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Anyone know if this is running this year, and if it'll be on LJ? And if it is on LJ if people who deleted their LJs can participate?

ETA: [community profile] hlh_shortcuts. And it will be run entirely on DW. Last year sign ups started end of September. I really rec this fest as it's extremely welcoming and the mod is great.
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Title: An' to the Greenwood She Is Gane
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen/Highlander (Catherine, Mrs. Allen, Rebecca, Amanda, et cetera)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 7,000
Notes: written for [personal profile] hafital for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts. Thank you to Valtyr for advice and support, and Nenya for beta reading.
Summary: I assure you that my forthcoming (and longer) letter will be completely factual on every point, devoid of speculation, and possessing only the barest descriptions and no poetry of any kind. Yours,—Catherine Tilney
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Happy New Year to one and all! I bring gifts! (they're actually gifts for me, but they're great and you should read them.)

For [ profile] hlh_shortcuts I got:

Title: By my life or death
Fandom: Highlander: The Series
Characters: Joe/Duncan, Connor, Amanda, (Methos guest spot)
Words: 5,000
Rating: Gen
Summary: Five years after leaving Paris for good, Duncan gets wind of trouble in the Watchers, and enlists his friends to help him save the one mortal he can't lose.
Notes: Someone wrote me Joe/Duncan (or Joe & Duncan, it's ambiguous), but not only that, it's got a plot and stuff, and all kinds of Watcher politics, and Duncan and Connor and Amanda. My author is serious the best.

For [ profile] cap_ironman Holiday Exchange I got:

Title: The End Is Where We Begin
Fandom: Next Avengers
Characters: Steve/Tony/Natasha, assorted Avengers and Next Avengers
Words: 20,000
Rating: Teen
Summary: Tony has spent twelve years raising the Avengers' children alone, under Ultron's shadow, thinking everyone else is dead. After finally defeating Ultron, they discover that the Avengers aren't dead after all, but were kept in stasis all along. So, Tony has to reconnect with his partners, Steve and Natasha, after all these years, while Steve has to come to terms with how everything has changed, starting from his son, who is now a teenager instead of a toddler.
Notes: This is the follow up the Next Avengers that I've wanted ever since I first saw it. I'm so happy right now. You can probably read it even if you haven't seen the cartoon, as the story includes the backstory as well.
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I got some really lovely things. Lots of greetings and pictures and stuff, especially of lighthouses (so many lighthouses!), which was really great. Fandom is the best. Also, icons of naked ladies, lighthouses, a lighthouses, more lighthouses, even MORE lighthouses, and Misty Knight, a sweet Jess/Luke drawing, adorable Jess/Trish fic, adorable Brig&Liz&Three fic, a Sinbad/Gunnar drabble, a podfic of my Quantum Leap fic, and an Emma/Shalimar wallpaper.

I also wrote some things:

Title: Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance (stocking link)
Fandom: Babylon 5 (Susan Ivanova & Delenn)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 275
Summary: Missing Scene from 2x07 "Soul Mates."

Title: Caught by the Light (stocking link)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien (Gimli/Legolas, Glóin)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 555
Summary: A lot of unexpected things happened at the Council of Elrond, but not even the Wise could have predicted this. (Soulmate AU)

Title: The Winter Soldier, in the Kitchen, with the Cybernetic Arm (stocking link)
Fandom: Highlander/Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Duncan MacLeod, Bucky Barnes)
Rating/contents: Teen (canon-typical violence)
Word Count: 795
Summary: Or, Five Times the Winter Soldier Killed Duncan MacLeod, and One Time Duncan Almost Killed him Back.

Title: Passing Fancies (stocking link)
Fandom: Doctor Who (River Song/Eighth Doctor)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 300
Summary: Snippet of River and Eight crossing timelines.

Title: Eight Notes from the End Times (stocking link)
Fandom: Jessica Jones (Jessica/Trish, Jessica/Luke, Malcolm)
Rating/contents: Teen (apocafic)
Word Count: 880
Summary: Jessica never expected to hear from Luke again, so it pretty well figured that this was what it took.

Title: Old Stars, Burning Bright (stocking link)
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Original Character, Leia, Poe)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 810
Summary: The Resistance's newest pilot meets an old hand.

Title: Courting Gifts (stocking link)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien (Arwen/Éowyn, Arwen/Aragorn)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 1,025
Summary: Historically, the path to true love between Human and Elf never did run smooth.
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Made an icon from this picture of Howard Charles, who has excellent eyelashes.

Rewatching The Musketeers, and the whole thing with Athos' almost Reform morality is interesting. Good people do good things, therefore Porthos, Treville and d'Artagnan are good and anything they do is good (or, in d'Artagnan's case, fundamentally not a good idea, but coming from a good heart). Bad people do bad things, therefore Milady, the Cardinal and he himself are bad and mostly what they do is bad. And you're watching this going, Oh, sweetie, no, because narratively, he may be right, but it's such a terrible idea. It's this kind of thinking that got you fucked up in the first place.

Similar to Joe Dawson from Highlander's knee jerk defence of his friends, and but you tend to see more how poorly that works out for him, in that he makes some pretty unfortunate friends over the years, and really should step back when they... turn into international arms dealers and/or start murdering people. Joe usually eventually did sort out his feelings, but the loyalty stuck until he was pressed pretty damn hard.

I have a loyalty kink, which I tend to sum up with the line from Christopher Moore's Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings: "I have pretty strong feelings about loyalty." And I tear up at that bit in the Star Trek vid "Long Live" when they hit the line "Take a moment and promise me this: that you'll stand by me forever" over Picard and Guinan, Janeway and Tuvok, Sisko and Dax, couples who were friends across time and space and generations, no matter what (all inter-racial, inter-species, cross-gender friendships that we don't see the start of). And I love that, the idea of an unbreakable bond, though life and death and life beyond death. If you give me a story that's that straight up, I'll be a happy pumpkin.

But I also love stories where someone has that kind of loyalty and is wrong. I was just showing Nenya random bits of Les Mis 2012, and the whole Javert character is a study in misguided loyalty to... something (the state? the law? god?). Look at Joe's death count for believing in the wrong person at the wrong time, which he only periodically deals with. Look at Gunnar from Sinbad, who used to murder civilians as a way of life, and didn't question it, until the day he did.

Usually, a character is introduced the week they turn out to be WRONG (see Marsac or Charon in The Musketeers, anyone Riker ever previously worked with on TNG), so the conflict of to whom Our Hero will remain loyal isn't super drawn out. However, there can be this perfect moment in fiction where an entire character's life falls apart because they realise that they were absolutely dedicated to the absolute wrong thing (then usually die "redemptively," which I hate with the burning fire or burningness).

I love watching someone rebuild after that. It's some of my favourite character development: someone who trusted absolutely, learned that trusting absolutely was a bad idea, and now has to figure out if it's ever safe to trust again, and if so how much and who.

It's probably why I'm enjoying Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as much as I am this year, tbh. Skye is my baby, and she's not learning the right lessons in there somehow.
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Tipping Point (Highlander, Joe Dawson and James Horton)
Prompt: Highlander, Joe Dawson, not so much a slippery slope as a water slide.

Possible pirate code approach to the prompt. Possible that head canon has over taken actual canon. Entirely probable that [personal profile] nenya_kanadka is awesome for reading this over prior to posting.
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Which has got to be fun in the winter.

Watching Highlander in a more coherent fashion (rather than just the Joe and Amanda episodes), and am struck by a) the number of random rock stars who guest star (including Joan Jett as an Immortal), b) the number of '90s Very Special Episodes is reaching eye-stabbingly painful, c) they filmed both a sex scene and a sword fight scene in front of a staffed lighthouse, and wouldn't the light keepers have noticed? and d) how completely pointless Tessa's death was. I know the actress quit, but that was the best they could do in terms of writing her out? Really?

Having listened through the BBC The Lord of the Rings audio play again, and rewatched key bits of the films (which are the bits with Boromir and Éowyn, and some of the dramtic scenery things), I thence proceeded on a fic hunt. I was cheered to find a long Boromir lives fic that I had not previously read. Unfortunately, the premise upon which it was based, and a few key bits of motivation struck me as so profoundly silly that whenever I came across them (and they were key to the story, so this came up every few chapters) I felt compelled to pause in my reading and say to myself, my, that is very silly. Thus The Captain and the King remains the only non-silly Boromir lives fic I have found to date.

However, I did find a very amusing fic featuring Boromir lost in the woods, the Sons of Elrond Trying to Be Helpful, a rather harried Arwen, and Aragorn going along as best he can. And a nice bit of meta about Denethor.
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Someone noted that having just read through two archives, several rec lists and the pit of voles, I ought to pass on my hard-earned wisdom and put together a rec list.

Unfortunately, I bookmarked nothing, so this is brought to you by vague memories of what I enjoyed, and is in no way exhaustive. Nine Recs Behind the Cut (By Author) )
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Okay, so on watching the three parter spanning seasons five and six, I'm left feeling somewhat dissatisfied. Spoilers for 15-year-old TV )
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Just finished reading The Losers comics, which I think I liked about the same as I did the movie though for different reasons.

Comic and movie spoilers )

So, on the whole, after typing all that: I enjoyed the comics, and would lift characterisation from them, but probably liked the movie better.

I have nursed the Highlander pilot out of youtube (at great sacrifice to my bandwidth). I am entirely fond of Connor there, more so than I remember being. Though is it just me, or are the scenes in that episode not in the right order? I would have thought that it would go Spoilers for 20-year-old-tv )

Do we ever see any First Nations Immortals? It seems as though quite a few should have made it to present day, or even newer ones from recent history.

Read Cold Magic by Kate Elliot which is set in an alternate, ice-age bound Europe, with magic and Phoenicians. I have mixed feelings about it. I thought the world buildign was fantastic and beautifully thought out. I would hold it up as an example of how to do somewhat-steampunk alternate histories right. I found the protagonist engaging, and the politics felt real to me (for what I got to know of them, as it's the first book in a trilogy), and never info dumpy. One of the main reasons I read through so quickly is that I wanted to learn all about the world, and the author kept feeding me just the right amount about it.

But Spoilers, though mostly for characterisation )

Completely unrelated to reviewing, but Indian Lighthouses FTW!
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I need icons. I'm trying to choose just a few instead of all of them.

I have found the one thing that keeps me from reading a lot of Highlander fic, more than my general lack of interest in Methos, is an absolute 100% zero tolerance policy towards Cassandra bashing. There is no single thing that will make me hit the "Close Tab" X faster than playing six rounds of Let's Blame the Rape Victim, and topping it off with making her a spiteful villain who wants to kill All the (white, male) Heroes. I'm really hoping that she's a sign that fandom in general has improved since the '90s. I'm really a lot hoping that that shit wouldn't stand in a current fandom. I don't know, maybe there was protests and push back at the time. I don't have any of the discussions, just the stories.

I want to write a story about Connor and Joe going on a road trip to find Duncan, who has been snatched and buried alive in an attempt to cheat at the Game. Or about a reaper Immortal who only kills the Immortals who died for the first time as babies or small children, who everyone is kind of horrified by, but also leaves alone because he or she is seen as a needed part of the food chain. Don't actually have a plot for that one.

I seem to have run out of archives, even the Pit of Voles.

Someone please tell me why I'm looking at the DVD set for all six seasons plus Raven, the Watcher CD, and some CD of Methos singing that I don't really want, and thinking That's not that expensive.

Back in fandoms that I'm actually supposed to be in, I'm plugging away at my [community profile] cap_ironman gift fic, though it seems to have kind of wandered into fluffy make outs with no purpose in so far as the plot goes. Oh well, Christmas fic can do that, I guess.

I miss getting comics, not that I've read all the comics I did get last time. I'm still working my way though The Losers omnibus. Fantastic art, and the story telling is really dynamic. I knew that they'd changed Aisha's back story, but not that they'd racelifted Roque.

Have I mentioned how much New Avengers #6 pisses me off? I might just have to unforgive fucking Bendis. He had better bloody fix this.

Who else here loved Thunderbolts #150?

In another fandom completely if you've ever watched or even thought about watching Slings and Arrows, go check out this comic!

Wanders In

Nov. 21st, 2010 09:19 pm
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Have just finished a rewatch of selected episodes of Highlander: The Series, a show I haven't seen in... a while, anyway.

Which has led me to the following conclusions:

  • Joe will be my favourite forever! (Except for his treatment of Cassandra. Which was despicable. Ew). I like older guys who do the right thing, no matter what the personal cost. And play the blues.

  • Amanda is second favourite. (though I wish she spent less time getting held hostage). I like women who kick ass, have lots of sex and get to have fun doing what they want, and aren't punished for that.

  • I like Duncan a lot. (and I don't care what anyone says). Unsurprising as I tend to like Hero characters, who try to do the right thing. He's more fun when his friends are around though.

  • I don't care about Methos very much (Odd cute moment with one of the three above aside). He just... doesn't interest me, don't know why for sure, but I think fandom's obsession with him ruined him for me.

Still considering an A-Team fusion, but it's not high on my list.
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I may have just signed up for [community profile] intoabar, because I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

Also, I wrote another ficlet for [community profile] fic_promptly. For which I blame [personal profile] valtyr.

Same Old New Game (A-Team [2010]/Highlander, B.A. Baracus & Hannibal Smith)
Prompt: A-Team, BA, old soldiers never die
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So not too long ago I found Twisting the Hellmouth, a site for Buffyverse crossovers with basically every other fandom in existence. That was a lot like giving me a lifetime supply of candy, and I have been enjoying it immensely ever since. Of course there are quite a few pretty awful stories in there, but here are a few that I really enjoyed.

Read more... )
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There is something very... I don't know... compelling about Kevin Sorbo. I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. He's handsome enough, but not remarkably so. He plays his role well, but is not God's gift to acting. But watching him, one want to believe in his character, even when he's being totally silly - which is most of the time, really. The writers give him all these speeches and scenes which would normally have me rolling my eyes and dragging the tracker to the next bit, but somehow he has enough charm to carry it. [ profile] cruisedirector calls it "to Shatner," but I never had the same faith in Kirk. Same idea, I guess. I find it most peculiar.

There's also something hugely admirable about the "We know this is completely idiotic, but hey we're doing it anyway so just go with it" attitude of the writers: the double casting as identical long lost second cousins; the entire character of Salmoneus, to say nothing of Falafel. Though this backfires on occasion. Some episodes are so awful that I wanted to stab my eyes out. For those re-watching, avoid "Ares" and "All that Glitters."

On the other hand, some - well, most really - have really remarkably cheesy plots but are awesome nonetheless. Like that one where Hercules journeys to Hades and runs into his wife and kids in the Fields of Elysian, and spends like most of the show just hugging everyone and crying: to me that is great television. Yeah, okay, I've probably got issues.

I'll admit that RPS normally creeps me the hell out, but this show confuses me. I mean, they have episodes with the actors playing themselves in contemporary America, like a behind the scenes thing, but as an actual scripted episode that's total complete crack. Spoilers for Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules )

What does Iolaus do when he's not trapping around Greece with Hercules? I have a feeling he's not just going home to the forge but having his own adventures. One of the many issues I have with the rewritten seasons, really, those two don't always have to be together to be friends.

Also: Yay!


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