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Maybe it'll ... get better?
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Title: Vid: Brighter Than The Sun
Author: [personal profile] shinyjenni
Music: Colbie Caillat
Fandom: Star Trek (Beyond-focused, but all of it)
Characters: Everyone!
Rating: G, some fast cuts.
Summary: "Lightning strikes the heart", or, me/Star Trek OTP
Notes: It's just so happy! It makes me so happy! Also, I love "This is where it starts" over Uhura->Troi->Janeway.

Title: Savage Lovecast Episode 69: Pounded in the Butt By Savage Lovecast Episode 69 [Transcript]
Author: [ profile] Edonohana
Fandom: Savage Love (Podcast) RPF/Chuck Tingle - WORKS
Characters: Dan Savage, Caller
Words: 2,100
Rating: Mature
Summary: Dan Savage: So you’re getting pounded in the butt by your own concept of linear time. Caller: Right. Dan Savage: What is that like? Caller: Well, Dan, it’s kind of confusing. On the one hand, it’s fucking amazing hardcore gay action. On the other hand, last month I was double-teamed by the sociopolitical implications of Putin influencing the American Presidential election in order to install a tiny-handed fascist Cheeto in the White House, and by the historical precedents of Trump’s demagogic takeover of America for the purposes of personal profit and destroying all the best ideals of our nation.
Notes: There's also a podfic.

Title: Welcome Home
Author: [ profile] ShibaScarf
Characters: Ted/Booster, Michelle, Rani
Words: 1,700
Rating: Teen
Summary: Ted comes back to life, courtesy of Waverider. Who the hell is Waverider?
Notes: I'm basically happy to read Ted/Booster fixits until I die. This is a great one.

Title: Rivers of Ankh-Morpork
Author: [personal profile] melannen
Fandom: Rivers of London/Discworld
Characters: Peter, Angua, Vimes, Lady Sybil, Nightingale
Words: 6,300
Rating: Teen
Summary: The Faceless Man miscalculates, and Peter Grant falls into a river. ...well, more onto a river, really. He may have bounced.
Notes: Fun crossover with a nice bit of h/c towards the end.

Tie Ins

Oct. 13th, 2016 11:55 am
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I was deeply amused to see that McCoy was wearing a Pyrrha necklace in the final scene of Star Trek Beyond. A couple people thought it was a call back to McCoy's civilian outfit in TPM, which is possible. New!McCoy has the Carpe Diem one. (Not completely in keeping with McCoy's eternal cynacism, but possibly an ironic gift? Or the little flying hourglass does at a distance look like a caduceus.) Anyway, I got the Martlet & Heart one for Nenya as an anniversary gift this year. Local designers make good, I guess.

Nenya and I both want Kirk's Starfleet mug from the Captain's Log section, but a very brief poke around the Internet has not revealed one for sale. I'd think there'd be official merch, but nope. A couple people have done Cafe Press versions, but the mug shape is wrong.

Also, yeah, I pirated it. I'll buy the DVD in a few weeks. Also the pirated subtitles were awful and I had to redo them.

I had a dream that I was assigned to write a Ghostbusters fic, but it was due before I could lay hands on the movie. Woke up to find that my Highlander shortcuts assignment was out in truth, and that I would not be required to watch media that I don't actually have. (Also getting Ghostbusters soon.)
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I made eight episodes of Luke Cage before I got too busy to focus and set it aside for later. As of that far in, I was very much enjoying it. I wasn't as utterly sucked in as I was with Jessica Jones, as LC seems to be a bit more of a standard superhero story, though I am enjoying the Harlem setting, and of course Luke. Luke it totally the ultimate woobie. Endless terrible things happen to him, and he angsts beautifully. I'm a little disappointed that it's not more punch in the face political like JJ was, but on the other hand having a show that is majority PoC cast is in and of itself political, so there is that (it was just billed as sort of being about current race relations in the US, and from my admittedly limited perspective, it's not deeply engaging there). ANYWAY! Beautiful angsty Luke! And a really great cast and a really great sound track. I'm very well content on those counts.

Watched the first and last episode of Prison Break for Mick/Snart context. I enjoyed the brothers and Strong Feelings About Loyalty, but wasn't that invested in the arc or things set in prisons.

Watched the first three (I think) episodes of Grace and Frankie, which was cute, had a great cast, and my teen crush on Sam Waterston was not invalidated, but which was a bit too embarrassment squicky for me to invest in.

Oddly, the first two episodes of Don't Trust the B— in Apartment 23 didn't ping me the same way. I'd happily watch those terrible people forever!

Found ALL of Star Trek, and randomly watched "Dagger of the Mind" and "Devil in the Dark" which were both pretty great. I'm all for Kirk h/c and Spock running around yelling, "Jim!" while quietly panicking. I also really like the sort of mode of the setting. I always forget how polite Kirk is, or if not polite than perhaps formal. I kind of like a future where everyone is called, "Sir" or "Mr. Surname." And there are massive amounts of h/c and strong feelings about loyalty. And, for that matter, Kirk pointedly not sleeping with junior officers of his own crew. I just really like original Star Trek. Also watched the Spock/Bones bits of "Bread and Circuses," which was a BS episode, but had lovely moments.

Watched Zootopia, which I hadn't seen, and which we both enjoyed quite a bit. Also Men in Black 3, which I hadn't seen, and Nenya had. I have questions about the time travel mechanism, but otherwise liked it quite a lot. Could have used more Emma Thompson, which is so often the case.

Randomly watched the really angsty bits of The Incredibles, which underlined how much I disliked the character design and gender politics, but how much I liked the angsty bits.

Ditched Nenya and went to a subtitle-less version of Star Trek Beyond, which I want to watch again! I want it now! Tyranny of DVD releases! Anyway, yes, good. First thing that's felt like Star Trek in a while. I loved making Sulu gay (FINALLY!). I loved all the friendship and family and being about what Starfleet means. I loved Jaylah, and her interactions with Scotty, and how you could see her watching the bridge crew like Jean Valjean staring at that loaf of bread. Needed more Idris Elba. Great Uhura and Sulu solving mysteries. Great Spock/McCoy h/c. Great Anti-Militarisation of space spiel. Yorktown was GORGEOUS. Too much of it was shot in the dark, so in 3D I was left a bit lost. Just loyalty and family and exploring space, and I'm very happy. More like this please.
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Re-reading childhood favorites - do you do this? And what where your experiences? ([personal profile] thady)

I think my childhood favourites were almost entirely Star Trek and '80s SF/F novels, which I would honestly LIKE to reread, but never seem to find the time. Here's three I've gotten around to though.

Star Trek: Best Destiny by Diane Carey
I loved this one as a kid almost entirely because it had one of my favourite tropes: I thought you were dead! In my favourite variation too, which is Father Thinks Child Is Dead. It also had father son bonding, of which I am fond. Hit it up recently for the h/c value, and found that I Carey's writing was a little more melodramatic and cliché than I'd remembered, but the h/c was still gold. If it read it for the first time now, I probably wouldn't like it as much without the nostalgia factor, but still enjoyed it.

StarBridge by A.C. Crispin
Entirely fantastic series about humans and aliens learning to get along. It was great then, it's still great now. I notice it being heavy handed a bit more, but eh. Would rec is as YA space novels to anyone. I need to get around to rereading the rest of that series.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
I honestly get more out of this every time I read it. I love it passionately, and it never gets old. I could stand to read it again, actually.

Which is pretty good, but I'll admit that there are books I loved when I was younger that I more or less let lie because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like them as much, and why spoil the memory. The collected works of David Eddings and Mercedes Lackey spring to mind.

(Still lots of talking meme days left, if you like)
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It's going to be okay.

I saw someone, possibly on tumblr, saying that the reason that Trek was so grimdark these days was that we are modern cynical people who can no longer believe in the optimism of the glorious past. Which is... not how history works. I love that Star Trek came at a time when the Cold War was pretty well convincing everyone they wouldn't live out the decade, and SF had strong unending-war-with-aliens and dystopia themes. But here was a future where people not only survived but flourished.

Granted, there were a lot of short skirts and neo-imperialist implications, and more recent variations have expanded the universe with a good deal of needed nuance, but the baseline still stands. I'd like Star Trek to be like that again.
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Again, I'm Muccamukk over at NaNoWriMo, if anyone wants to be buddies. I'm making the rest of this fast so I can get to my word count.

[community profile] fandomgrowthexchange is looking for pinch hitters. That's 2k due by Friday, for those who haven't run into them before. I'm already working on one, but there's some good ones not claimed.

Here are some short shortfic recs from Trick or Treat exchange, by fandom:

The Queen of All the Living - Chronicles of Narnia, Susan Pevensie, G
At age sixteen, Susan Pevensie starts a girl gang.

A Beginning - The Lord of the Rings, Éomer/Lothíriel Éowyn & Lothíriel, G
Lothíriel surprises Éomer in the middle of the night before he leaves to go back to Rohan.

Off Color - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015), Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo, Teen
Illya and Napoleon go undercover in a drag bar. Illya...tries to cope.

Just Us Three - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015), Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo/Gaby Teller, Gen
Napoleon, Illya and Gabby find some time to celebrate together. (Illustration/art)

Taking Care of You - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, Explicit
Fanart: NSFW (also involves bondage and pain play)

and then, and then - Pacific Rim, Mako Mori, G
It’s at the Shatterdome, they say, and so she goes.

Hallowe'en in the Delta Quadrant - Star Trek: Voyager, Tom Paris & Naomi Wildman, G
Tom volunteers to take Naomi Wildman trick or treating.
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1 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?
Probably Star Trek novels. I had hundreds of the things as a tween-teen, and they reassured me that A) paddling around with the universe was a done thing, B) that women did it a lot and were generally best at it, and C) that h/c was a thing.

My first, thankfully unpublished fic attempts were Kirk&Spock H/C where they were trying to negotiate a treaty between two planets and Kirk was murdered and Spock had FEELINGS, and a GLORIOUS Mary Sue who was mixed species Gem Empath/Human/Vulcan/Klingon, who had been a Starfleet officer but was kidnapped by her Klingon family and lived there and married a Klingon, but was traded for her husband in a hostage exchange, and then ended up as the A&A officer on the original Enterprise (that was as far as I got, but I believe she was to die tragically saving Spock with her Gem Empath powers). The hours, and hours, and hours I spent writing these stories and torturing my family by making them copy edit them taught me a lot.

Mostly what pulled me in was the idea that I could tell my own stories with these characters. I could make them do and say what I wanted, to fill in the gaps that the show left open. Plus I lived on a lighthouse, so it was kind of bring your own canon, really, as we didn't get much otherwise.

Then we got the Internet, and I hit LotR fandom online (message boards c. 2000) and found out that other people were doing this and posting it on the Internet (I think I was planning to finish and sell my Star Trek novels to UPN), and that there were a whole communities of people who did this and commented on each others stuff and it was amazing and made out of rainbows and JOY!

The other questions )
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First off, I forgot to mention that I got this first one from Remix Madness. I thought I had, but... no? So here it is now, and eight femme remix fic, and one random fic I really liked.

Ten Recs: MCU, Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Star Trek: AOS, Babylon 5, Narnia, Leverage, Raksura, Stargate: Atlantis. )
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I would give the grey whales of this area five stars. Excellent viewing. Though perhaps not today, as it's foggy.

Seattle Review of Books: Talking with Nicola Griffith about the importance of counting women's stories.

Listened to Dark Eyes 4, which was again pretty disappointing, though I didn't make me want to break things like 3 did. They're back to linear storytelling for the Doctor, which helped, and the first two stories which were just sort of the Doctor and Liv bashing about London and Paris were fun, but once we got into the Master V. The Daleks V. the Sontarans V. the Doctor, OMG! I don't care! (Though Eight did manage to get amnesia at one point which pretty well never gets old). I think my problem with this series is that the moment the Master shows up, the companions change from characters to game pieces, and the writers don't seem to realise that. Molly is hardly there, though she gets some excellent scenes in the last act, and Liv spends half the time as a hostage (though we were fortunately in a mind control free zone this time around). I want Doctor Who to be about the Doctor and the companions sharing the universe, not the Doctor fighting people all the time, and the companions as liabilities. Spoilers: Read more... ) I'd heartily rec the first two Dark Eyes stories, and then probably just skip the next two.

The house we're staying in while here has a really good SF DVD collection, so Nenya and I have watched, so far, Star Trek "Operation – Annihilate" which was the blueray one with the new special effects, though these didn't apply to the slug things that still looked like fried eggs. Anyway, good for h/c but had both Nenya and I yelling, "THAT'S WHAT RADIATION IS!" at the screen. Then we watched Stargate: Atlantis "McKay and Mrs. Miller" because Nenya hadn't met Jeanie Miller yet, which was still good, though I find my tolerance for Rodney has gone down since I was in SGA fandom. Jeanie's still aces though, and SAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. Also watched Quantum Leap "Honeymoon Express" which has one of the best Sam/Al scenes in it, and surprisingly good consent issues, considering it was 198whatever. Oh, and the villain was oddly hot.

At the rate I'm going through my (Probably Totally Pie in the Sky) Reading List, I fully expect to be through it by the time I'm forty, if then. Anyway, finished another one.

Parable of the Talents (Earthseed #2) by Octavia E. Butler
I liked this one much better than Sower, it felt like it had more shape and more of a point. (Butler mentioned that it was meant to be one book, but got too long, so she basically hacked the first part off. Which kind of shows.) I really liked the lens of Lauren's daughter writing about Lauren as a way to come to terms with her mother and what she had done. It was such a fascinating relationship and one not easily resolved. Of the four characters that get first person voices in the book, each sees God, the world and the other view point characters completely differently, which is something a lot of books try for, but few manage so well.

Butler also said that the book was about what people did when faced with a broken country, and how different solutions came in conflict and how each worked out. Which is like jam for me, and I loved how what worked for Lauren wasn't what worked for other people, but that some approaches were obviously wrong, though you could see why people took them up.

On that note, Butler has come back around to slavery, and first person accounts thereof, so warnings for everything, OMG! It was really interesting to read this in the same year as Kindred, as it deals with some of the same themes, but at opposite ends of her career. I'm sad that Butler didn't get a chance to finish the third book, even though this one stands fine without and is a good ending.


-does the dance of joy-
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Total fire ban in our unit of the park has just gone into place. This is the first time that has ever happened, as they usually count on the fog to keep things damp enough. Camp stoves are still allowed though. So far there are two big fires on the Island, but none near here. The smoke has cleared out, though Brother on the east side of the Island is completely socked in.

CBC editorial: Focus on 'family violence' in cases of missing, murdered aboriginal women misguided: Closer look at RCMP report that put the onus on families, aboriginal communities reveals more complex picture.
This is a really good breakdown that I think everyone should read. The level of bullshit that it takes the RCMP to put their chronic failure to give any kind of a shit about Aboriginal women back on the First Nations community is absolutely infuriating. It's the sort of thing that slides past victim blaming and into institutional racism and a continuation of colonial policies.

Speaking of!

The Outside Circle by Patti Laboucane-Benson (Story) and Kelly Mellings (Art)
You sort of have to go into this knowing that it's going to be an Educational Book more than a story, but in that I did, and even though it's pretty 101 level First Nations History, it was stunningly effective.

Like, I know all this, and I've heard this story every day, but it's one thing to look at it, and another to see the way these pages put it together. It was a really astonishing collaboration of art, story and history, so when the Aboriginal mother signing away her child looks at the page, she sees not legalese, but the history of the government taking Aboriginal children, and signs to the line, "My son is now a part of this history." We see family trees that are tangled, and stunted, and non-existent. We see bears in the shadows, and paw prints in smoke. The art tends to three-colour with a lot of red, which works. Also, our hero is a dish.

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get a strong hold on issues facing First Nations men in Canada.

What I really liked about this book, aside from the above, was how it focused on personal responsibility, and First Nations people lifting each other up. There were no great white saviours in this story, but a lot of people with horrific personal histories doing their best to stand tall.


Born with Teeth: A Memoir by Kate Mulgrew and read by same
It was certainly a book about Kate Mulgrew! Firstly, I'm not always as interested in books by actors as they don't always turn out to be great writers, but this was very well done on a technical level. Mulgrew has a real head for prose, and I enjoyed her writing for itself. Her life story up to the millennium was interesting, but not extraordinarily so, but the writing and presentation made it sparkle.

Being that it's me, I could have used a little more about Star Trek, and probably less about various boy friends and husbands, but I loved all her relationships with women. Her mother is such a guiding figure in this book, for good and ill, and then Mulgrew is constantly surrounded by blood-sworn female friends. Then of course the search for her lost daughter, which is the through line of the later two thirds of the book. I was a bit perplexed that so much of the story was a love letter to her second husband when she must have either just broken up with him or been in process thereof when she was writing it.

Mulgrew reads the audiobook herself, which I would recommend. She has an admirable amount of confidence and swagger.

There was also an hour-long interview with Rosie O'Donnell at the end of the book, which was cute, but didn't add a whole lot. Apparently Mulgrew realises that she plays well with the queer lady demographic and is more than fine with that.
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Day 3 - Who is your least favourite character?
I'm going to define least favourite as one I want to spend the least time watching on my TV. The one whose episodes I generally skip, and with whom I have the least sympathy.

There's probably a couple ones on a lesser level: I generally skip Quark episodes not because I don't like Quark but because there's one Ferengi joke, and it got old a long time ago. I find Neelix grates a little, and Barcley generally hits my embarrassment squick.

But, oh God, I get so sick of Worf. Well, Klingons generally, but Worf as embodying them. The whole, patriarchal He-Man culture thing is incredibly tiresome, and getting whole episodes about it is more so: let us show off our lazy world building! Let us do it again! Nope.

And well, I don't like the thing that SF tends to do where aliens with one-note cultures Learn Better from spending time with humans. It's neo-imperialist trash, and I don't care for it. BUT, on the other hand, Worf episodes were almost always a struggle between his human friends who were nice and his blood culture that encouraged him to be an asshole to everyone, including his kid, and I'm always like, STOP BEING A JERK! Worry less about your precious and completely arbitrary honour and more about how you're causing the people who love you no end of trouble. Which, I should be more interested people respecting his culture, but MY GOD, so pointless.

(Oddly I had this problem far less with Torres.)

Plus he was always upstaging Tasha Yar, to the point where she basically got to do nothing, while we had to put up with yet another stupid Klingon episode, and then Tasha Yar died because the actor was tired of that shit, and we got MORE stupid Klingon episodes. And THEN Worf showed up on DS9 and infected Dax with his idiocy! No! Go away!

That said, Michael Dorn is an adorable dork, and, when written right, Worf can have great comic timing. So that's a thing.

The rest of the days )
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Day 2 - Who is your favourite character?
It's a difficult thing to decide a favourites when I like almost all of them for varying reasons. Are favourites the ones with think most about? The ones we most like to watch character-focused episodes for? The ones we want fic for the most? On my flist, one person has refused to choose, and the other has picked one character per series. I'm extremely tempted to the former, but if I had to do the latter, it would go thus:
TOS: Kirk as a role model when I was young for confidence and kindness. I wanted to be him when I was young. Though I seem to remember my Mary Sues going for Spock.
TNG: It would be Yar if she'd stayed (my biggest Star Trek regret), and it used to be LaForge, but as it stands it's Picard for his reserve and thoughtfulness and caring more than he'd like.
DS9: Jadzia Dax, for being herself and not giving a shit.
VOY: I'm sorry; I can't decide I love them all!
ENT: I've seen like four episodes, but I liked Hoshi Sato a lot.
AOS: Uhura for being kickass.

When I'm doing rewatches, I tend to go for the character-specific episodes for Yar, Crusher, Troi and Picard in TNG, and Janeway, Chakotay (even though they're all terrible), Tuvok, Torres and Seven for Voyager. I really just watch most of Voyager.

If I had to pick one for all of Star Trek forever it might be Tuvok, but I can't commit to that.

The rest of the days )
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Day 1 - Which Star Trek series is your favourite?
It's a hard choice. Like everyone else I've seen do this meme, I have a strong emotional resonance with TNG. It was the first one I saw, and the one I sort of came up watching. I love it passionately, and rewatch it when I'm feeling down.

However, my answer to that question is always going to be Voyager. That was the show that I loved the most, that I mentally wrote fic for, that I dreamed about, and in whose characters I felt most invested. Living out here, I had to pick one show, and that was it, and I don't regret it. Part of it might be the we want to get home quest, the feeling of displacement, but I think for me it's always going to come down to the characters. I loved them all, and I still do, and I'd have a very hard time picking a favourite because I saw myself in all of them at one time or another, Janeway's swagger, determination and love of science, Chakotay's religion and misguided honour, Tuvok's quiet compassion and loyalty, Torres' passion and defensiveness, Paris' fronting over uncertainty, Kim's wonder at the universe and constant feeling of being in over his head, Kes' empathy and curiosity, Seven's search for a place and identity, and so on. I loved how they fit together, and rubbed up against each other, the right and wrong way, and I rooted more for them than I ever have.

It's probably the second most unpopular opinion in Trek fandom, but you will take Voyager from me after you've taken every other SF show.

The rest of the days )
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King and Lionheart
Vidder: [personal profile] cosmic_llin
Song: "King and Lionheart" by Of Monsters and Men
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Characters: Janeway & Tuvok.
Notes: You can probably tell from the song and the characters exactly what this vid is going to be, and it's exactly that. I have a absolute weakness for Fierce Queens and their Stoic Men at Arms, and Voyager is best example of this ever. To conclude: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

As previously mentioned, [ profile] babylon5_love is doing a mini-rewatch, the episodes have been chosen (three B5 episodes per season, one movie and one episode of Crusade), and it starts Monday with "And the Sky Full of Stars." If you're in the mood for a rewatch, there's not a bad episode in the bunch,* and is pleasingly balanced for characters. Everyone is welcome, so do come join in.

*Possibly not the episode of Crusade I would have picked, but eh. Not much glory to be found there anyway, and it has a good Matheson subplot.
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Made an icon from this picture of Howard Charles, who has excellent eyelashes.

Rewatching The Musketeers, and the whole thing with Athos' almost Reform morality is interesting. Good people do good things, therefore Porthos, Treville and d'Artagnan are good and anything they do is good (or, in d'Artagnan's case, fundamentally not a good idea, but coming from a good heart). Bad people do bad things, therefore Milady, the Cardinal and he himself are bad and mostly what they do is bad. And you're watching this going, Oh, sweetie, no, because narratively, he may be right, but it's such a terrible idea. It's this kind of thinking that got you fucked up in the first place.

Similar to Joe Dawson from Highlander's knee jerk defence of his friends, and but you tend to see more how poorly that works out for him, in that he makes some pretty unfortunate friends over the years, and really should step back when they... turn into international arms dealers and/or start murdering people. Joe usually eventually did sort out his feelings, but the loyalty stuck until he was pressed pretty damn hard.

I have a loyalty kink, which I tend to sum up with the line from Christopher Moore's Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings: "I have pretty strong feelings about loyalty." And I tear up at that bit in the Star Trek vid "Long Live" when they hit the line "Take a moment and promise me this: that you'll stand by me forever" over Picard and Guinan, Janeway and Tuvok, Sisko and Dax, couples who were friends across time and space and generations, no matter what (all inter-racial, inter-species, cross-gender friendships that we don't see the start of). And I love that, the idea of an unbreakable bond, though life and death and life beyond death. If you give me a story that's that straight up, I'll be a happy pumpkin.

But I also love stories where someone has that kind of loyalty and is wrong. I was just showing Nenya random bits of Les Mis 2012, and the whole Javert character is a study in misguided loyalty to... something (the state? the law? god?). Look at Joe's death count for believing in the wrong person at the wrong time, which he only periodically deals with. Look at Gunnar from Sinbad, who used to murder civilians as a way of life, and didn't question it, until the day he did.

Usually, a character is introduced the week they turn out to be WRONG (see Marsac or Charon in The Musketeers, anyone Riker ever previously worked with on TNG), so the conflict of to whom Our Hero will remain loyal isn't super drawn out. However, there can be this perfect moment in fiction where an entire character's life falls apart because they realise that they were absolutely dedicated to the absolute wrong thing (then usually die "redemptively," which I hate with the burning fire or burningness).

I love watching someone rebuild after that. It's some of my favourite character development: someone who trusted absolutely, learned that trusting absolutely was a bad idea, and now has to figure out if it's ever safe to trust again, and if so how much and who.

It's probably why I'm enjoying Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as much as I am this year, tbh. Skye is my baby, and she's not learning the right lessons in there somehow.
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Just looking at the writer line up for the rest of series eight, and noticed that it's yet again all dudes. I'd blame Moffet, but RTD wasn't a lot better (he had two female writers, if you count Torchwood). The radio plays do a bit better, especially recently, with two or three women in their current stable of writers, several of whom also write the tie in novels, but both are still overwhelmingly written by men.

It's a bit of a shock coming out of Star Trek, which may have been majority men, but had a lot of prominent women on staff and always had, and most of the novels seemed to be by women. At least almost all of my favourite tie in novel writers were female (Carey, Duane, Crispin, Hambly, Rusch, Graf, McIntyre, Lorrah, Bonanno, Dillard, Reeves-Stevens, Fontana, Sherman, Shwartz), while I could only even name like three guys that I kept an eye out for (David, Cox and Vornholt).

Does anyone know why one SF franchise got so many girl cooties, and the other caught next to none? I'm genuinely baffled.
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The femslash round at [community profile] fancake is over, with 220 recs in 100 fandoms. You should check it out, if you weren't following already. I recced three dozen or so things, which you can find on my tag.

The latest entry there is this gorgeous Bend It Like Beckham wedding fanart by [profile] ileberte: Getting Married in Style, which you should check out because it's gorgeous.

You should all also check out [personal profile] cosmic_llin's new pan-Star Trek vid Long Live, it's an absolutely incredible celibration of the interconnections and relationships in that universe, with a meta angle of what it means to viewers over the years. Some of the lyric/image pairings are inspired, and I really, really love the deliberate almost fuck you inclusion of all the women. It's not just the long-term credited cast, it's Rand, Chapel, Guinan, Ro, Yar, Pulaski, Keiko O'Brien, Tora Ziyal, Ezri Dax, Kasidy Yates, Leeta, Naomi Wildman, Kes and hey, Rand again, and they were there, and this is their story too. And it's my story. I grew up with these people; they shaped who I am, and that's what this vid is about. My one wish would be that as well as including New Trek and Enterprise as legacy fandoms, it had also included some of the fan productions.
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First writing workshop post is up, in case anyone missed it. I'd probably rec tracking the tag. Especially as I'm posting enough to bury things these days.

Still spaces on the February Talking Meme.

Have converted HoS and dumped it onto my e-reader. I need to reread before I can finish the thing. I also need to edit the fuck out of it. Man, this has just turned into such a monster of a project. It's going to be close to 100k when it's done. However! Onward and upward. Only 167 pages to reread, then I can finish it, then I can rewrite it. Then I can edit it. Next time I think posting a WIP as I go is a good idea, please throw rotten fruit at me.

Listened to the last Excelis adventure, "The Plague Herds of Excelis" with Bernice Summerfield and Iris Wildthyme, which was pretty damn good. They met, they drank, they bonded, they rescued each other from peril, they saved a planet. The words "Doctor," "TARDIS" or "Time Lords" were literally never mentioned. Though I've got to say, the whole thing makes me even more annoyed at the Doctor. Spoilers ) Anyway, did enjoy this series over all except for the one with Seven, which was just too annoying.

Vaguely attempting to watch all of Doctor Who in order. So far I'm four twenty-minute episodes in. Too many women screaming and freaking out, and One is kind of a dick so far. I thought he was supposed to be the nice one. That's what fannish osmosis gets me, I guess.

Currently listening to Neil Gaiman read The Ocean at the End of the Road, which is okay I guess. I never can seem to care about any of his characters, and without that, it makes his longer works somewhat tedious. I'm most of the way through now, and I can't say listening to the man's voice for five hours is a bad thing, but mostly I'll probably give up on his novels after this.

Wedding planning continues apace. All of our musical elements, singer for the ceremony and the band for the reception, have dropped out, so we're trying to find replacements. Think it's almost worked out now. Spent the evening looking for local tux rentals for the dudes in the wedding party, and for advice for queer wedding participants. Pretty much everything is worked out. I think.

Pretty quiet on station. Had a few storms through, but nothing unusual. Lots of eagles this time of year. My life is boring.

15 character meme answers.

15 Characters )
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