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Sign ups are open.

But not here!

Check out [community profile] mcurollingremix for updates.
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Looking to making a few changes this year, mostly just minor adjustments, but I thought I'd check in and see what people thought.

1) I'm inherently lazy, and am happy hosting on my DW, but if having an individual comm, not just a tag here, would work better, I can do that.

2) Last year, the canon that could be included consisted of the Avengers, Cap, Iron Man, and Thor movies, but not Ant-Man, Guardings of the Galaxy, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, or the Netflix shows. This year, are people interested in including the other movies at least? (I'm still not inclined to include the TV shows as not as many people have seen them, and it makes the canon unmanageably large.

3) Last year I made a fixed schedule and e-mailed everyone their place on it. Which worked pretty well. I also participated in the Relay Remix over at [ profile] cap_ironman, and the way they did it was to e-mail people a code name, and link them to a gdoc that showed how the fest was progressing. (So you're Apple, and you watch where you are in the chain.) I can do that if people would like it.

Poll #17992 MCU Rolling Remix 2017
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 13

Should I make a comm or stay on my journel?

Stay on Mucca's DW.
7 (58.3%)

Mucca makes a comm.
5 (41.7%)

What canon instalments should we include?

Only Avengers, Cap, IM and Thor (like last year)
7 (53.8%)

Also include Ant-Man
6 (46.2%)

Also include Doctor Strange
2 (15.4%)

Also include Guardians of the Galaxy
8 (61.5%)

Scheduling, how does it work?

Mucca e-mails me time frame at start of fest.
8 (72.7%)

Mucca makes gdoc, and e-mails me my code name so I can follow it myself.
3 (27.3%)

Mucca does something else I will explain in comments.
0 (0.0%)

Any other suggestions or alterations anyone thinks are a good idea are up for debate at this time. I'm planning on more or less running the same rules as last year, but I'm happy to discuss changes.
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing this again this year. The timing will be similar, with sign ups in March and writing April through July (ish). I'll do a poll soon regarding some potential rule changes.

Meanwhile, there's [community profile] starwarsrollingremix, which is doing sign ups through 11 February, if you want to get your remix on a little early. (I know I signed up!)
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I've been meaning to do this for a while, as I thought it might be helpful to anyone else who wanted to run one, and since several other people mentioned running them, I better actually get to it. (Star Wars & Elementary)

Obviously, this is how I did it, and the idea by its very nature is remixable, but hopefully it's somewhat helpful.

The idea came up as a persistent desire to see stories remixed multiple times, but it wasn't until [personal profile] commodorified mentioned the idea of a chain or rolling remix in comments that we started to hash out the idea between the two of us, and then between anyone else who wandered by. I posted publicly, more people suggested things, it's all in the first two posts of this tag.

Once we had the details ironed out: Time frame, approach to pairings, canon boundaries, I ran sign ups, and only collected three pieces of information: User name, e-mail, and when they could not write.

From there I made three spreadsheets, which looked like this: Read more... )
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I hope everyone had fun guessing. If you're still working on it, I'm going to put the writing order under a cut. If you want to link your story to the previous one in your stream, now's the time.

Here goes:

Read more... )

So that's it for this round. I'd love feedback on how everyone thought it went. Ideas to make it better next time? Things that worked/didn't work? Let me know.
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If you're interested in going around again, there is now a Batfam Rolling Remix, for Bat-affiliated characters in the DCU. Also on tumblr: [ profile] batfamrollingremix.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying all their reading and spreadsheeting.

ETA: To be clear, this ad for a new comm that someone else put together, not something I'm running.
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Find all the fic here!

Unfortunately not everyone had time to tag their fic. If your fic is still untagged, do please add tags now.

I'd also encourage everyone to bump their posting dates up today.

There was one original fic, and three streams of remixes, if anyone would like to make guesses as to the order of the streams and/or the authors of the fic, please have a go in comments. No prizes past bragging rights, but I would consider checking the archive numbers of the fic cheating.

Go forth, enjoy, comment!

(This is a little late due to anticipated rl on my part)

Reveals of order and authors 5 August.
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The last fic is in, so I'm going to open the archive at noon on Friday. That's 12pm (PDT), 29 July.

Please go and add tags to you fic, and summaries, if you haven't done so already.

Please do not link it to the previous fic until author reveals. (I want it to be a guessing game, at first :D)

When the archive opens, you may want to move the posting date up to the same day, so your works show up in tags.

I'll also be e-mailing everyone so that no one misses this announcement.

Author Reveals and posting order will be at noon on the Fifth of August.
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Since most people who were going to see the movie now have, spoilers for Captain America: Civil War are now permitted (but not required!) in your remix fic.

As per the rules, please keep your fic comprehensible to people who have only seen the Avengers, Cap, IM, Thor and Hulk movies, rather than basing your remix on other MCU properties.

We're about half way through writing, and so far so good. As the one person getting to read everything, I'm pretty excited!
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The first round of remixes is due, with just about all of them in, and things are going well.

I just wanted to say a word about Captain America: Civil War. Since we have a lot of people in different countries, and not everyone will be seeing it at the same time, please do not include any Cap 3 spoilers in your remix fic.
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The first story should be going up in a few days, so I thought I'd put these up so everyone will know where it goes, and what to do.

Most of these rules are to obscure the order things were written in, and to hide clues from future remixers.
  • Post your story to MCU Rolling Remix 2016.

  • The fandom tag should be "Marvel Cinematic Universe." Please don't add any other universe tags.

  • Do not add any other tags (character, relationship or freeform) at this time. You can add tags once the collection opens.

  • Do not add ratings or warnings at this time. You can add them once the collection opens.

  • The date should be set to 4 April 2016. Again you can (and are encouraged to) change the date of the story once the archive opens.

  • Please do not indicate which story you are remixing. You can add that once the masterlist is posted.

  • You can include a remix style title or not, as you like. Eg, you can call it something like "flights of fancy," OR call it "flights of fancy (a star-spangled remix)." As long as the title doesn't give away which story you're remixing.
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We did end up with twenty three people, and I have made a rough schedule. Please expect an e-mail in the next six hours or so. ETA: Everyone should have an e-mail now.

All dates are subject to change, but I'm hoping to give everyone an idea of when their writing period will be.

If it goes to schedule, the fic should all be written by mid-July.
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Sign ups are still open, and will be until 5pm (PST) day after tomorrow.

Rules are here.

If you want to know more about remixes, there's quite a bit of interesting meta linked from the Fanlore page.
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Sign ups are now closed!

Sign ups open until 10 March 2016, 5pm (PDT).
Schedules will be e-mailed to individual users after close of sign ups.
Fest will run until July/August, probably, depending on numbers.

I'm not advertising this on calendar or anywhere, but feel free to link it around.

Please read the rules before signing up. (If you read them before, check again, as they've been updated.)

Remember that you'll need to write a polished, 1k remix in 14 days, and should feel comfortable working with most MCU characters from the IM, Cap, Thor and Avengers films.

Comments will be screened. Please post questions and comments to the rules post.

Please track this tag for updates.

ETA: AO3 Comm is here.

Sign ups are now closed! Total number of sign ups: 23
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It's like a regular remix, but more secret, and with only one fic in play.

How would it work?
  1. One person would write a fic and post it (without tags) to a locked collection on AO3.

  2. The mod would send that fic to someone else, who would remix it in the tradition of remixes everywhere.

  3. They would post their (tagless) remix to the same locked comm.

  4. The mod would send the remix (but NOT the previous story) to someone else, who would remix the remix.

  5. Repeat steps three and four until we've run out of people.

  6. The mod gets everyone to change the posting dates so that they're the same, have tags, and make sure there's no order identifying information.

  7. Comm goes live with authors and dates secret, and everyone can guess who wrote what, and what the remixing order was.

  8. Mod posts a reveal of authors and remix order.

  9. ???

  10. Profit!

What fandom would this be?
Marvel Cinematic Universe, but limited to the core movies. So references to other canon would be fine, but it would have to be something that people who had seen Captain America 1&2, Iron Man 1,2&3, Thor 1&2 and Avengers 1&2 could follow. Not everyone is caught up on the TV shows, or has access to the new movies as they come out, and this is already a pretty big fence to play in.

Is there a pairing rule?
No. Unlike in other remixes, remixers may change the pairing, or make the fic gen, or make the fic about a minor character, or go off on a tangent completely. However, the mod would request no ship bashing (mod reserves the right to call this). You do, however, have to be somewhat prepared to write most characters in the MCU core movie universe.

Are there restrictions on what can be in the remix?
Yes, they are:
No rape/non-con, character death of characters alive in the original fic, graphic torture, or sex involving characters under sixteen.
No remixing into a crossover, as other users may not know the crossover. Other AUs are fine.
No grudge remixes that mock the fic being remixed (mod reserves the right to call this).

How long would each fic be?
At least 1000 words, but no upper limit.

How long would we have to write?
Two weeks from when you get it. So that means it's going to run long, and everything won't get posted for a while, which is annoying, but I don't see a way around it, unfortunately.

My turn has come up, and RL is kicking my ass, can I defer?
The mod will e-mail when it's your turn to make sure you're good to go. You can defer once, before you get the fic to remix, and be put back into a later slot. However, if you've already seen the fic, you have to take you turn, as the point is that you don't see more than one version.

What if I take my turn, but then can't do it?
More notice is better, but if for some reason you can't finish, the mod will arrange for someone further down the stream to step in, and let everyone else know about schedule adjustments. If you end up finishing your fic before reveals, you can still post it, but it won't be remixed by someone else.

When will this run?
I'm hoping the first story will be written over March.

How do I sign up?
Sign ups are here! They're stay open until 10 March 2016.

ETA: Oh, if you want to totally rip this off and retool it to be Star Wars, or FMA, or pairing-specific MCU, or about trees or whatever, go for it! I know I'm not the first person to think of this, and more the merrier.

ETA2: I've adjusted the rules to incorporate everyone's suggestions as of the 24th. Thanks so much for your help!
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Nenya: How does the owl stay on that tiny branch without going bloop?
Me: It's very light. It has hollow bones like an elf.
Nenya: So the owl is Legolas?

Later, reading this from Seattle Review of Books about movie adaptations:
One of my favorite adaptations is the film Adaptation, which was written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze. It’s a movie about the difficulty Kaufman faced in adaptation of Susan Orlean’s book-length piece of journalism, The Orchid Thief. It’s partly an adaptation and partly memoir and partly fiction — the film focuses heavily on Kaufman’s twin brother, who does not, strictly speaking, exist.

Sometimes, when I think about hanging up the book criticism apron for good, I fantasize about writing a novelization of Adaptation. It would, of course, be a book about the difficulty of writing a novelization of a film that is loosely based on a book. And then hopefully someone would make a film adaptation of my book, which someone would then adapt into a book, which someone else would adapt into a film and so on, until eventually some kid with Final Cut Pro X splices all those Adaptation adaptations together into one single supercut. I want to see that movie. I bet it would be something totally new.

Me: I still want a remix challenge that only remixes already remixed stories, where the remixer isn't allowed to look at the original until after everything's posted.
Nenya: So kind of like a game of Telephone. OrThe Sentinel fandom.


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