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I made eight episodes of Luke Cage before I got too busy to focus and set it aside for later. As of that far in, I was very much enjoying it. I wasn't as utterly sucked in as I was with Jessica Jones, as LC seems to be a bit more of a standard superhero story, though I am enjoying the Harlem setting, and of course Luke. Luke it totally the ultimate woobie. Endless terrible things happen to him, and he angsts beautifully. I'm a little disappointed that it's not more punch in the face political like JJ was, but on the other hand having a show that is majority PoC cast is in and of itself political, so there is that (it was just billed as sort of being about current race relations in the US, and from my admittedly limited perspective, it's not deeply engaging there). ANYWAY! Beautiful angsty Luke! And a really great cast and a really great sound track. I'm very well content on those counts.

Watched the first and last episode of Prison Break for Mick/Snart context. I enjoyed the brothers and Strong Feelings About Loyalty, but wasn't that invested in the arc or things set in prisons.

Watched the first three (I think) episodes of Grace and Frankie, which was cute, had a great cast, and my teen crush on Sam Waterston was not invalidated, but which was a bit too embarrassment squicky for me to invest in.

Oddly, the first two episodes of Don't Trust the B— in Apartment 23 didn't ping me the same way. I'd happily watch those terrible people forever!

Found ALL of Star Trek, and randomly watched "Dagger of the Mind" and "Devil in the Dark" which were both pretty great. I'm all for Kirk h/c and Spock running around yelling, "Jim!" while quietly panicking. I also really like the sort of mode of the setting. I always forget how polite Kirk is, or if not polite than perhaps formal. I kind of like a future where everyone is called, "Sir" or "Mr. Surname." And there are massive amounts of h/c and strong feelings about loyalty. And, for that matter, Kirk pointedly not sleeping with junior officers of his own crew. I just really like original Star Trek. Also watched the Spock/Bones bits of "Bread and Circuses," which was a BS episode, but had lovely moments.

Watched Zootopia, which I hadn't seen, and which we both enjoyed quite a bit. Also Men in Black 3, which I hadn't seen, and Nenya had. I have questions about the time travel mechanism, but otherwise liked it quite a lot. Could have used more Emma Thompson, which is so often the case.

Randomly watched the really angsty bits of The Incredibles, which underlined how much I disliked the character design and gender politics, but how much I liked the angsty bits.

Ditched Nenya and went to a subtitle-less version of Star Trek Beyond, which I want to watch again! I want it now! Tyranny of DVD releases! Anyway, yes, good. First thing that's felt like Star Trek in a while. I loved making Sulu gay (FINALLY!). I loved all the friendship and family and being about what Starfleet means. I loved Jaylah, and her interactions with Scotty, and how you could see her watching the bridge crew like Jean Valjean staring at that loaf of bread. Needed more Idris Elba. Great Uhura and Sulu solving mysteries. Great Spock/McCoy h/c. Great Anti-Militarisation of space spiel. Yorktown was GORGEOUS. Too much of it was shot in the dark, so in 3D I was left a bit lost. Just loyalty and family and exploring space, and I'm very happy. More like this please.
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I got some really lovely things. Lots of greetings and pictures and stuff, especially of lighthouses (so many lighthouses!), which was really great. Fandom is the best. Also, icons of naked ladies, lighthouses, a lighthouses, more lighthouses, even MORE lighthouses, and Misty Knight, a sweet Jess/Luke drawing, adorable Jess/Trish fic, adorable Brig&Liz&Three fic, a Sinbad/Gunnar drabble, a podfic of my Quantum Leap fic, and an Emma/Shalimar wallpaper.

I also wrote some things:

Title: Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance (stocking link)
Fandom: Babylon 5 (Susan Ivanova & Delenn)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 275
Summary: Missing Scene from 2x07 "Soul Mates."

Title: Caught by the Light (stocking link)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien (Gimli/Legolas, Glóin)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 555
Summary: A lot of unexpected things happened at the Council of Elrond, but not even the Wise could have predicted this. (Soulmate AU)

Title: The Winter Soldier, in the Kitchen, with the Cybernetic Arm (stocking link)
Fandom: Highlander/Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Duncan MacLeod, Bucky Barnes)
Rating/contents: Teen (canon-typical violence)
Word Count: 795
Summary: Or, Five Times the Winter Soldier Killed Duncan MacLeod, and One Time Duncan Almost Killed him Back.

Title: Passing Fancies (stocking link)
Fandom: Doctor Who (River Song/Eighth Doctor)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 300
Summary: Snippet of River and Eight crossing timelines.

Title: Eight Notes from the End Times (stocking link)
Fandom: Jessica Jones (Jessica/Trish, Jessica/Luke, Malcolm)
Rating/contents: Teen (apocafic)
Word Count: 880
Summary: Jessica never expected to hear from Luke again, so it pretty well figured that this was what it took.

Title: Old Stars, Burning Bright (stocking link)
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Original Character, Leia, Poe)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 810
Summary: The Resistance's newest pilot meets an old hand.

Title: Courting Gifts (stocking link)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien (Arwen/Éowyn, Arwen/Aragorn)
Rating/contents: G
Word Count: 1,025
Summary: Historically, the path to true love between Human and Elf never did run smooth.
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I have waited for this day for seven years. Now it has come.


Jul. 30th, 2015 08:57 am
muccamukk: Luke with his arms folded. Text: A Free Man of Convictions (Marvel: Man of Convictions)
Tansy Rayner Roberts: Jessica Jones is My Hero.
Yes. This. These are all of my feelings about Jessica and Luke and Civil War.

Now if only TRR would release Musketeer Space as an ebook. I don't do serials.

Watched Selma last night, which was excellent. I really love logistics, so a whole movie that was people talking about logistics was pretty great. And well acted, etc. Nenya to the screen during the scene where Gov. Wallace is talking about history: "Fifty years from now, you're going to be represented by an actor who knows he's playing the bad guy." Though it's depressing how hard everyone worked, and how little ground seems to have been gained sometimes.

It was interesting to see the note about Viola Liuzzo at the end, as Octavia Butler had mentioned her story as an inspiration for Parable of the Talents.

The New Fire Guide to Confronting Appropriation
More of each of these stories if you listen to the episode. This was a particularly good half hour. (Though, seriously, just listen to the whole show. It's so fun.)

CTV: Dramatic humpback whale rescue caught on camera.
Paul Cottrell has the best job. He was out our way last week, untangling a baby humpback, though I didn't get to help this time.
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  • My favourite YA author, Erin Bow, is releasing the first in a new trilogy called The Scorpion Rules. I'm really excited about this, as I love, love, love her first two books, Plain Kate and Sorrow's Knot. (If you happen to be Canadian and a member of Goodreads, you can enter a giveaway for it).

  • On the topic of future-YA and politics, Genevieve Valentine is also, at some point, publishing a sequel to Persona. This makes me happy.

  • Martha Well has the latest Raksura book coming out in a couple of weeks, Stories of the Raksura: Volume II: "The Dead City" and "The Dark Earth Below" (here are some cat-adjacent pictures of it).

  • Zen Cho, who wrote the absolutely charming novella "The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo" as well as other adventures with vampires, has a fantasy novel out in the fall called Sorcerer to the Crown, also the first in a trilogy.

  • Of course, Lois McMaster Bujold has a new Vorkosigan novel out next year (ish?) and it will be about Cordelia, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. From the author: "It is not a war story; it is about grownups."

  • Anne Leckie has the final (?) Imperial Radch book out in November, Ancillary Mercy. I guess I should get around to reading the first two, eh?

  • As usual, there's to be a new Rivers of London book by Ben Aaronovitch out, this one is called The Hanging Tree, and will be out in the UK in November.

  • I'm pretty sure Paul Cornell with also have a new Shadow Police novel out in the fall.

  • Robert Jackson Bennett has a sequel to The City of Stairs (review forthcoming) called The City of Blades, which I believe will have less Shara (sad), but lots of Mulaghesh and Sigrud (yay!).

  • Marvel is rereleasing BMB's Alias under the title aka jessica jones to tie in with the new tv show. Lovely new covers by David Mack.

  • Marvel is also reprinting the 1990s run of Cage, without a pretty new cover but this is a good thing as it's hell to find otherwise, and it's a good run. I assume this is also in aid of the new tv show.

  • ETA: OH RIGHT! Courtney Milan has a couple books coming out (hopefully) this year. 1) The first book in a new historical series, Once upon a Marquess, AND 2) the second book in her NA series which I WANT AND I WANT NOW, Hold Me.

I feel like I'm missing a couple big ones. What am I missing?
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CBC is doing a walking tour of Circle Craft in Vancouver. I want to go! I haven't been in years, and it's pretty amazing. Maybe next year.

There's a couple of stray birds around right now. Some poor little female rufus hummingbird is still here, probably surviving on bugs and the last of the fuchsias. She's sitting my rose bush right now, but she really needs to migrate. Like two months ago. We also have a meadow lark living on the lawn, who seems to take personal offence every time a helicopter lands. Nice to have the splash of colour around though. We had a horned lark a month or so ago, but neither are common here.

I learned any birding knowledge I have involuntarily, via my father and his ornithologist friends incessantly pointing the things out.

My femslash story is done, and I'm pretty happy with it; I have my story, which I'm excited about; I've beta read someone else's story; I've managed all modding that needs looking to; now I'm just sitting watching the archive, hoping that better then half of the participants post their stories in the next fourteen hours.

Not using the time to work on my yuletide story, which is theoretically started, but practically not going anywhere. It's fine; I just need to work on it.

I got Allie Brosh's book, which has Hyperbole and a Half stories I hadn't read, as well as reprints of the excellent depression series, and a few other favourites.

I see that I've very carefully kept track of which library books are due first, then randomly picked one from the middle because I didn't check my list. Full speed ahead!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues mediocre. Though I think I've got some kind of syndrome that's making me like Coulson. Possible because he's the only one who gets to meaningfully interact with non-team characters. Or team characters half the time. I think the show might be calling back to the early '90s, where we're supposed to enjoy the episodic stories and not really care that we're not getting to know most of the supporting characters.

Sleepy Hollow continues awesome character interaction and slightly squiffy race issues. Elementary same as above but with gender instead of... nope as well as race. Both are still better than most shows out there for main cast diversity though. Looking forward to Almost Human, which apparently starts a week tomorrow.

Oh, and there's that thing were LUKE CAGE GETS A TV SHOW!!!!!! Also Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Danny Rand. No Misty and Colleen, but let's hope they do well and we can expand to include them. LUKE CAGE! ON MY TEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

So, yeah.
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Thank you for writing me a story! I love presents, and putting work into something for me makes me very happy. I'm pleased that we have fandoms in common, mystery author, and I look forward to seeing what you end up writing!

General Likes and Dislikes )

Fandoms (in alphabetical order):
A couple of these are super easy to get into. If you feel inclined to switch offers.

Blue Beetle (Comics) )

Captain Britain and MI:13 )

Dor | String (2006) )

Heroes for Hire (Comics) )

Sinbad (TV) )

Spider-Girl )

Optional details are optional! I'm so in love with all of these fandoms, that whatever you want to write will make me extremely happy. Again, thank you for offering them, and good luck and god speed.
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Thank you for writing me a story! I love presents, and putting work into something for me makes me very happy. I'm pleased that we have fandoms in common, mystery author, and I look forward to seeing what you end up writing!

A few general likes and squicks before I talk about my fandom. Erm, obviously, I'm not expecting all of the following. Write what you want to write about these characters, and if you want ideas, check out the list. Since you clearly have excellent taste in pairings, I trust to your judgement.

Likes: I love angst and h/c, I also love action/adventure and humour. Tropes of which I am fond: time travel, amnesia, mind control, AUs (both where they're all pirates or in space, or where someone turned left when in canon they turned right), wrongly accused of crimes, thinking someone is dead, abandonment issues, loyalty in the face of all odds, and h/c generally (especially emotional h/c). I like people being good at their jobs and competence porn, but I prefer relationship and character-focused stories, or at least a lot of emotional-engagement when it comes to case fic. People interacting and connecting makes me happy. I like porn, including D/s and bondage.

Squicks: I don't have triggers, but I can be upset by strong sexual violence and graphic torture (aftermath of torture is okay). I really don't like downer endings. I'm not super fond of pregnancy stories, but if you want to include canon pregnancy, that's okay. If you write porn, I prefer porn with plot over PWPs. I also don't really like extensive blood play, or any scat or golden showers. I don't like mentor/student, or other sexual relationships with a strong disparity in power. I don't really care for AUs about school, bands or coffee shops, or D/s or a.b.o universes.

Fandoms: Babylon 5, Captain Britain and MI:13, Heroes for Hire/Daughters of the Dragon, Quantum Leap and Sinbad )

Optional details are optional! I'm so in love with all of these pairings, that whatever you want to write will make me extremely happy. Again, thank you for offering them, and good luck and god speed.
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So recently I've been talking to a couple people about Marvel continuity, and they have expressed frustration with all the Events that rolled out in the last six years or so, starting with Civil War (or Disassembled, if you wan to kick things off there). I completely agree on the whole, and for the most part have not enjoyed them. I thought Siege was relatively well handled, and really quite enjoyed Second Coming, but for the most part I feel Events are just wasting everybody's time.

Except for Dark Reign. Dark Reign shall forever hold a warm and glowing place in my heart.

This sentiment has puzzled no few people as it was yet another essay into grim, dark and broody, the plot made no sense, and for any of it to work the entire population of the Marvel universe would have had an IQ roughly equal to that of an inbred chicken which had recently suffered from blunt force trauma.

I do not, for one moment, dispute any of this. It's all as true as the fact that a '70s comic featured Tony Stark going on a mission to the surface of Jupiter. Clearly we don't read comics because they make sense.

And furthermore, I think the detractors of Dark Reign are missing the entire point of the event. The point of the Event was not that evil can gain political power, or finding ways to be heroic outside the law or an excuse to have five concurrently running series with Avengers in the title.

The point of the event was punching Norman Osborn in the face. Repeatedly.

I may be remarkably shallow, but I found that immensely satisfying.

So, with out further ado, allow me to post a tribute in scans to my favourite Marvel Event ever. It will in fact take two posts to fit the extent of my exuberance.

Spoilers for War Machine #12, Thunderbolts #137, The Pulse #5, Secret Warriors# 8, and Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5 )

Tune in next post (probably tomorrow) for Norman Osborn getting pwned by Nick Fury, Victor Von Doom, Carol Danvers, the New Avengers generally, and Franklin Richards.
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Day Thirteen: In your own space, share a favourite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favourite interview, a book) and explain why you love it so much.

Switching parings but not fandoms. My absolute favourite, guaranteed to cheer me up bit of canon is Thunderbolts #137. Random, I know.

It's a Rick Remender fill in one shot set in the middle of Dark Reign, and it seems to ship Luke Cage/Danny Rand pretty hard, as well as hitting every single one of my H/C kinks.

The basic plot is Norman Osborn's team of villains captures Danny and brainwashes him into being a villain. Danny then captures Luke and they're about to brain wash him. There's a lovely scene where Luke is invoking their hears of friendship trying to get Danny to break out of his brainwashing, then telling Danny he forgives him and asking him to look after little Dani Cage when he's dead. ♥.♥. Seriously. Then Danny breaks free and they banter back and forth as they beat up all the villains, and Norman Osborn is very disappointed in his life. It's like the perfect comic! It also references Misty/Danny and Luke/Jess, and the whole thing is because Osborn is still pissed at Luke for sending him to jail back in The Pulse, and this is the worst thing he could think to do to Luke.

It's a lovely, lovely little comic that fits in roughly no where with canon, but I don't care because it should.

So apparently I was supposed to do a small fandom yesterday, not the newest and shiniest mega fandom. Oh well. I linked to Ults stuff anyway; that's a small fandom.

In recompense, here's link backs to all my old Heroes for Hire posts. Warning: many of these are scans heavy, and fully support the ships in the following relationship chart:

They also aren't up to date, as I made the last one around when New Avengers Vol 2 started, and haven't read much with the gang in it since.

Random Misty Knight Awesomeness
One-Armed Lady Cop: The Origins of Misty Knight

Luke Cage and his Dad
Luke Cage and the "Death" of Danny Rand
Luke Cage and Teams
Luke Cage and Timelines
Luke Cage and his Misspent Youth
Luke Cage and the Department of Revenue
Luke Cage and his Girlfriends (And What Danny Rand Thinks of Them)
Luke and Jessica's Wedding
Luke Cage and the New Avengers

"Danny has a PLAN!"
Danny Rand and Race
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Do not even speak to me of fear itself and fearless and battle scars and whatever other event-related lunacy is coming out this fall. However, lots of other stuff looks fun.

Marvel )

DC )
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Does anyone else think that, when it comes to the "Pants rule" that the artists over at DC are working under the impression that they ought to be using the UK meaning of the term rather than the North American one?

Still no solicits from Marvel, this week, I assume.

However, looking forward to the Avengers Origins one shots. It will be nice to get some updated back stories, and the art is pretty. Not sure I'm happy with Luke in chains (he looks so sad!). I think I would rather have Luke breaking chains. Also: Jan! Wanda and Pietro! \o/

Avengers concept art! No spoilers but for casting, and some lovely images. I think Cap and the SHIELD Agents are my faves.

It looks like Alias (now called aka jessica jones) and Cloak and Dagger are a go for ABC TV, and, as icing on that delicious cake of deliciousness, aka jessica jones will have Carol and Luke! I am very excited about this.

Possibly not as excited about Villains for Hire. I know I defended this latest run of Heroes for Hire to the death at WisCon, but I'm increasingly unimpressed of late. Not even counting the pointless Event tie-in, I'm really missing the team aspect that I've always associated with that title. It's a cool concept, but at this point the only reoccuring characters are Misty (who I love, but is in a somewhat limited role here), and Paladin, who I have absolutely no interest in. I was promised Natasha! And Sam! Bully to you. Plus in this last arc, there's been a distinct tone of Women don't Misty doesn't appreciate me Paladin, but she really should because under all the total jerkass behaviour I'm he's a totes Nice Guy., which I can't say I'm appreciating. I'm not sure why, because I usually like Misunderstood Mercenary as a character type, maybe it's that the authors are beating me over the head with the Woobie. IDK. ANYWAY, Misty leading a villain team will decrease the team aspect, and isolate her even more, and I'm getting enough of that over in Thunderbolts thank you very much (also, what's up with both morally dubious teams being led by people of colour?). I want a comic with Colleen and Misty being badass BFF and fighting crime, why is that not a choice?

So apparently we'll have to put up with six months of Fear Itself Aftermath. Why can't we just go back to being super heroes again? That's why I buy fucking comic books. And apparently Daniel Drumm is going to play the villain in... something. Not that that wasn't foreshadowed, but really, Bendis? REALLY?.

However, looks like Fraction is going back to writing Iron Fist, which is a title I really liked him on, so I'll strongly consider picking up Defenders this winter.

Is that it for news? I think so, otherwise it's mostly enraging comments about Babs and how taking her out of the wheelchair makes the character "more accessible" Yay
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I'm going to give DC a try, since they seem to be turning a new leaf, but looking at all these new titles, I have no idea what any of them are, and I only know most of the writers from hearing the bad things.

So far I've decided on Batwoman, Blue Beetle and Demon Knights.

I'm interested in Batwing but Judd Winick's the Green Arrow Wedding Special dude isn't he?

I like Wonder Woman, but I will never, ever forgive Brian Azzarello for that Cage mini ten years ago.

Still pissed at Duane Swierczynski for Black Widow and Misty Knight and in no way trust him with an all-female team.

I hear Mister Terrific is a fun character.

Idk, people. Idk.


Oct. 28th, 2010 05:57 pm
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So here's the thing that bugs me. More than all the other things. You want to set up a showcase for Marvel's street level heroes, a bunch of B and C list characters (and Spider-Man, but whatever, he's in everything anyway) v. an A lister and a bunch of ninjas, but still all street level. Which is fine as a concept. A bit shaky on the execution in places, but mostly it's an okay story. Except for one really glaring flaw. More about concept, than anything, but cutting anyway. )
muccamukk: Luke with his arms folded. Text: A Free Man of Convictions (Marvel: Man of Convictions)
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

On a scale from 1 - 10, where 1 = selfless artistic integrity and 10 = total id porn), how self indulgent would it be to heavily reference Hero for Hire/Power Man as a comic in my A-Team bang?

View Answers

0 (0.0%)

2 (22.2%)

1 (11.1%)

1 (11.1%)

1 (11.1%)

2 (22.2%)

1 (11.1%)

1 (11.1%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

muccamukk: Teyla breathing fire. (SGA: Fire Breather)
1. When was it established that Mysty's arm is StarkTech?

In The Daughters of the Dragon it is. Or rather, Tony says that he made her the one she had at the start, then replaces it with a new one. But in all the comics she's in up to Power Man and Iron Fist it doesn't have a specific origin. She loses it again in Deathlok Vol 1, and Reed Richards builds her a new one. He doesn't mention Tony at all, only that the new one is better. Anyone got any clearer references?

2. Did Misty sleep with Luke?

Wiki says she did, but I can't find the issue. All I've got for boyfriends for her are Danny (off and on from the start) and Tyrone King (Towards the end of Power Man and Iron Fist). Any idea where the Luke thing was supposed to have happened?
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I was going to do meta about New Avengers Vol 2 #1, but then it turned into 90% about Luke, and to do that, I kept needing to go back and refer to Volume 1 stuff. So, instead of that, I'm going to talk about Luke and his history with the team, and finish with why I thing=k the most recent comic is the most significant follow up to Civil War to come out of the Heroic Age (so far).

Luke in New Avengers Volume One (not for the faint of bandwidth) )

Luke in New Avengers Volume Two )

Past Luke Cage and... posts:
Luke Cage and his Dad
Luke Cage and the "Death" of Danny Rand
Luke Cage and Teams
Luke Cage and Timelines
Luke Cage and his Misspent Youth
Luke Cage and the Department of Revenue
Luke Cage and his Girlfriends (And What Danny Rand Thinks of Them)
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[personal profile] objectivelypink made me this banner for my fic "Three Nights in Manhattan." She HTMLed it up, so you can press on the banner to read the fic, which, if you haven't done so already, you should do, because I'm particularly fond of that one.
Cover by objectivelypink

I'm pecking away at my Sam Wilson comes out fic, which is due on the tenth. I have a few false starts because Sam turned out to be a commie bastard and threatened labour action when he didn't like the direction the plot was going. I'm on completely fresh start #3, and I finally seem to be launched. I hope.

Do you ever have conversations like this or this with your characters? Mine do this all the time, and they're a pain in the butt.
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I'm currently having a lovely time snuggled up in bed with Nenya and two lap tops. We watched Doctor Who, and I'm now making her read the very slashiest bits of the Iron Man/Captain America trade paperback. Yes, it's really called that, and wow, is it slashy. AND, as a bonus, in between the Gone with the Wind issue and the issue wherein Tony spends four pages admiring Cap's "Azure eyes, " it has the Cap annual with the mind controlling fish! So adorable.

I am also very fond of the new Thunderbolts by Parker, especially Spoilers )


This song is like 300% better when sung by a woman. Women claiming their own awesomeness is a huge kink.


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