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I know I complained about no one posting about WE, then stopped posting about it myself! Be the change fail right there. I've mostly been hanging out on the relevant Discord.

Anyway, the back half of the season! I basically got everything I wanted, with a few exceptions. A list. With spoilers )

Finally got around to listening to Kesha's new album Rainbow, and ended up staying up a bit late so I could run through my favourite songs two or three times each. I'm looping "Woman," "Hymn," Boots" and "Spaceship" right now, but I like most of the songs. I hope someone vids the whole damn album, possibly more than once. There should REALLY be a Guardians of the Galaxy vid to "Boogie Feet." For starters.

(As with most people, I'm appalled by how the court cases came out, but I do like that she seems to have more creative control of her music now, or at least has been allowed such? The album sounds good? Ugh. I'm happy she's getting some of my money, but unhappy that certain other people also are. *sighs*)
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I don't think there's a lot I can say that hasn't been repeated to death in the last week, but three things I've been thinking about.

1. I grew up on his music, specifically we had when I was young the live album from 1994, which I played incessantly falling more deeply in love every time. My mom had a bunch of his '60s-70s stuff on vinyl, but I didn't pay a lot of attention to music before we got the cd player around in the early '90s, and that was one of the first albums we got. We also had the 1995 cover album with Tori Amos singing "Famous Blue Raincoat" like her heart was breaking and a really awful U2 cover of "Hallelujah." (It was the start of my very mixed relationship with Cohen covers.) In any case, older Cohen was very much the sound track of my life, and when I was probably eleven, I decided that "Dance Me To the End of Love" would be my first dance at my wedding.

2. "Dance Me to the End of Love" was the first dance at our wedding, sung by a friend. I mouthed the words as we danced, and Nenya read my lips.

3. The night I found out that Cohen died, listened to "Anthem," then went and cried myself to sleep, then I woke up in the middle of the night and bought his last album (which I'd been holding off for a Christmas present), and listened to it right through in bed. It's gorgeous. I'd been listening to the title track "You Want It Darker" since it came out, and that will likely be the song everyone remembers, but I want to talk here about "Treaty" the second track, and "String Reprise/Treaty" the last track.

"Treaty" is a very Cohen song about still being in love, even though the relationship is broken, and being too tired to hang on to it any more. It might be about him and god. It might be him and himself. "And I wish there was a treaty we could sign/I do not care who takes this bloody hill/I'm angry and I'm tired all the time/I wish there was a treaty, I wish there was a treaty/Between your love and mine." At the end of the album, it's just beautiful strings playing the melody line of the same song for several minutes, and the one verse, Cohen's golden voice frail, soft, spoken not sung, "I wish there was a treaty we could sign/It's over now, the water and the wine/We were broken then but now we're borderline/And I wish there was a treaty, I wish there was a treaty between your love and mine." It feels, probably deliberately, like a goodbye. Goodbye, and the best wishes he can give, on very Cohen terms.

It's over now, the water and the wine
We were broken then but now we're borderline

It feels like the greatest moment of hope any one could give right now.

To quote Allie Brosh, "Maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit!"
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This is basically my favourite song right now: Bessie Smith - "Give Me a Pig's Foot and a Bottle of Beer". I really wish that Smith had had a chance to record more swing stuff. I love her blues, but the last John Hammond swing recordings were FUN.

I listened to the TNC book, and have started on the Ambelin Kwaymullina one now, which is really good so far. Though I think I'm going to switch back to Doctor Who soon, so I can catch up with Eight by the time the new series starts in the fall. I'm four episodes of EDA and all four Dark Eyes behind.

The Beautiful Struggle: A Father, Two Sons, and an Unlikely Road to Manhood by Ta-Nehisi Coates, narrated by J.D. Jackson
Difficult book to review for me because it's absolutely soaked in a culture more or less foreign to my own, and is intended for other members of that culture. So I did not, for example, understand about one in five words of the colloquial, or know the songs that make the book's soundtrack, or get about a third of the black history references, or for that matter the brand names of shoes or basketball players. Which is no fault of the book's, but did slightly detract from my experience of it. I got the comics references anyway.

So going past that, it was a strongly moving book. It's very easy to see the narrative of both Ta-Nehisi trying to find his way and who he was, and of his parents fighting tooth and nail to get seven kids through all the things in the world that were trying to drag them down. It's a tribute both to his parents, especially his ex-Black Panther father, and to the power of black history and culture.

I'll probably read it again in a few years to see if I pick up more then.

I'm actually still sifting through my impressions of the book, and might listen to it again sooner than mentioned in the review. The reader was very good. Impressions is a good word, as it seemed as though it were meant as an Impressionistic picture of West Baltimore in the late '80s and early '90s. Part of that is doubtless continuing his father's publishing tradition of books by for and about black men, so as mentioned above, it's not really meant for white chicks from Canada who are also a generation younger. But part of it was Coates using every ounce of his prose power to try to convey the power and the violence of the times. Like his parents are fucking heroic in their struggle to keep their boys alive, and he conveys those stakes and how everyone knew them. And the discussion of the different uses of violence was fascinating, with it as a survival tool, a form of discipline, almost a drug, a constant threat, a root to self-esteem, and also a root to ending up dead. Coates Sr's relationship with the Black Panthers underlines that, as does the black cultural movement that Coates Jr. is part of, and Coates does a really good job of conveying the intricacies and motivations around all that, as well as how they shift all the time.

Also the various expressions of black culture, from the shadow canon of black literature that his father is intent of preserving and disseminating, to various reclamations of African history and culture, especially drumming, to hip hop and how utterly world-changing it was in the '80s. Coates weaves them all together as absolutely essential, and it's very evocatively done. Even I can feel the power there.

The attitude towards women is a little unfortunate. Because it's covering his teen years, he doesn't really... interact with his female peers until the end of the book, and mostly his teen brain is alternating between "So hot!" and "Ack! Girls!" So we don't see younger women as much other than objects until he hits senior year. Though his mother and female teachers are portrayed positively, if not with as much depth as his father gets, he lived in an extremely homosocial world.

TNC has a new book out in a few weeks (publication pushed up in light of Recent Events), which I'm very interested to read.

I finished Daredevil, which as people had mentioned got much stronger from episode ten on. Also I started skipping the torture and blood scenes. I have pretty mixed feelings about it. spoilers )

Taking recs for Karen/Matt/Foggy. [ profile] poisonivory has some excellent Matt/Foggy stuff on her LJ (and probably AO3), if that floats your boat. Mostly I'm really looking forward to aka jessica jones.

And I need to get an icon of Matt's shirt from Waid's Daredevil #7. You know the one.
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I think I may be the only person in modern times to have read Extreme Justice right through three times. It doesn't really get any better, that's for sure. For one thing, changing writers four times over nineteen issues is never a good sign, especially when it's all supposed to be the one arc. For another, what was it with the '90s and clone angst? Captain Atom: ripping off everyone's storylines since 1987. I miss you, Nate.

If you leave out the demon babies, yelling for the sake of yelling, pointless love triangles and terrible art, the core of the story is really about realising that you actually aren't being all that you can be (as is, in this case, demonstrated by an evil twin who is consistantly handing you your ass), and there's quite probably nothing you can do about it. With the further addition of some gaslighting, and having to face up to powerlessness and learn a new way through. It's about social isolation and failed coping strategies, which is why I was always morbidly fond of it, and wanted to poke at the set up a little bit more. I can't actually remember how I planned to defeat the villain though. In canon, it was done with a massive amount of handwavium and an epic lack of fucks left to give (as a new writer came in), which wasn't as satisfying as it might have been.

My brother got me Neon Jungle's Welcome to the Jungle for my birthday (by means of buying it online and getting it mailed to me in my name, so I just opened it and realised later it was probably supposed to be a present). I've been listening to it more or less non stop ever since. It's just so positive and swaggery. Yay, girl bands!
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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. I hate tagging, just do it if you wanna.

1. The Wailin' Jennys - "Arlington"
2. Rammstein - "Ich Will"
3. Melissa Etheridge - "I Could Have Been You"
4. P!nk - "Family Portrait"
5. Half Moon Run - "21 Gun Salute"
6. Ramin Djawadi - "Things I Do For Love"
7. Gillian Welch - "I Made a Lovers Prayer"
8. Christopher Gordon - "Adagio"
9. Billie Holiday w/ Teddy Wilson & his Orchestra - "I Cover The Waterfront"
10. Neko Case - "Afraid"

So, Yeah. Folk music. Also movie soundtracks, and sometimes metal.
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There's a Big Finish Sale on the Eighth Doctor Adventures, from the introduction of Lucie Miller in "Blood of the Daleks" (guest starring Hayley Atwell) though the latest Dark Eyes. These are some of my favourite Big Finish Doctor Who stories, and Lucie's probably my favourite of Eight's companions (though I like Molly from Dark Eyes a lot), so I'd check them out if you like radio plays.

They were commissioned by the BBC when they started the TV series up again, and initially take the format of forty-five-minute episodes with one or two part stories, and a small amount of arc plot. So if you're more used to the modern TV show, they're a little easier to get a handle on pacing wise than the main range of Big Finish which is closer to the episodes-in-serial style of classic Who. Eighth Doctor Adventures do eventually drift back to longer episodes, and by the Dark Eyes stories are each four hours long, and really intense.

(There is one story missing from the sale, which you do need to listen to for continuity, "An Earthly Child," which goes between series three and four of the EDAs, and features Susan Foreman, but it's not that expensive as a stand alone.)

If nothing else, do check out the Top Gear parody episode "Max Warp" which stands on its own.

You know how I did signs of spring, and signs of autumn this year? Signs of winter: it snowed on me at the 0330 weather observation, and the sun set at 1628.

Two albums I've really been enjoying lately:
Lang Lang - The Chopin Album which has the entire second set of etudes, and some very nice nocturnes, as well as other less-played pieces. I really just love listening to this while reading or avoiding dealing with stressful things.

You+Me - Rose Ave. which has Dallas Green/City and Colour and Alecia Moore/P!nk singing folk music. Super pretty stuff that leans mostly on harmonies and lyrics, and not at all on rock and roll. Bit of a change, but it works.

Good news: The Musketeers may be coming back as early as late December or the first week of January. AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING!
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I realise that I didn't ever do a post on the music festival. It was fantastic all around, I discovered a bunch of new bands, and saw some old favourites. The weather was too hot in the day and too cold at night (we were camping), but there was always swimming in the river and huddling together for warmth.

I've been thinking a lot about the k.d. lang show, and why it worked as well as it did. Part of it is, of course, that she has an absolutely heart-stopping voice and the ability to make it do exactly what she wants, but I think more than that is her stage presence, and what that means. Here is a woman who is something like middle aged, not especially good looking by conventional standards (which are fucked up), somewhat androgenous in dress and presentation, kind of a goofy dancer, singing music in a slightly dated style (she did a couple of Tony Bennett songs that fit right in with the show). There are so many things about her that should be your mum average, but it's not. She completely pwns, and it's not in denial of any of the above, it's completely accepting all of that and saying, Fuck you, societal norms; I'm awesome! And she is. She utterly is. She's out and gay and fabulous, and she wants everyone to know it but doesn't care what they think, and it's just... That's me, up on stage will a million-dollar smile, a voice to die for, and the audience eating out of the palm of my hand. She's so charming, it's alarming how charming I feel.

I'm up to Volume Six of Fullmetal Alchemist and loving it so far. I tried One Piece a while ago, and didn't really connect with it, but this is great. It's got a lovely blend of angst, humour, charm, social commentary and intrigue. I'm pretty much totally invested in all the characters, and what's going to happen next. I've been assured that Roy Mustang is the best, but I don't think I've gotten far enough in to tell. Onward.

Comics this week (ones I couldn't stand to wait to hit town for anyway): Daredevil #15 and Captain Marvel #1. Both, solid, emotionally resounding superhero comics that had angst and joy and humour all in one. They should be handed out and taught.
DD: My reactions on reading (based on what was happening to the character, not a reflection on the writing (though that and the art were amazing)): D: D: D: D: >:[ D: D: :'( :'( ((((MATT)))) -holds breath- .... .... :D :D :D \o/ \o/ \o/ I <3 U, Tony! :D Oh. Fuck. D:
When was the last time you did that reading a 22-page floppy?

CM: Generally I loved it. Carol was just such a badass, and not in a Strong Female Character kind of way, in a brash, vain, resilient, compassionate fighter jock kind of way. She felt like a real person with real friends, and real hear-aches, and I loved her mentor (a new character and you really should check out Kelly Sue DeConnick's literary and real life inspirations for this comic, and Legacies by [ profile] twtd about said mentor). The monologue at the end may have made me tear up a bit. My only two quibbles were: Too much Spider-Man, they get time together in his comic, and it felt tacked on here, and the colouring was kind of... idk ghoulish? Not a good match with the rest of the art.

Sitting this week out on Master and Commander reread. I read the chapter, but didn't feel up to commenting. We'll see how I feel next week.

The last two weeks of Continuum (not today's episode, which I have not yet seen) have really picked up the show's game. It was great before, but now it feels like the plots starting to hurtle towards the season (series?) finale. The grey areas are growing, master plans are moving forward, and everyone is gearing up for... something. My only quibble is the way police discipline was treated last week. I tend to give cop shows a pass because they're only tangentially connected to reality at best, but somehow having it be the VPD hits me harder. I really don't want to see them being so casual about such things. They've got in enough shit for it in RL lately, that this makes me go :/ at the heroes rather than root for them. Hopefully they will clean up their act in future.

So I watched The Eagle and rather liked it. The plot was pretty light, there were a few too many battle scenes, and a bit too much running about, and the Iraq allegory near the start might have been slightly heavy handed? I guess it's as good a short hand for "empire" as any. Given all that, the story completely rests on the relationship between Marcus and Esca, and they totally sold it. I thought both actors were excellent, and I don't really know why CT gets ragged on so much, and man, all my kinks, right there. The trust issues, the Strong Feelings about Loyalty, the additional trust issues, the bonding, the clash of cultures, the betrayal, the love! Great movie from my fannish perspective (Dad: I'm glad it wasn't any longer).

So then I read the book, The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutclif, and I was... kind of underwhelmed? Like it had lots of great background information, and much greater historical accuracy, and an actual girl, and she was fierce and awesome, and a puppy, and a map (which was great, the first scene was in Cornwall, who knew?), and less battle scenes and gaps in logic. So that was great, but they kind of took out the part I actually liked. It just read a lot like a 1960s YA novel (which is is), where the conflict is almost entirely between Team Hero and an External Force. Marcus and Esca iron out their differences so quickly that all the lovely tension and trust issues just isn't there. Plus the original had the characters as rather more generic and likeable (which is why they got on so well so soon), and that was fine, they had fun adventures and I was entertained for a couple hours, but, but, but... that's not what I liked about them in the movie. I wanted to read about them growing into a relationship, and that mostly seemed to happen in the "As the months past" part. Kind of disappointing, really.

I have the next in the series from the library, and will try it but probably won't press on if things don't pick up.

Saw True Grit and liked it a bunch. On a meta level, I kind of want to read the book and see the older version of the film for the meta experience, but on the other hand, I can do about one western a year, and that was it.


Aug. 18th, 2011 05:11 pm
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I have watched this roughly twenty times in the last twelve hours. Then I downloaded the MP3.

The film was about a horrible horrible person who was toxic to everyone around him, and this is the last song in it, from the PoV of his wife. It may be one of my favourite fuck off and die break up songs ever. It's just so satisfying.

Two versions behind the cut. )
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I haven't been writing lately, so drabble meme:

1. Put your mp3 player on shuffle and take the first 25 songs it gives you.
2. Link to the lyrics.
3. Let people choose a song and assign character(s) to write a drabble to.
4. Any titles not struck through are open for choice.
5. People may assign up to 5 fics.
6. Chosen fandoms: Marvel Comics, Highlander, A-Team (2010), other things you know I'm familiar with
7. After all songs are used, repeat step one.


25 Songs Behind the Cut )
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I'm currently having a lovely time snuggled up in bed with Nenya and two lap tops. We watched Doctor Who, and I'm now making her read the very slashiest bits of the Iron Man/Captain America trade paperback. Yes, it's really called that, and wow, is it slashy. AND, as a bonus, in between the Gone with the Wind issue and the issue wherein Tony spends four pages admiring Cap's "Azure eyes, " it has the Cap annual with the mind controlling fish! So adorable.

I am also very fond of the new Thunderbolts by Parker, especially Spoilers )


This song is like 300% better when sung by a woman. Women claiming their own awesomeness is a huge kink.
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A brief illustration of my, currently rather scattered, writing process.

Trying to write a scene with conflict then resolution.
Listening to Johnny Cash: can't get my characters to start fighting.
Listening P!nk: Can't get them to stop fighting.
Listening to Tori Amos: Can't get them to do anything at all.
Listening to Blind Boys of Alabama: Things work out in the end.

A couple of pages from Wolverine: Weapon X #10 (of all places) that have the cutest Luke/Jess + Dani scene. See more )

Oh, Wow.

Jan. 29th, 2010 11:52 pm
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This is now my new definitive Steve/Tony song.
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I made a soundtrack for my current WIP (because I'm productive like that!). It's somewhat eclectic, possibly not that even in tone, and totally my favourite. There may be thematic spoilers, but anyone who knows me, knows how I'm going to end this anyway.

Please comment if you're taking something, and I love feedback.

Back Cover, Details and Links )
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From [ profile] ileliberte: After Ellen's list of the Top 100 Sexiest Women and After Elton's list of the Top 100 Sexiest Men. Aside from The Pretty spam, I think some of the choices are very interesting, especially in comparison to each other, and to mainstream heterosexually-produced lists of this sort.

Also, this amuses me immensely. For those not familiar, Mindless Self Indulgence is a punk rock band. They have the coolest base player in the world. Thanks to [ profile] monkeycrackmary for the link.

Title: The Geek's and Goon's Guide to Holidays
Author: Like the River and Koschka ([ profile] likethekoschka)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Words: 12,600
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Pissed off squirrels, redemption, and the Gift of the Magi. Christmas comes to Atlantis.
Notes: So [ profile] ileliberte and I were chatting about tropes we didn't like in this fandom, like woobie!Rodney, excessive angst, and and just about anything relating to the episode "Trinity," when she mentioned holiday fics. That made me say, well, yes, most of the time, but there was this one a few years back that was the funniest damn thing I had ever read. And yes, I am recommending McKay/Sheppard set in a universe where they're married, by two immensely popular authors, and I know that's not like me at all. But seriously, it's got Attack Squirrels, and Strange Athosian Customs, and Multi-lingual Talking Christmas Trees, and Vindictive Czech Scientist, and really, what's not to like? Go read it.
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I've been meaning to do with for a while but haven't got around to it. There was a meme involved but I've lost it, so feel free to make your own. Here are twelve songs that I currently listen to way more than can possibly be good for me. A lot of times I can't explain why I'm so taken with them. Many are old favourites, but some are new to me. In no particular order, and with apologies for the megaupload links:

Wailing Jennys - "One Voice"
Canadian Folk Music. I saw them this summer again, and find the intertwining voices absolutely entrancing. This is perhaps their finest song.

Jim Byrnes - "12 Questions"
Canadian Blues. I saw him this summer too. There are better, and more interesting songs on this album, blues pieces that show of his guitar better and have lyrics with actually content, but for some reason this really grabbed me.

Dougie MacLean - "Mary Queen of Scots"
Scottish Folk Music. Another summer favourite, though I might also stalk him just a little. This was the song he didn't play. It's one of my favourites, I find it haunting and intriguing, and I went to everyone of his shows, and he didn't play it. Here it is, though recordings never could do him justice.

Tom Lehrar - "Smut"
American Comedy. [ profile] acaciaonnastik gave this one to me originally, and I've been listening to it of late. Couldn't say why -g-

Sugarcult - "Los Angeles"
American Rock. I got this off a mix somewhere and have been pretty much obsessed with it ever since. I actually honestly don't know why.

Muse - "Time Is Running Out"
British Rock. Ditto.

Dire Straits - "Brothers in Arms"
British Rock. I think this is the only Dire Straits song I know, but I've been obsessed by it for years.

Amy Winehouse - "Back to Black"
British Rock. I think if Mae West lived in the twenty-first century, she'd be Amy Winehouse. I may be developing a crush.

Lennie Gallant - "There Must Be Another Song"
Canadian Folk Music. Saw him again this winter, where I first heard this song and immediately fell in love with it.

Sorten Muld - "2 Søstre"
Danish Techno Murder Ballad. I first heard this song when I was twelve or so, and have been obsessed with it ever since. I the lyrics are appalling, but that voice...

Greg Brown - "If I Ever Do See You Again"
Ameican Folk Music. A sad love song from my favourite singer. I've only seen him once, years ago. He has a voice like really good sex.

Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto - "Corcovado"
American/Brazilian Bossa Nova. Dad's trying to teach me to play a stripped down version of the melody line on the guitar (which I haven't played in ten years). With a lot of counting, tapping and profanity, I can manage to plunk out the first four bars. Some of the time.

I tried to put up a download them all at once option, but my connection's not having any of it tonight. Sorry.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 12:53 am
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After years of emotions varying from indifference to incomprehension to annoyance, I have finally gorked Johnny Cash. Or maybe it's just that this one song is incredibly compelling, I'm not sure. I'll figure it out tomorrow. In the meantime... wow.
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I am currently terribly fond of "The Innkeeper" by Lennie Gallant, so I'm sharing the love. If you love folk music, that is. Christmas folk music. Religious Christmas folk music. Okay, I may have just reduced my potential audience to zero there. It really is a lovely song though.
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I guess I'm the only person who's, if not glad, than vaguely relieved that youtube is starting to take vids down (note: [ profile] doublej42: take our vid down, eh?). It's not that I think it makes sense. I mean vids essentially advertise both the show and the music. And we at least own all of our source material, and I've bought several CD from artists I never would have run into had someone not vidded them.

However, I never, ever watch vids on youtube. I can't stand the quality and much prefer to have them on my drive for later rewatching. I would far rather download them from an ad-heavy and generally irritating site like megaupload than watch them on youtube. Now many people put them up on both, or better still several download sites, but too many people seem to consider sticking them up on youtube to be enough, and leave it at that. Now they will have to look for alternatives. Or they won't post them at all, which I really hope isn't the result of this.

Quicky Rec

Nov. 6th, 2006 10:13 pm
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Title: Sea-change
Author: [ profile] marycrawford
Fandom: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Rating: PG-13, mature themes, Hercules/Iolaus/Nebula
Season/spoilers: Season Four Episode "Web of Desire"
Word Count: About 2,350
Summary: Hercules worries, Iolaus comforts, Nebula watches. For a while.

Notes: 1. Nebula. 2. A ship. 3. Nebula and Iolaus on a ship. 4. With Hercules. 5. Ecaxtly how I've always seen Hercules/Iolaus, an idea which lamentably few others seem to share. 6. Very hot. 7. OMG! YAY!

ETA: If it's mildly alarming to want to vid Hercules/Iolaus to Greg Brown's "You Drive Me Crazy," it's down right terrifying to want to do the same to Janis Ian's "Cosmopolitan Girl."
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Am I the only one who has to firmly quash violent urges when faced with any sort of publicity for the new Charlotte's Web movie?

I really want a Young!Jason/Alcmene icon with caps from "Twilight" but am too busy to make it right now. Is there any hint of that in Young Hercules? Also possibly an animated one of Callisto and Ares playing Rock Parchment Dagger. How to tell [ profile] muccamukk's current fanish obsession: look at the ratio of icons per fandom.

I am also interested in the relationship between Hercules and Zeus. My weakness for parent offspring dynamics strikes again, and I may pick up this theme. More BSG research material tonight anyway.

I think that "You Drive Me Crazy" by Greg Brown would make an excellent Hercules/Iolaus vid. This is probably not a good sign re: my mental well being. I am however, puzzled as to why I have never seen a Greg Brown vid to anything. For example: "Spring Wind" would be good for Hercules; "If I Ever Do See You Again" for Aragorn/Arwen; "Small Dark Movie" for Sam Winchester; "'Cept For You and Me, Babe" for Adama/Roslin, and I'm sure I could think of more if you gave me a minute. Folk Music = unexplored gold mine.

Think I'm coming down with a cold.



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