their posts without noting that they've done so. Or at least have on one occasion that I'm aware of.

Not exactly the behaviour I find ideal in a blog that's up for a Hugo (and which will almost certainly win that Hugo, given the rest of the category is trolls). Nor in a blog that says it welcomes criticism and debate.
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It's because I just stepped in Sherlock wank on tumblr by posting this.

I apologise in advance if it spills over into my DW space. I'm going to turn anon comments off for a while, at least.
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This right here is the stuff of nightmares. Thank Christ for the Gordon Reid, in no way rated to tow a ship that size, who did it anyway, in a storm, and very probably averted an environmental catastrophe. That is absolute heroism right there. Because fuck all else around was prepared to deal with it.

Tell me again how running oil tankers full of tarsands along this coast is an amazing idea.

Also, Jesus, "It's cold weather so we don't have a lot of migratory species right at the moment." REALLY!? Fine, it wouldn't hit the shorebirds, they're gone for the year, but we have species that winter here, and Haida Gwaii is sanctuary to hundreds of thousands of rare birds. There is no way to overstate how badly this could have ended.

I've blogged before about the oil spills of similar size that hit the coast when I was a kid. I never want to deal with that again.

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Sep. 28th, 2014 08:27 pm
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Basically, there's been a new and different round of anon grudginess about What Happened in Cap/Iron Man Fandom back in the early days, and aside from feeling vaguely defensive of my friends, and engaging in one round of anon debate with the grudger, I can't quite bring myself to get up at arms about this one.

I've been thinking about it, and I'm pretty sure I don't care who did what to who in fandom seven years ago, and – as long as it wasn't Doxxing, targeted bulling, or an actual crime – new details aren't going to make me care.

For the two or so years I lived and worked in town, that fandom was my One True Happy Place, and it's kind of saddening to hear that not everyone had a good time, or got along in it. I mean, I knew not everyone did, as this is not the first wank. There was that huge round in 2010, which in and of itself was really helpful to me, because I was having a shit summer, and having someone to yell at anon was really nice. The fact that the trolling continued for three years was less nice, but honestly most of the time it was just funny.

These comments are neither here nor there, really. Mostly I just feel kind of bad for whoever it is for not having gotten over something that happened off comm in a fandom like three-quarters of a decade ago. Pretty much everyone else involved has moved on to new fandoms, years ago in most cases, but they can't seem to?

Think I'll file this one under Whatever, and move on.
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Making me feel old.

The idea that so many people think any part of this is a good idea gives me a headache. I'm not against kickstarter to publish projects, I've supported them before, but usually there's things like publishing experience and finished books involved from the onset.

Also, apparently if I wanted to make $1000 US, I could leverage finishing Heart of Steel. Who knew.

Money and fanfic: Never a good combination.
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Apparently I'm not a gold star femslasher.

I'm completely charmed, I have to admit. After over three years, my troll still cares. To paraphrase the Arrogant Worms (as one should on these sort of occasions):

Each year I'd try to lose it but it would just return
So I cried out "oh why have I been given such a burden?"
A voice replied, "it's not a curse, but the greatest gift"
"For when all else abandons you, you will still have it."

For all of man's creations slowly waste away
Relationships do crumble and buildings do decay
The pyramids and stonehenge slowly disappear
But if they were made of Christmas cake Comics Fandom Troll they'd last a million years.
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Tried to go through the femslash february tag for my daily art rec, but it's all full of stuff about how writing John and Sherlock from Sherlock as women is transformative and amazing and the height of feminism and it totally belongs on the femslash tag. You know what? It doesn't. I love fic where one or more character has a different gender than canon. I read it, I've written it (sorta, 3490, anyway). It's great. When I do it, I'm still writing about a male character. That's not what this fest is FOR. Also, it's a bit much coming from Sherlock fandom, who hated on Joan Watson as the most awful thing ever to happen to the character, and SPN, which has such a charming relationship with female character.

Accusations of transphobia on all sides. Fun. Fun. Fun. (I hate tumblr)

Also on the tag, things about how lesbians find femslash exploitative and awful, and the fest is exploitative and awful, and they wish people would stop.

I'm stopping.

I plan to spend five days in the Land of Scant Internet (writing about Rina and Tiger fucking each other with strap ons), then I'll see what the tag looks like.

A bit of dialogue relevent to my mood:
Sinbad: [All I want is] One night. One night where I don't feel like me. You understand that, don't you, Gunnar?
Gunnar: Yeah. And I want to write poetry, but life's a bitch, and you're cursed.
Sinbad: ~Thank you.
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Pretentious Title Is Pretentious.

I really wish there was a middle ground between "Triggered" and "Squicked." Maybe it's just a terminology drift, but for me, triggered means a really serious PTSD sort of reaction to something, and squicked means going "ew" and hitting the back button, mood and interest killed.

I don't have triggers to my understanding of the term. Though I've had serious issues with depression in the past, including suicidal ideation, my life has been pretty trauma free. I cannot claim to not want to read something because triggers, that's not what the term means.

However, I really don't want to read about sexual violence, torture, abuse, blatant homophobia and sexism with no happiness, lack of happiness generally, or character death. I have liked fic/books/movies with those topics, but, more often then not, I find them really upsetting. They make me feel ill, and my thoughts sort of fixate on the story, and sometimes I get bad dreams. This is especially true if I don't know what's coming. If I have some warning of the topics involved, I can make a decision as to how I want to spend my time, and possibly prepare for the subject matter involved.

This isn't just a fandom issue. I'm the kind of person who reads the end of a book first, or says, "I don't care about spoilers, just tell me if the lesbians die." In fandom, I always check the warnings or read the end of a long fic, spoilers be damned. I do not like to spend the time I dedicate to recreation feeling upset.

I know it's going to happen some times, and I'm not asking for hand holding, but I'm really a bit sick of people saying that warnings are overplayed, and not many people actually have triggers, so what are you complaining about?

How long does it take to slap a warning on something, or let someone know a caveat that comes with a rec? What is it hurting?
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(also, I'm bored and waiting for Nenya to get off work.)

So it all started when [ profile] danverrs posted stats about f/f in Marvel fandom.

ok so you know how david was talking about the lack of f/f stuff in fandom last night?? well ok i decided to go onto AO3 and compare the difference between the amount of m/m, f/m, and f/f fic

since AO3 doesnt have an option to sort through all fandoms at once without choosing a tag first (which is lame btw), i decided to chose the most popular fandom on the site aka Marvel. this is actually really lucky for my experiment, because marvel has a good deal of well-developed female characters in their franchise!! alright yea awesome let’s get down to business!!

the marvel tag has 31216 fics in it, a number that’s growing all the time. here’s a breakdown:

  • 17196 are m/m fics (~55%)

  • 8774 are gen (~28%)

  • 7152 are f/m (~22%)

  • 1674 are multi (~5%)

  • 679 are other (~2%)

  • 1007 are f/f (~3%)

yea, that’s right f/f fics only make up about 3% of AO3’s marvel archives. that’s fucking pitiful considering, if we extrapolate, that in the entirety of AO3 probably less than 10% is f/f

ohh it gets better tho: see, AO3 has this handy tag filter sidebar that let’s you see the most popular ship tags for a fandom. for marvel the tag it looks like this:

  • Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier (4062)

  • Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (4031)

  • Clint Barton/Phil Coulson (2233)

  • Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov (1744)

  • Loki/Thor (1722)

  • Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (1300)

  • Loki/Tony Stark (1149)

  • Bruce Banner/Tony Stark (970)

  • Jane Foster/Thor (700)

  • James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers (519)

yep everybody in that list is white and there’s only three het ships in that entire list. good job guys, gold stark for all of y’all.

Which lead to a chorus of tagging and similar complaints from frustrated f/f shippers.

such as )

Which are AO3 tagging issues I think we all feel, to be honest.

Then, inevitably, someone argued the point: [ profile] coyotesuspect made a long post, coming from their place of experience which was SPN fandom. Which I'm not quoting here, because long, so just go read it if you're interested.

But it took the line:
Stuff like this is always very interesting to me, and I hesitate to attribute it solely (or even mainly) to fandom’s sexism given that fandom - at least the part that is actively uploading fic to A03 - is predominantly female, a large percentage of which identifies as queer, and thus presumably is interested in seeing and producing fanworks about f/f relationships.

Which isn’t to say that self-internalized misogyny and homophobia aren’t rampant in fandom, nor that fandom’s massive fetishization of queer male experience doesn’t need to be unpacked, but, imho, the larger portion of blame lies with the media we’re consuming in the first place.

(Then goes on to talk about SPN fandom. And winds into the thesis that there's not much femslash because women don't interact much on screen and fic writers "thrive on interaction" [which totally explains the existence of Clint/Coulson and Darcy/anyone-not-Jane, and why Rizzoli & Isles comes close to qualifying for Yuletide]).

Which promptly lead [ profile] fictionaladyfeels to pitch in with with: also, queer women are not exempt from sexism. i knew a lesbian in high school who still exclusively shipped m/m pairings. she was not an exception; her type of fan is pretty common.

(then the whole thing descended into race wank)

The last led me, as a lesbian, to say "Oh, fuck you."
1. Highschool, clearly when we all reach the height of maturity and artistic development.
2. Your shipping choices do not reflect your sexuality.
3. Yes, it would be nice to see more f/f, but you're not a bad fan, a bad woman or a bad queer for not writing it.
4. Yes, there is totally sexism and homophobia in fandom. You bet there is. I thing that's one of the things the stats show, and Supernatural is a pretty obvious fandom to pick when you want to talk about that, but writing m/m or m/f does not make you a bad fan, a bad woman or a bad queer.
5. I wish people would just say they're more comfortable writing about (white) guys than make up reasons like "not enough interaction" or "we don't have enough canon backstory" because that just makes you look like a goof.
6. I think this is something about which useful discussion can be had, but,
7. Fandom/sexuality police can step off. You're not helping anything.

(I say this as a queer woman who writes m/m, m/f, f/f, and gen about men and women. I will admit to writing primarily m/m, though, before you point it out, I'm aware).
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So I just got this e-mail from one of my action groups, and I felt my heart clench in my chest. I'm just feeling like there's too many things going wrong all at once.

I guess it's just the budget coming up, with all the cuts in all the places, but even with out that there's all that awful new crime legislation with minimum sentencing and more prisons, and the anti-net privacy laws (because the RCMP needs more power), attacks on unions (provincially and federally), and the attacks against funding environmental groups. They even want to change our national animal from the majestic beaver to the fucking polar bear, which won't even be a species very long if this environmental policy (or constant stripping down there of) continues as it is.

So, fish ecosystems. Okay, I can do fish ecosystems, and protesting the fucking pipeline to poison our water and ship tar sands to China. I can do writing letters in defence of the CBC (I don't think I am actually capable of imagining Canada without CBC Radio One).

I just... they're a majority government, and they don't listen. I pray and pray that they'll listen, but they're killing my country around me, and they're not listening, and for what?

I get so tired of this shit sometimes.

I know I should just pick a few topics (and the above list is a very limited one) and focus on them, though not pin my hopes on them because majority government that doesn't listen, but man, it's just so depressing.

Noting that the news from south of the border is frequently worse doesn't help.
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Apparently I'm a hipster who erases bisexuals, women of colour and... women generally? (I'm a little lost there). Also, Asians (?). Oh, and I secretly hate [personal profile] jazzypom. I'm sorry Jazz :'( I didn't mean it! Finally, I'm not a good person! I should feel bad about that.

Oh, hey, remember when [personal profile] stormseye immortalised my troll in art? That was awesome!
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So I stepped into a discussion of queer people who write mslash, had a lovely talk with the OP, apparently earned the mixed approval of the fail meme, and then got trolled.

Nice to know that some things never change.

I'm turning IP logging back on here, just in case.
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Another day. Another hate thread.

I'm collecting them now. Do please link over if you see one. There was some good stuff on the old comics_anon, but that has been deleted (theory as to why here).

Does anyone else ever picture my hater pounding her fists on the ground and sobbing in helpless rage like a two year old?


Nov. 30th, 2010 05:46 pm
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Fandom's resident grudgy troll hit me tonight! (or earlier, but I just found it in my Junk Folder -g- ).

It completely made my evening. I've been fishing for hir for MONTHS and finally a hit!

There's just so much utterly goofy fail wrapped in a couple of comments. I just. HEE!

Christ, on an utterly shit day like this. I really needed that!


Apr. 16th, 2010 09:19 pm
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So you've all probably seen the latest Marvel travesty by now. I'm not sure how giving the character formerly symbolised by a defensive armament a handgun -- or making a character whose honesty and kindness are his greatest strengths a spy -- ushers in the Heroic Age. I was really hoping that someone else would write Steve. Instead, the same guy, the guy who never got him is potentially writing him in not one but three titles.

I tell you all: I'm out. I'm going to finish this unicorn thing and HoS, then I'm migrating to ships with canon I can stand. I'm tired of being AU girl.

If you want to see noir done right, with a character that should be noir, go read Marjorie Liu's Black Widow. It's perfect.

On a similar note, this will be my last cross post to Live Journal. I'm tired of their BS. I'll maintain my account there because I mod and because I want to keep up with my old friends there, but I won't be contributing content to that site any more.

If anyone wants a DW invite, I have them.
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Initial Reaction: -whimpers faintly-

More considered reaction: -crawls into a corner and cries-

I'm just going to go read Narnia smarm for a while.

Much, much later: Well that was fracking traumatic on a number of levels. Spoilers and quite a bit of scattered rambling )

Comments on anything most welcome -g-
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You know what, I may just be permanently fucking traumatised. Once my brain recovers, I'm going to put this on my list of things that never happened. I refuse to accept this crap. SPOILERS for non-piratical non-Canadians and other people who don't get that channel (count yourselves lucky this week) )


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