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Jim Hines was doing this on his blog, and it seemed like a fun idea to alternately take up and ignore as I remember. The idea would be to post something from the same day at least a few years back in your blog archive. As a showcase of abandoned projects, works in progress and possibly wrong opinions. With or with out commentary.

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Random Supernatural Stuff
21 May 2006 [or partway through the first of two inglorious years in which I was hopelessly in love with Supernatural.]

Three Canon/Fanon Questions:
  1. How many times has Sam corrected someone for calling him Sammy? I've got three: Dean in "Pilot," Dean again in "Bloody Marry," and Jenkins in "The Benders."
  2. Other than not really wanting chips and pop for breakfast in "Pilot," has Sam ever commented on anyone's eating habits? Or even food in general?
  3. Has Sam ever given the impression that he thinks the Impala and/or Dean's obsession with said is a bit pathetic/strange?
I could probably look these up on my own, but am feeling totally lazy just now -g-

I've given up reading "Devil's Trap" sequels. They're all starting to blur together in my mind. I'm going to be a away from the 'Net between 1 June and 18 August anyway, so I think I'll just wait for the show. Does anyone know the actual date season two airs? I should know this, probably.

The current crossover infecting my brain is with the Canadian show Slings and Arrows, wherein Paul Gross plays Geoffrey, the artistic director of a Shakespeare festival, who is frequently haunted by the ghost of Oliver, his mentor/enemy and the festival's previous artistic director (whose actual skull is used as a prop for productions of Hamlet). I have this notion that Geoffrey somehow gets sacked, and Oliver's ghost starts raising hell in the theatre in order to force his reinstatement (which is not without precedent). Of course the Boys come up to try and exorcise it or whatever, and then things get complicated -g-

I no longer have SPN icons, but I think this one is from the same era.
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Cut for potentially triggery refernces to RL serial killers )
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Someone noted that having just read through two archives, several rec lists and the pit of voles, I ought to pass on my hard-earned wisdom and put together a rec list.

Unfortunately, I bookmarked nothing, so this is brought to you by vague memories of what I enjoyed, and is in no way exhaustive. Nine Recs Behind the Cut (By Author) )
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So, I have, like much of DW/LJ/JF I expect, been watching Supernatural fandom's latest melt down. [personal profile] amazonziti has the most comprehensive summary I've seen so far, and it comes with a great links round up.

In short, a white author wrote 80k of RPF about two white men having angsty romance with the 2010 Haitian earthquake as the background. If that were not in poor enough taste, the portrayals of PoC in the fic are, from excerpts I've read, pretty appalling. Other people have covered this better. I'm not going to here.

Poking around that got me to [profile] spnpermanon, SPN's anon meme. This is the main thread relating to the big bang in question. So I was cruising along watching the Wrath of Fandom unfold in horrified fascination, and noting that it was nice to see how many people seemed to get how uncool so many aspects of this were, when I hit this comment, and the following thread.
This is why I would never write anything with people of color in it.

Now, I assume that the commenter is referring the extensive criticisms directed at the author that occurred up thread, and how zie would never like that to happen to hir, so zie just didn't write anything that risked it. A lot of people in the thread agreed. Better not to risk the Wrath of Fandom. Better just to homogenise and write only white characters.

The assumption seems to be that writing characters of colour is inherently dangerous. That if you do, you may be voted out of fandom forever, and called a racist, which is, after all, the worst thing that can happen to us white people. But... I kind of don't think that's true.

The thing is, when people fail spectacularly like this author, the entire Internet sees it. There's metamobbing. Tears are shed. Curses are screamed. Friendships are broken forever. And yeah, the author probably will be known for hir fail for a long time. The whole thing is very dramatic and everyone remembers it.

But what happens when the author doesn't fail? Basically nothing. If zie writes characters of colour well, as many authors do all the time, nothing happens. The fic will get reviews. If it has a character of colour in the lead role, it might get fewer reviews than if it had starred fandom's favourite pretty white boys, but that's it. If an author writes about fandom's favourite pretty white boys and use characters of colour in secondary roles, then the reception probably won't change. At all.

The author may get a reputation among fen of colour as someone who is respectful and gets it. However, the chances of any author hearing this directly are low. The chances of the author getting a cookie for the act of treating hir fellow humans like... well humans approach zero. And that's the way it should be, as far as I'm concerned.

Allow me to illustrate. I'll use big bangs as that's the format we're talking about here.

Fics by White Authors that Star Characters of Colour and Have Yet to Cause the End of the Internet )

There was no drama, the all of fandom didn't get to hear about it, whether they knew the canon or not. So which do you think fandom as a whole remembers more?

So let us not make this just about writing characters of colour, because it's not.

White authors write fics with characters of colour in them everyday.

Are all of them good? No. Are all of them well researched and respectful? No.

Sometimes there's exchanges in comments. Sometimes eyes are rolled by PoC and allies and snark is exchanged on IM, and the author has less readers. Sometimes the author learns something and comes out more aware and generally better off for it. Sometimes zie doesn't.

To achieve this level of fail takes a level of special that, thankfully doesn't happen a lot (still way, way more than it should, which is never, and, yes, I am still looking for the brain bleach to remove the memory of the Starsky & Hutch fic that featured the My Lai Massacre).

Now if the comment had read:
This is why I would never write anything with people of color in it exploiting tragedy, perpetuating colonialism and oppression, and diminishing people of colour and indeed entire cultures via stereotypes, all so I can get my manpain and porn.

Then I would have liked the statement rather better.

Granted, it's less than ideal that it's a fear of public humiliation that is the only thing keeping someone from failing that badly. However, if it is the only thing preventing 80k of exploitive fail (rather than, say, caring about one's fellow humans) well, I guess I'll take it.

I think it's important that what's happening here gets talked about outside of SPN/J2 fandom. So please, boost the signal. Speak out, speak up. Not just about this fic and art, but about oppresive acts in fandom wherever you find them. Especially if you're white fen, because educating people about this shit is not the fen of colour's fucking job.


Jul. 10th, 2008 09:41 pm
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Title: Revelations
Author: [ profile] marinarusalka (story) and [ profile] ileliberte (art)
Fandom: Supernatural
Words: 24,300
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU. Veteran FBI agent Victor Henriksen isn't at all happy when a rookie ATF agent horns in on his investigation of a possible serial arsonist. Still, Agent Winchester's forensics expertise does come in useful. But as the clues and the bodies pile up, Victor begins to suspect that his new partner knows more than he's telling about the case.
Notes: I am not in this fandom, and haven't been for a year, but this is fantastic. It's got all the humour, drama and mystery that I loved in the first season. It's from Henrikson's POV, and it works remarkably well; I love his character. There's great stuff from the brothers, too, and Dean absolutely shines. Also: ART! YAY! If you don't want to read the story (even though you totally should), at least look at the shiny art here.
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I remember a while ago that I fic meme was going around wherein some would write a popular pairing like Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill from Stargate, only crossing over fandoms, so it would be Sam Winchester/Jack Harkness or something equally silly. The idea amused me greatly at the time, and though I never actually did it. I've been mentally compiling a list of names.

It's possible that I have too much time on my hands. Not that I'm avoiding dishes, or anything.

Here's what I could think of off the top of my head. )
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Most of you in SPN fandom have probably seen Luminosity and Sisabet's Women's Work by now, but if you haven't you really, really should.

Remember that essay that [ profile] monkeycrackmary wrote a while ago? Yeah, that didn't actually hugely change in season two. I have some hope for season three though.

I need to go watch Buffy slay things and scrub my brain for a while now.
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Top Ten Winchester Reactions to Wank on Livejournal by [ profile] deirdre_c (Gen, PG)
Hilarious. If you can't imagine these comments, I'm just not sure you're watching the same show.

Let's All Go To The Drive-In by [ profile] maevebran (Het, Vala Mal Doran/Daniel Jackson, PG)
Funny and sweet, and kind of perfect of their relationship.

A View From the Door by [ profile] io_aenaria (Het, Rose Tyler/Tenth Doctor, R)
From the point of view of a novice nun (who is not, I believe, a cat), watching Rose wait for the Doctor. I found the world and symbolism very beautiful.
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So not too long ago I found Twisting the Hellmouth, a site for Buffyverse crossovers with basically every other fandom in existence. That was a lot like giving me a lifetime supply of candy, and I have been enjoying it immensely ever since. Of course there are quite a few pretty awful stories in there, but here are a few that I really enjoyed.

Read more... )
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I just saw the first aired episode of The Dresden Files the other day, and have been thinking of it a fair bit. Okay, I've been thinking of two aspects of it a fair bit. The first of course is Bob, who is awesome. The second is, inevitably, how to cross it over with Supernatural -g-

Now on the surface, it's a reasonable match, they both have lone wolf hero types solving paranormal problems. Yay.

Down a level, it's not such a good fit. Harry Dresden may not be exactly upper class, but he's a practising magician in a world with organised magicians and councils of said, and plots and plans and games. It's all very High Magic, which does not at all match the world Sam and Dean Winchester live in, which is all working class, with everyone on their own pretty much, and only lose alliances of friends working together on occasion. It's urban myth and local folklore, not the stuff of grand epics, and Victorian poetry.

However, there is such a huge separation between the world Harry lives in and the one inhabited by the Brothers Winchester that they could very well coexist. I'm trying to think of an analogy, and the only one that's coming to me is the classic "Up Stairs/Down Stairs" British comedy's, which isn't entirely fitting, but does describe a world where two completely different groups of people inhabit the same space, while maintaining their own affairs and intrigues.

For one thing, Sam and Dean (and other hunters, one would assume) track down things from long standing patterns and history. They may initially look into a single strange occurrence, but they usually determine it as a valid hunt based on research. I have a feeling that the Wizard Council covers its tracks pretty well, as well as making sure that such events don't show up in the first place.

Another point is that Supernatural sometimes takes place in cities, but is usually more small towns, if not rural. Again, perhaps a side effect of the organised practitioners of magic keeping their own areas at least somewhat clean.

Finally, while the style of magic is different, it could easily just be different forms of the same thing. Harry having some inate gift that most Hunters lack, plus a fiar bit of practacal training. The glyphs that Bob uses are not that different from those seen in Bobby's spell books.

I am surprised I have not seen more fic along these lines. We could have Sam and Dean try to burn Bob's skull or something -g-
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Funny how I enjoy watching wank, right up until the moment that it shows up on my own flist. People frequently suck, and hey, it's hilarious to point and laugh at them in their worst moments. Then they do something that hurts someone close, and it's not funny any more. Also, jumping to conclusions does far more harm than it ever does good. Which is all I have to say on that topic for now. ETA: Except that there's a certain satisfaction to be had in watching the offender publicly eviscerated, so really, I'm probably just a bad person.

I was moving files over to Teyla the Laptop, and looking at names in the stories folder and thinking, "Wow, I have absolutely no idea what that is."

Often I would open it and find only a couple of lines and some research notes. For your amusement, or not, snippets from the depths that have received no editing, and which I will probably never finish, or even start properly. I will also spare you the really horrible romance I outlined when I was fifteen.

Pirates of the Caribbean

"Beginning Again"

He had never expected to see her again.In fact, he had journeyed halfway around the world to ensure that he never would. Contrary to popular opinion, James Norrington did not enjoy suffering.

But here she was. He knew her instantly, even after ten years, even with her back turned on the other side of a crowded room. He stared, catching glimpses of her though the milling guests, straining to hear a snatch of her voice over the music and chatter. He could feel his muscles tense, as though in expectation of battle.

Sherlock Holmes

Terai Tea )

Stargate: Atlantis


The Jenevi were in fact very polite and entirely courteous, nor had Lorne been exaggerating when he said that Jenev was a “closed society.” However, as a Jenevi politely and courteously hosed him down with scalding not-water, John reflected that he wouldn't have minded too much if this particular race had stuck with wanting nothing to do with the 'Lantians.


Colonel Everett staggered into the embarkation room soaked to the skin, a spear tip embedded in his calf and an archaeologist slung over his shoulder.


Mamawawa (Season One Spoilers) )

Nightmare (Spoilers for the Episode of the Same Name) )

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Andromeda

Underworld )
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Since the crew didn't come in because of dubious weather conditions and a lousy forecast, of course it was good flying weather for last two days. Now that they're supposed to try again tomorrow, it's pissing buckets and blowing a gale, with no visibility to speak of, and the swell's picked up. I'm sure that Mom will get in, but I don't see anyone slinging supplies in this muck. Perhaps it will blow through.

I made a sort of Thai fried rice for dinner; I'm looking forward to fresh groceries on Thursday. Cooking Without Ingredients is getting old.

I see that the movie that I hated the other night scored 94% on the Rotten Tomato Meter. There's no justice in the world, clearly. On the bright side, there's links to some hilarious negative reviews of 300, which really make my world a better place (especially the Village Voice one).

We watched the last of the we-have-to-see-before-Mom-gets-back-because-she-won't-watch-it-again films tonight. So far I'm 2/4 on liking that selection. The ones I did like were Schindler's List and Vera Drake. Then there was the Movie that Shall Not Be Named, and The Machinist (tonight's fare), which I found predictable, tedious, unsympathetic, and generally lacking in point.

I have decided that I won't spend any more time being pissed off at Ron Moore after this. He's so not worth the effort. However, one last spew: spoiler for 316 Malstrome )

Writer's Meme: Sometimes it's okay to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five favourite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them.
I'm enjoying everyone else's responses immensely, and it's kind of pathetic to respond when I only have maybe seven fics to my name, but since [ profile] linaelyn tagged me (and everyone else on her flist) here it goes. In chronological order:

To Walk in Dark Places Lord of the Rings, gen, PG-13. Forty years before the Fellowship, Denethor is captured by the forces of the Dark Lord. Aragorn must journey into the Land of Mordor to rescue him. My first fic that wasn't Original Series Star Trek Mary Sue, and my only finished long story. I am thus absurdly fond of it and it's connection to my early days of the 'Net and the Tolkien boards (even if it seriously needs revision, doesn't really get going for a few chapters, and ends rather abruptly). I still stand by my characterisation, and I loved writing Denethor and Aragorn sniping at each other. Also, I think this is one of the few LotR plots that no one else ever thought of.

The Splinter Master and Commander, gen, PG. A drabble. I originally got my LJ to participate in the M&C fandom here, which I did by writing quite a lot of drabbles. It's where I met most of the core member of my flist. This is, I think, the best of them, capturing a tiny moment in the movie, and reflecting on what might have been.

One Last Time Pirates of the Caribbean, gen, PG. Norrington visits Governor Swann's house, and Elizabeth, one last time. Hey, I kind of sort of predicted the second movie (what's the opposite of getting Jossed?). I seem to be a fan of repression in my writing, which is odd as it tends to annoy my in RL, but this is the very best of British Repression, from me, for you -g- I am very happy with how I managed to capture James' bitterness without over doing it.

Awakenings Sherlock Holmes, slash, PG-13. Holmes wakes up to a surprise, and for the first time in his life he has no idea what to do next. I wrote this for [ profile] bronzelionel while trying to write something else. He beta'd it into coherence, and it has some lovely tender Holmes/Watson moments. I think this is the most romantic of my stories.

Lost and Found Supernatural, het, PG Ten years down the road, Dean's not the only one who's having trouble letting go. I married off Sam! This is more of a fragment than anything else, a little snapshot of life-that might-have-been I wrote during the first season (which definitely shows). I had a lot more back story and even forward story figured out, but it never could work itself out on the screen. I think that the outsider's POV worked, as did the rather subdued relationship between the boys.

Consider yourself tagged, if you like. If not, don't.
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Title: Breakfast
Author: [ profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG (No Pairing)
Number of Words: About 300
Spoilers: The Pilot?
Notes: The second in my Mary the Hunter snippets. The first one is here. Thank you to [ profile] acaciaonnastik for the beta.
Disclaimer:I realise that the recognisable persons, places and things in the following story are not mine. As I am making no money from this, I respectfully request that no one sue me.

Read more... )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] culurien!

Some Supernatural thoughts regarding the latest episode and it's implications. (I haven't read anyone else's thought on this because I just watched it today [bit of a panic yesterday, when I realised that Dad hadn't remembered to record it Thursday, thank god for Space channel airing it a day behind). Spoilers for Houses of the Holy )

Egg Island Day Thirty-Three: Comics on the Air, Borges and True Characters, and a Recognisable Speaker.
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Title: Absolute Zero
Author: [ profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Number of Words: About 250
Spoilers: The Pilot?
Notes: This is my long threatened Mary the Hunter story. In part. I've decided to write in in a series of snippets, as that's what my attention span will support apparently. I may rewrite it in a more cohesive form later. I'm also doing this vaguely in connection with the [ profile] letter_love challenge, hence the odd title. Big thank you to [ profile] culurien for the beta.
Disclaimer:I realise that the recognisable persons, places and things in the following story are not mine. As I am making no money from this, I respectfully request that no one sue me.

Read more... )
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The following may come off as bitchy and unreasonable, but it's my journal and I can post what I want. I'm not cutting it for the same reason. This is not directed at anyone on my flist in particular, and I don't mean to offend any of you (except for you over there -points and laughs-).

Some of you may have noticed that I'm getting more twitchy in relation to fandom of late. The reason for this is that I'm changing my outlooks on life, have been over the last few years, and fandom is not changing with me, and I'm suffering separation anxiety of sorts. My problem with fandom is that I'm tired of men, but I don't know how to get rid of them. Wow, that came out really '70s feminist, which is good and bad. I'm not a man-hater. I can and do relate to male characters. It's not that I want to get rid of men in fandom all together. I just want to read more about women, for a change.

I find it very frustrating that the part of fandom that I participate in is written by women and for women and about men. Yes, you can blame canon. The women on sci fi and fantasy shows tend to be less detailed, more inconsistent, and somewhat overshadowed a lot of the time. However, I've been noticing more and more that shows respond at least somewhat to fanish demands. TPTB what to give us what we want, because then we'll keep watching. I don't think that fandom wants more strong women. They don't.

Case point, Andromeda: the cast has an equal number of men and women, with a range of personalities. The women are generally as well written as the men. Basically the entire fandom concentrates on one male character. Except for a little het (which is still about that male character, really). All women are resoundingly ignored.

Case point, Ginny Weasley is a slut.

Then there's the whole issue of Mary Sues. Now I know I've rallied against them in the past (though more the sueification of canon characters), and I still don't like a lot of the bad writing that often goes with them, but the more I think about it, the more I'm in favour of them in principle. If for no other reason than it adds women to male driven canon or fanon. Shooting them down is beginning to seem more like attacking women than bad characters.

I remember reading a female fan commenting of Supernatural that she liked her shows to be a "sausage fest," and thinking, "Wow... freedom of opinion and all... but how can any woman say that?" I avoid more male populated areas of the 'Net like boards, but there seems to be this alarming patriarchal slant to even woman-dominated LJ.

I haven't talked about this a lot before because it makes me look like such a hypocrite. I mean, I look over my own sad few stories, and it's Aragorn and Denethor, Holmes and Watson, Jack and Stephen, Captain Jack Harkness, Commodore James Norrington, Bors and Lancelot, Logan's POV on Marie, and a OFC's POV on Dean and Sam. The last perhaps being the more woman-centric of the lot, and the most recent. And even if I changed that, I don't write much fiction. I'm lousy at meta. I watch shows like Hercules: TLJ and Supernatural, which are pretty much entirely about men. I'm not about to start a super awesome website like [ profile] monkeycrackmary's (which is great to read and always makes me feel somewhat better, but isn't really about one of my fandoms). So it's not like I'm making a huge contribution to the feminist revolution here.

Put up or shut up, right?

The option of just deciding not to read things that are going to piss me off, and leaving fandom (though not LJ, of course) altogether, is beginning to seem like a good one. It seems like quitting, but I'm not sure what else to do.

It's just that keep hearing V -- of all people -- saying, "The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country," and it won't let me be.

Posting this publicly, because it'll be fair warning for any poor shmuck who stumbles in.
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So a few days ago, [ profile] monkeycrackmary posted a bit of meta called "Why Joey and Ross could hug Chandler after Chandler got engaged to Monica": the making-safe of male intimacy in a heteronormative television, using Supernatural as a primary example. (which one should be warned references incest, but is very insightful and well worth reading). It's a bit depressing though, especially after watching all the Het, Het, and Here, Have Some More Het in BSG this week. (really, I'm fine with het, but it's not the only option out there you know, and Moore and Eick are hypocrites for not acknowledging it).

Today [ profile] marycrawford (yeah, my flist is beginning to look like the Bible what with all these Marys -g-) posted I'd Like to Take You to a Gay Barn, which includes a copy of the most wondrously gay piece of television ever aired in the United States at prime time. See this icon, the one I've tagged "Gay Porn" -- she made that from that scene. Seriously, go watch!. It will put a smile on your face on this grey Monday morning. There's hope yet, I tell you!

Egg Island Day Eighteen: Brother's Post, There Be Whales Here, Gardening, and the Tale of Two Nipples.
Egg Island Day Nineteen: Ye Old Tractor, Saint Mark, and Pictures.
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Note the First: Lookit! [ profile] linaelyn fixed my icon!

Note the Second: Fact: It is usually warmer inside in Canada in the winter than it is outside in Canada in the summer.

Note the Third: I just got out of the last class I will take until at least fall 2008. I find that deeply terrifying.

Note the Forth: [ profile] sparowe is writing angsty House fic. Go read and offer praise!

Note the Fifth: Dad just sent me Sarah McLachlan's Christmas album, and it has made me happy.

ETA2: Note the Sixth: There's a new(ish) Kavan Smith interview up over at The SciFi World. Go read and enjoy!

Ramble: [ profile] rageprufrock just wrote a post about characterisation that reminded me of a topic I've been meaning to post on for a while now. Her main point (though you all really should read her rant as she is all articulate and stuff) is that she hates authors sprucing up McKay and making him super competent and smooth in fic. What she loves about him is that he is so utterly awkward in every situation that involves actual real people (and even those that have him talking to imaginary people). He's a dork. That's not going to change. He knows it. He's largely fine with it. Everyone else should be too.

This reminded me of a several things that had been on my mind of late.
1. My ramble from this spring about the problems of having a story with too many Chosen Ones and not enough people to do the actual work (also known as that Cracked Supernatural/The Lord of the Rings Thing).
2. That H:TLJ fic I read wherein the author gave Iolaus some godlike powers, and the point of the fic didn't seem to be How Would Iolaus Feel About That, but more to the effect of Now He's Finally Equal to Hercules YAY!
3. The alarmingly large part of the The Sentinel fandom that seems to feel that to be counted as a worthy companion to Jim, Blair has to come by some sort of awesome "gift" himself.

I inevitably feel like going for the Herculean approach to diplomacy and throwing up my hands and shouting, "What is wrong with you people?"

I think it's some sort of Mary Sue thing wherein the author identifies with the "weaker" character and wants to make them outshine everyone so that s/he can bask in vicarious glory.

The problem is that Rodney is fine with being socially inept. So are all of his friends. Blair seems pretty happy the way he is, and Jim has enough trouble with his own abilities without having to deal with a pimped up Blair (that came out horribly wrong, but oh well). Hercules loves Iolaus more because he's mortal and sticks by him anyway (though he wishes his friend would lay off the whole dying thing). Iolaus on his own part turned down offers of special abilities at least once - and all creators of Sue!Iolaus would do well to watch "The Apple" again to see what their fantasies really look like.

Instead of doing the character of the favour of showing how awesome they are, these authors seem to be insulting them by saying that the simply are not good enough as is and need to be "improved" drastically to be worthy of attention.

I know that is far from the intention of the authors, but by saying that the socially inept dorks are not worthy is alienating a hell of a lot of fandom. Saying that even brilliant and beautiful souls need magical powers to count is alienating pretty much all of the human race.

ETA: This is not an anti-AU rant. I'm all for turning the entire cast of SG-1 into fluffy pink unicorns if that's what floats your boat, but please do it because you want to explore the trials and tribullations of Unicorn Life, not because you feel that fluffy pink unicorns are inherently supperior to humans, and therefore your favourite character deserves to be one.
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So I've ditched Torchwood in favour of Robin Hood, which, after a very shaky start, has turned out to be an entirely fun show. I need a joyful show to balance out Supernatural and BSG, both of which I love now (yes, I'm as constant as the moon, shut up), but have tended towards extreme darkness this season more than ever.

Anyway, they've acquired another woman, a runaway Turkish slave who not only can kick ass, but has a healthy knowledge of Arabic medicine. Cliché? Absolutely! But it's Robin Hood for Pete's sake. It can't help it. She dresses as a boy and is generally hot. I like her. Damn, another fandom with a Jack Djaq.

Also, Marian is also way more proactive and seems to actually get plots. I'm hearing a lot of comments about her being anachronistic (um... hello... everyone else in the show, people?) and that she ought to be more ladylike or some such shit, but I say, "Fie! This is a show about heroes not reality!" I want Marian to be a hero too. The version of her I've always loved most (aside from the one in Robin and Marian, who won serious points for being played by Audrey Hepburn): the dexterous forest vixen from The Once and Future King. Besides, in this series she still has to deal with that whole Guy/Marian/Robin plot and contra-plot thing, playing the harmless maiden.

I can't help but like Robin: Jonas Armstrong just puts so much impish charm into the man, that I really, honestly can't help myself. Also, I'm honest to God 'shipping Robin/Marian. Which is not only het, it's like the het pairing of all time. I mean, it's not possible to find a more mainstream pairing than Robin/Marian. There isn't one. But they're just so... cute together, and now there's angst, and it's really quite nice.

Also in the I like even though I probably shouldn't category is Sir Guy of Gisborne, and that's not in the love to hate awesome over the top villainy way of Keith Allen's Sheriff either. I honestly keep expecting the man to have some sort of redeeming feature, this despite the fact that he consistently acts like a complete and total bastard. I'm not sure why this is. I'm hoping that it's not because he wears black leather, looks like a fallen angel, and has a Yorkshire accent. I think it's because he really does seem to love Marian with all his heart, and that's probably even worse than the shallow appearance thing, in that he's a social worker's worst nightmare and not someone that should ever be allowed near a woman at any time. Agh, make it stop!

Much's declarations of love still make me a little melty. I don't really have a lot to say in regards to the other outlaws, though I generally find them likeable.

Plots? What? Oh them. Picking up actually, especially these last two, largely predictable, perhaps, but a few fun twists, and generally well handled. The cinematographer that was pissing me off has either left, or someone's beaten him to his senses. I see they filmed it in Hungary, which is very pretty, as are the action sequences.

So Yay.


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