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So I got side-tracked on TV Tropes, and have come up to realise that everything I believe about the world is horribly wrong. For example, a list of characters hated by most if not all fans:

Dawn Summers, Rose Tyler, River Song, Jenny, Gwen Cooper, Dylan Hunt, Sage/Tessa, and Abby Lockhart.

I'm also supposed to hate some of my favourite story lines.

I feel like I missed a poll somewhere.
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As of today, Yuletide challenge fandom nominations have opened (for those not familiar with Yuletide, FAQ is here). So of course I signed up. I hope I do better with this than I did with the [ profile] livelongnmarry thing. It will also 100% keep me from signing up for NaNoWriMo, as I'll be ficced out for sure.

I picked Alexander Dumas - Three Musketeers series, Andromeda, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Dresden Files (tv), Passchendaele, and PC Hodgell - Chronicles of the Kencyrath for my fandoms, but may change my mind later.

Thanks to [ profile] marycrawford and [ profile] ancarett for noting that nominations had opened.

Also, I need a writing icon.
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First season Angel has again reminded me of how few protagonists have happy, functional families in canon, and how fewer still grew up with two parents who were not divorced, absent, abusive, neglectful or dead. (This is in no way meant to imply that children from single-parent/blended/whatever homes cannot be as happy or happier than two-parent birth families. I'm just saying that since the cultural ideal seems to lean that way, it's interesting that so few characters from that background.) Thinking about it, these are the only ones I can come up with.
  • Kaylee Frye - Firefly (I think)
  • Hermione Granger - Harry Potter
  • Dylan Hunt - Andromeda (I think)
  • Harry Kim - Star Trek: Voyager
  • Cameron Mitchell - Stargate: SG-1
  • John Sheridan - Babylon 5
  • The Weasley Children - Harry Potter
Everyone else I can think of either has family issues, or their families were never brought up in canon. I'm not sure about modern statistics on these issues, but that seems a little disproportionate to me.
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Funny how I enjoy watching wank, right up until the moment that it shows up on my own flist. People frequently suck, and hey, it's hilarious to point and laugh at them in their worst moments. Then they do something that hurts someone close, and it's not funny any more. Also, jumping to conclusions does far more harm than it ever does good. Which is all I have to say on that topic for now. ETA: Except that there's a certain satisfaction to be had in watching the offender publicly eviscerated, so really, I'm probably just a bad person.

I was moving files over to Teyla the Laptop, and looking at names in the stories folder and thinking, "Wow, I have absolutely no idea what that is."

Often I would open it and find only a couple of lines and some research notes. For your amusement, or not, snippets from the depths that have received no editing, and which I will probably never finish, or even start properly. I will also spare you the really horrible romance I outlined when I was fifteen.

Pirates of the Caribbean

"Beginning Again"

He had never expected to see her again.In fact, he had journeyed halfway around the world to ensure that he never would. Contrary to popular opinion, James Norrington did not enjoy suffering.

But here she was. He knew her instantly, even after ten years, even with her back turned on the other side of a crowded room. He stared, catching glimpses of her though the milling guests, straining to hear a snatch of her voice over the music and chatter. He could feel his muscles tense, as though in expectation of battle.

Sherlock Holmes

Terai Tea )

Stargate: Atlantis


The Jenevi were in fact very polite and entirely courteous, nor had Lorne been exaggerating when he said that Jenev was a “closed society.” However, as a Jenevi politely and courteously hosed him down with scalding not-water, John reflected that he wouldn't have minded too much if this particular race had stuck with wanting nothing to do with the 'Lantians.


Colonel Everett staggered into the embarkation room soaked to the skin, a spear tip embedded in his calf and an archaeologist slung over his shoulder.


Mamawawa (Season One Spoilers) )

Nightmare (Spoilers for the Episode of the Same Name) )

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Andromeda

Underworld )
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The following may come off as bitchy and unreasonable, but it's my journal and I can post what I want. I'm not cutting it for the same reason. This is not directed at anyone on my flist in particular, and I don't mean to offend any of you (except for you over there -points and laughs-).

Some of you may have noticed that I'm getting more twitchy in relation to fandom of late. The reason for this is that I'm changing my outlooks on life, have been over the last few years, and fandom is not changing with me, and I'm suffering separation anxiety of sorts. My problem with fandom is that I'm tired of men, but I don't know how to get rid of them. Wow, that came out really '70s feminist, which is good and bad. I'm not a man-hater. I can and do relate to male characters. It's not that I want to get rid of men in fandom all together. I just want to read more about women, for a change.

I find it very frustrating that the part of fandom that I participate in is written by women and for women and about men. Yes, you can blame canon. The women on sci fi and fantasy shows tend to be less detailed, more inconsistent, and somewhat overshadowed a lot of the time. However, I've been noticing more and more that shows respond at least somewhat to fanish demands. TPTB what to give us what we want, because then we'll keep watching. I don't think that fandom wants more strong women. They don't.

Case point, Andromeda: the cast has an equal number of men and women, with a range of personalities. The women are generally as well written as the men. Basically the entire fandom concentrates on one male character. Except for a little het (which is still about that male character, really). All women are resoundingly ignored.

Case point, Ginny Weasley is a slut.

Then there's the whole issue of Mary Sues. Now I know I've rallied against them in the past (though more the sueification of canon characters), and I still don't like a lot of the bad writing that often goes with them, but the more I think about it, the more I'm in favour of them in principle. If for no other reason than it adds women to male driven canon or fanon. Shooting them down is beginning to seem more like attacking women than bad characters.

I remember reading a female fan commenting of Supernatural that she liked her shows to be a "sausage fest," and thinking, "Wow... freedom of opinion and all... but how can any woman say that?" I avoid more male populated areas of the 'Net like boards, but there seems to be this alarming patriarchal slant to even woman-dominated LJ.

I haven't talked about this a lot before because it makes me look like such a hypocrite. I mean, I look over my own sad few stories, and it's Aragorn and Denethor, Holmes and Watson, Jack and Stephen, Captain Jack Harkness, Commodore James Norrington, Bors and Lancelot, Logan's POV on Marie, and a OFC's POV on Dean and Sam. The last perhaps being the more woman-centric of the lot, and the most recent. And even if I changed that, I don't write much fiction. I'm lousy at meta. I watch shows like Hercules: TLJ and Supernatural, which are pretty much entirely about men. I'm not about to start a super awesome website like [ profile] monkeycrackmary's (which is great to read and always makes me feel somewhat better, but isn't really about one of my fandoms). So it's not like I'm making a huge contribution to the feminist revolution here.

Put up or shut up, right?

The option of just deciding not to read things that are going to piss me off, and leaving fandom (though not LJ, of course) altogether, is beginning to seem like a good one. It seems like quitting, but I'm not sure what else to do.

It's just that keep hearing V -- of all people -- saying, "The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country," and it won't let me be.

Posting this publicly, because it'll be fair warning for any poor shmuck who stumbles in.


Jan. 4th, 2007 09:27 pm
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How to detect a Suthor, whether or not the story has original characters (Part Two):
Character One: Woe! Angst! Woe!
Character Two: -falls into room- There you are! I've broken my leg in four places and the Evil Overlord cut off my hands. I need your help!
Character One: You don't appreciate me! I work and I slave and I lay down my life for your cause, and what thanks to I get? Nothing, that's what!
Character Two: Look, the fate of life the universe and everything hangs in the balance! You need to push that red button right now!
Character One: Why should I care about the universe? The universe obviously doesn't care about me!
Character Two: Can we talk about this later?
Character One: How can you be so insensitive? I have a broken nail here! Have you no compassion? This is another example of how callously you treat me.
Character Two: You know what? Never mind. -sort of flops over to panel and pushes button with nose, thereby saving said universe etc- Useless, you are.
Character One: No one ever loves me! -cries-
Character Three: -comes in- OMG! Two! Have you no decency? Can't you see that One has a broken nail? You are such a bastard. One, don't listen to Two. I've always thought he was a bastard. -kicks Character Two-
Character Two: Ow.
Character One: -sniffles- I never understood true love until now. -hugs Character Three-
Character Three: Let's make babies. -walks out, stepping on Character Two on the way by-
Character Two: I'm not sure I deserved that.

Yeah, um anyway... Made it through all eighteen hundred plus summaries in the Andromeda enclave of the Pit of Voles, a couple of days ago. I ended up starting maybe a dozen stores, finishing about half that and only really enjoying one. That has to be a record.

So I made an icon. Which like [ profile] cruisedirector and I will actually get.

Also a quiz via [ profile] sparowe What Dragon Spirit Resides in Me? )

ETA: Also, note to The Sentinel fen: please stop killing Naomi and demonising Carolyn. There are few enough women in that universe as it is. I know sometimes it's unavoidable for the story's sake, but it's looking alarmingly like the default position in AU's these days.

Oh Dear...

Dec. 22nd, 2006 12:32 pm
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I'd never visited the Andromeda fandom before. It's actually almost identical in dysfunction to the seaQuest one, only replace Lucas with Harper. -sighs-

I'm not a huge Harper fan, really, take him or leave him, and I can't really see why he gets eighty percent of the fic, but even I feel I should take a stand against rampant character rape. There have been complaints of Rodney acting like a spoiled seven-year-old in certain corners of fandom, this is more like age five or so. Ew.

Instead of making me feel all shmoopy and protective of the character, this kind of fic makes me want to see a version where Tyr hits him repeatedly with a board until he starts acting like an adult.
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Okay, new layout which is pretty and home like.

Also, following in [ profile] kitakatzz's footsteps once again here, after a fashion. I'm trying to determine when I go blithering on about fanish things, how many people understand me, so this is not a poll about which fandoms you belong to, but rather, about which of these books/shows/movies you have read/seen at least some of and not disliked and wanted to scrub your brain.

[Poll #868834]

I'm not including obscure Canadian stuff, because, really, what's the point, or The Lord of the Rings which I sort of assume most people have read or at least seen (and if you haven't, you should have).

ETA: Oops, I forgot Firefly somehow, and Andromeda. Oh well.
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